This Is Why They Are Militarizing: ‘The World Will Become Baltimore When People Realize They Cannot Acquire Basic Resources’
Stock markets continue to reach news highs and mainstream media pundits tow the party line.
by Mac Slavo
US-Dominated NATO Readying for War on Russia?
Police states are born this way.
by Stephen Lendman

NATO & allies stage thousands-strong drills across Europe
“The exercises will simulate situations when the Interior Ministry’s forces and resources are insufficient to neutralize various extreme situations…”
by RT
Saudi Arabia oversees deployment of ground troops in Yemen
Month-long war between Iran-backed Houthi rebels and government forces.
by The Telegraph

House committee approves $200 million for arming Ukraine
Authorizes Pentagon to “accept.. contributions, including in-kind contributions, from foreign governments.”
by RT
The Day After Damascus Falls
Saudi-Israeli alliance has become an existential threat to the survival of the American Republic.
by Robert Parry

Future Russian army could deploy anywhere in the world – in 7 hours
Fleet of heavy transport aircraft will reportedly be capable of moving a strategic unit of 400 Armata tanks, with ammunition, to anywhere in the world… at hypersonic speed.
Yemen Crisis: Saudi Arabia Airstrikes Against Houthi Rebels Hit Sanaa Airport As Civilians Scramble For Aid
“There are hundreds of thousands of children in Yemen who continue to live in the most dangerous circumstances…”
by Alessandria Masi

Al-Qaeda captures major airport, oil terminal in south Yemen
After seizing the airport, the militants easily captured the sea port and oil terminal.
by Associated Press
UN approves arms embargo against Yemen rebel leaders
Arms embargo was approved in a 14-0 vote, with Russia abstaining.
by Fox News

Russian Nuclear Submarine: Navy Fleet Grows With New Ballistic Missile Vessel
Russia’s Borei-class submarine is a class of nuclear ballistic missile sub operated by the Russian navy.
by Phillip Ross
Saudi Arabia rejects Iran’s calls for ceasefire in Yemen conflict
Iranian president: “Do not kill innocent children. Let’s think about an end to the war, about a ceasefire…”

The New Militarism: Who Profits?
Militarism and military spending are everywhere on the rise.
by Ron Paul
Britain and America are helping Saudi Arabia push Yemen towards total collapse
UK will support the bombing campaign ‘in every practical way short of engaging in combat.’
by Daniel Wickham

Proxy War Crosses Border? Houthis Reportedly Clash With Saudi Troops Near Najran
Situation deteriorates as terrorist states battle for supremacy.
by Zero Hedge
Kerry says US won't 'stand by' in Middle East as Iran steps up Yemen involvement
Kerry said that Tehran was “obviously” supplying the rebels.
by Fox News