Washington’s War Against Russia
The new sanctions against Russia announced by Washington and Europe do not make sense as merely economic measures.
by Paul Craig Roberts
U.S. Inspector: Billions in failed programs wasted in Afghanistan
United States will spend up to $8 billion a year on reconstruction projects for years to come.
by James Rosen

Every American President in the past quarter century has decided to bomb Iraq
“Just two hours ago, allied air forces began an attack on military targets in Iraq and Kuwait.” —President George H. W. Bush
by Philip Gourevitch
While Obama Snoozes, Russia Is Preparing For Nuclear War With The United States
Did you know that two Russian bombers practiced launching cruise missiles at the United States from a spot in the North Atlantic just the other day?
by Michael Snyder

Russia successfully tests nuclear missile
Missile can travel 5,000 miles.
by Thomas Grove
China Tells Susan Rice to Curb U.S. Surveillance Flights
Pentagon says flights will continue despite last month’s near-collision.
by Charles Hoskinson

France Calls for Military Re-intervention in Libya
Libya designed by IMF and World Bank to be a failed state.
by Kurt Nimmo
Russian Bombers Stalk US
Russian Tu-95 Bear bombers tracked flying across northern Atlantic.
by Bill Gertz

New York Times Calls for Full-scale War in Ukraine
Demands guns, tanks, drones and NATO troops be deployed.
by Kurt Nimmo
US Senator calls for arms for Ukraine as 'full-scale war' looms with Russia
A U.S. lawmaker is calling for the arming of Ukrainian forces engaged in fighting Russian troops along the nation’s eastern border with Russia. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, is in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on a fact-finding mission into the monthslong conflict there between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian military. Appearing on CNN’s “State of […]
by Tim Lister, Faith Karimi and Shelby Lin Erdman

Israel Military Shoots Down Unmanned Aircraft Over Golan
“We are ready for any scenario.”
by Gwen Ackerman and David Wainer
The Covert Origins of ISIS
ISIS is a product of U.S. government’s twisted and decrepit foreign policy.
by SCGNews

VIDEO: Nuclear Putin Says Don't Mess With Russia
Russian president warns of nuclear war if Russia is threatened.
by Infowars.com
Putin Says Don't Mess With Nuclear Russia
“It’s best not to mess with us,” he says.
by Reuters

"Zero Proof" -- The "Russian Invasion" Of Ukraine
Translation error or an intentional Poroshenko ‘screw up’.
by Moon of Alabama
Russia denies rumors of 'invasion' of Ukraine
“The Russian authorities clearly said many times there are no regular Russian troops there,” says Russian diplomatic source.
by Pravda.ru