Rising Red Tide: China’s Navy in Frenzy to Build New Nuclear-powered Attack Subs
China’s military is investing heavily in advanced submarines, including both ballistic and cruise missile firing vessels and attack subs. Recently, Beijing showed off what appears to be a mock-up of its next-generation nuclear-powered attack submarine, according to veteran military analyst Rick Fisher. “A large outdoor model of a next generation nuclear attack submarine [SSN] has […]
by Bill Gertz
ISIS Militants Threaten to Invade, Take Over Spain
Footage shows two Spanish-speaking men saying Spain is the land of their forefathers..
by Press TV

Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Calls for Military Action to Stop ISIS
Says “you have to kill them.”
by Kurt Nimmo
Cryptome: Snowden Doc Dump Will Prevent July War
Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Holy Land, Africa and others mentioned.
by Kurt Nimmo

Baghdad Bodyguard: US Troops in Iraq to Receive Apache Helicopters, Drones
Providing security for US embassy diplomats and staff..
by RT.com
Pentagon Reveals Secret Military Presence in Somalia: Report
Currently up to 120 US military personnel on the ground throughout Somalia..
by Press TV

​Saudi Arabia Deploys 30,000 Troops at Border After Alleged Iraqi Withdrawal
Meant to protect the Sunni Islamic state against potential “terrorist threats.”
by RT.com
Ukraine Bombing Of Residential Building Caught On Tape
Army shell hits right next to a one-story residential building.
by Zero Hedge

Putin Orders Military On Combat Alert
Combat drill to involve 5,500 pieces of military equipment.
by Bloomberg
Iraqi army increasingly bolstered by Shiite militias as ISIS advances
The lines between Shiite militias and the Iraqi armed forces have been increasingly blurred.
by Loveday Morris

Russian checkpoint on Ukraine border comes under fire
Russian checkpoint was shelled by mortars.
by RT
The Civil War In Ukraine Has Created A Massive Humanitarian Crisis Which Will Ultimately Benefit Russia
The brutal civil war in Ukraine has created a horrific humanitarian crisis.
by Michael Snyder

Megyn Kelly Confronts Dick Cheney: ‘History Has Proven’ You Were Wrong on Iraq
“The man who helped lead us into Iraq in the first place.”
by Mediaite
Iran vows to defend Iraq Shi'ite sites; insurgents battle for refinery
Sunni rebels battled their way into the biggest oil refinery in Iraq on Wednesday.
by Ghazwan Hassan

US in Iraq: Geopolitical Arsonists Seek to Burn Region
When a fire is raging, firefighters are called – not the arsonist who started it.
by Tony Cartalucci
What's Wrong With These Two Headlines?
While golfing, the president once again “changed his mind”.
by Zero Hedge