Obama Bombs Libya
America’s imperial agenda is lawless by any standard.
by Stephen Lendman
US may send F-22 fighter jets to Europe to counter Russian ‘threat’
A senior US Air Force official called the current situation with Russia “the biggest threat” on her mind.
by RT

Hundreds of British Jihadis back home 'active' MI5 warns
Analyst says British government exaggerating threat.
by RT
Saudi Warplanes Destroy 2,500 Year Old Heritage Site In Yemen
2,500 year-old collection of homes, towers, gardens, mosques, and public baths.
by Zero Hedge

‘Mature’ EMP Weapon Ready for War: “Render Enemy’s Electronics, Data Systems Useless”
The Air Force is ready to embrace EMP as the status quo of future warfare.
by Mac Slavo
U.S., Russian aircraft came within 10 feet over Black Sea
Russian jet flew alongside the U.S. plane at the same altitude.
by Barbara Starr

Nato Fleet Performs Manoeuvres in Baltic Sea
An RAF Chinook captures aerial views of the largest ever Nato exercise of its kind, involving 49 warships from 17 nations.
by Telegraph
U.S. to Send Up to 450 More Troops to Train Iraqis
Trainers to to supposedly help “train and advise” local forces.
by BBC

World War III Will Kill Billions
How bad will a major war be?
by The Alex Jones Show

Israel Launches Air Strikes in Gaza After Rocket Attack
Israeli army said it struck “four terror infrastructures in the southern Gaza Strip.”
by AFP
Russia Can Build Nuclear Ship Equipped With Air Defense System
“It will not be difficult from a technical point of view…”
by Sputnik

US-China war 'inevitable' unless Washington drops demands over South China Sea
China’s forces will no longer be limited to defense of the nation’s territory.
by Julian Ryall
About 100 US, European Jets Join Arctic Exercise Near Russia
Plans are for exercises every second year, testing everything from shooting down airborne targets to mid-air refueling.
by Reuters

Britain sends biggest warship for NATO drills on Russian border
The latest ratcheting up of tensions comes amid a Cold-War low in relations between Russia and NATO.
by RT.com
"Strongly Dissatisfied" China Warns US "Accident" Is "Highly Likely" In South China Sea
Things are escalating rapidly in the South China Sea where Beijing has figured out an innovative solution to the notion of “disputed waters.” As regular readers are by now acutely aware, China appears to have adopted the maritime boundary equivalent of the old “possession is nine tenths of the law” axiom because Chinese dredgers have […]
by Zero Hedge