10 Myths About Obama’s Latest War in Iraq and Syria
Obama will join Bush as yet another failed, wartime president.
by Reese Erlich
Rev. Louis Farrakhan calls Ebola a ‘race-targeting bioweapon’
Farrakhan argues that the United States “has a desire for world depopulation” by using bioweapons.
by Jessica Chasmar

Obama: No Limit to Number of Civilians We Can Murder in Syria
Khorasan provides excuse for murdering Syrian children.
by Kurt Nimmo
Poll: 70% of troops say no more boots on the ground in Iraq
Army officer: “It’s their country, it’s their business. I don’t think major ‘boots on the ground’ is the right answer.”
by Military Times

Turkish Tanks Face ISIL Near Syria Border
12 tanks prepare to engage if necessary.
by Al Jazeera
Americans Resigned to Ground Troops in ISIS War
Most Americans and members of the military do not support sending ground troops.
by Kurt Nimmo

What is the Pentagon’s Secret Space Drone Doing?
DARPA funding several companies to advance project.
by Sharon Weinberger
Turkey Hesitant to Ally With U.S. in Syria Mission
Obama desperately works to gain backing.
by Anne Barnard & Mark Landler

Hillary Clinton is a Neocon
Chris Matthews insists Clinton is a centrist.
by Kurt Nimmo
REPORT: China hacks U.S. military, airlines, tech companies
U.S. military largely unaware of computer compromises of its contractors.
by Ros Krasny

Pentagon Boss: Ground Troops Possible in ISIS Fight
Senate Republicans push for an army division to fight in Iraq.
by Kurt Nimmo
America launches missile strike against ISIS militants
White House confirms bombing.
by Keir Mudie

Washington’s War Against Russia
The new sanctions against Russia announced by Washington and Europe do not make sense as merely economic measures.
by Paul Craig Roberts
U.S. Inspector: Billions in failed programs wasted in Afghanistan
United States will spend up to $8 billion a year on reconstruction projects for years to come.
by James Rosen

Every American President in the past quarter century has decided to bomb Iraq
“Just two hours ago, allied air forces began an attack on military targets in Iraq and Kuwait.” —President George H. W. Bush
by Philip Gourevitch
While Obama Snoozes, Russia Is Preparing For Nuclear War With The United States
Did you know that two Russian bombers practiced launching cruise missiles at the United States from a spot in the North Atlantic just the other day?
by Michael Snyder