Bavarian school warns girls should dress ‘modestly,’ due to Syrian refugees nearby
Germans are expected to change their ways for immigrants.
by RT
Shaken tourists flee Tunisia after seaside massacre
ISIS takes over home of Star Wars’ Tatooine.
by AFP

Upgraded Predator Drones to Fly European Skies
They were always meant to spy on the public.
by Sputnik
Dozens Killed in Tunisia Beach Resort Attack
At least 27 people, including foreigners, are killed in a hotel attack in the coastal resort city of Sousse.
by Al Jazeera

Vatican Signs Treaty With 'State of Palestine'
“[M]ay in some way be a stimulus to bringing a definitive end to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” said Vatican foreign Minister.
by Nicole Winfield
Chinese Stock Plunge Leaves State Media Speechless
Reports and commentary by state media sway investor psychology and can turn a rout into a rally — or vice versa…
by Bloomberg

ISIL: Made in Langley and propped up by Tel Aviv and Riyadh
ISIL now serves as an important CIA, Saudi, and Israeli asset.
by Wayne Madsen
‘Russia has no aggressive plans, will always prefer political settlement’ - Putin
“This is a guarantee of Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity…”
by RT

Taliban Stages Deadly Attack on Afghan Parliament
Series of explosions and gunfire force politicians to evacuate.
by Al Jazeera
Mexico is Facing a Deadly Central American Migrants Crisis
Hundreds of Central American migrants traveling north through Mexico this year have been attacked, kidnapped, or killed by criminal organizations and state authorities…
by Christopher Woody

Kuwait Court Orders Female Activist Jailed for Criticising Emir
Female rights activist sentenced to prison for criticising Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah.
by AFP
UK Terror Police 'radicalised and groomed our IS runaway wives,' Husbands Claim
Husbands blame security services for women fleeing to Syria with their nine children.
by Abul Taher, Brendan Carlin

Thousands March in Central London to Protest Austerity
Conservative government plans to slash millions of pounds in public spending to address deficit…
by Danica Kirka
WikiLeaks Says It's Leaking Over 500,000 Saudi Documents
Inside details on terror state to be revealed.
by Associated Press

28 Pages That Will Change the World
Secret 9/11 documents show us what really happened.
by Infowars Nightly News