France Calls for Military Re-intervention in Libya
Libya designed by IMF and World Bank to be a failed state.
by Kurt Nimmo
Russian Bombers Stalk US
Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers tracked flying across northern Atlantic.
by Bill Gertz

Don’t Bomb ISIS
Syria, Iraq, Iran, or anyplace else.
by Eric Margolis
British ISIS captive billed as aid worker is former military intelligence officer
ISIS fakes put out by a joint black ops scheme being run by the CIA, MI5 and Mossad.
by John Ward

US Boots in Iraq and Baltics, Authorization to Attack Syria...and US Troops in Ukraine!
It has been a busy week for US military planners.
by Daniel McAdams
The Undoing of US "Interventionism?"
If the Pentagon had an office dedicated to starting wars, and were in particular looking to create a war with Syria, it could not do a more effective job.
by Tony Cartalucci

Dems Push Obama to Arm Ukrainians
“I think it is appropriate to up that level of aid, to make them a more capable fighting force.”
by Kristina Wong
As Threat of Nuclear War Grows, Public's Attention Turns to Justin Bieber
Public’s preoccupation with Bieber’s personal life highlights decline of Western society.
by Kit Daniels

"Zero Proof" -- The "Russian Invasion" Of Ukraine
Translation error or an intentional Poroshenko ‘screw up’.
by Moon of Alabama
Russia denies rumors of 'invasion' of Ukraine
“The Russian authorities clearly said many times there are no regular Russian troops there,” says Russian diplomatic source.

Claim: Russian armored columns capture key Ukrainian town
Ukrainian officials said earlier that Ukrainian troops were battling combined Russian and separatist forces.
by Annie Gowen and Karoun Demirjian
Official: Russian forces back rebels with tanks in eastern Ukraine
“This is a full-scale invasion,” Lysenko claimed.
by CNN

The Road To World War 3: Russia And Ukraine Are Now Engaged In A Shooting War
Russian soldiers and Ukrainian soldiers are now shooting at each other in eastern Ukraine.
by Michael Snyder
America, Creeping Into Syria, Will Hang Itself in Ukraine
The US has claimed it will begin reconnaissance flights over Syria – a tentative first step toward direct military intervention.
by Tony Cartalucci

America Caused the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL or IS)
Obama’s remark that the IS is nihilistic has been bothering me ever since he made it, but not for the reason that it is a false statement. Indeed, it is obvious to anyone with access to a dictionary that the IS has political-religious objectives and that it is not nihilistic. The problem with Obama’s statement […]
by Michael S. Rozeff
US begins surveillance flights over Syria after Obama authorization
Obama wants to strike targets in Syria.
by Fox News