Australia Vows Tougher Citizenship Laws
Prime minister plans to appoint a counter-terrorism co-ordinator and urges Muslim leaders to proclaim Islam as a religion of peace ‘more often, and mean it’
by Daniel Hurst
France deploys aircraft carrier in Gulf for IS fight
Charles de Gaulle sent to Gulf.
by France 24

Blast rips through 500-strong rally in Kharkov, E. Ukraine, fatalities feared
March in Kharkov was organized in commemoration of the 2014 Maidan events.
by RT
Europe "Isolates" Putin? Considers "Reframing" Energy Relations With Russia
Good luck with that ‘strategy’ change…
by Zero Hedge

Kim Jong Un inspects live-fire artillery drill ahead of annual US-South Korean exercises
Kim urged his army to be prepared for battle against the U.S.
by Daily Mail
Putin says Russia's military strength should not be in doubt
“We will always have an adequate answer for any such adventures.”

U.N. investigators to publish Syria war crimes suspect names
Hundreds of names on secret lists of suspects at the U.N. Human Rights Council.
by Tom Miles

Boko Haram Exterminates Another Town as Nigeria is Consumed by Chaos
Nigerian army troops were deployed 12 kilometers away, but refused to deploy.
by Sputnik
EU Outrage Over Billions in Waste on Farming Projects
More government incompetence and fraud.
by Sputnik

Post-Minsk EU Sanctions on Russia
Obama didn’t initiate proxy war to quit.
by Stephen Lendman
Hollande's fury after Netanyahu makes plea for 'mass emigration'
‘I will not let people believe that Jews no longer have a place in Europe.’
by John Hall, Dan Bloom

Italians rescue more than 2,000 Mediterranean migrants
Alarming new twist as search teams threatened.
by BBC
Media identify suspected Copenhagen gunman as Omar El-Hussein
Suspect reportedly inspired by Charlie Hebdo shooting.
by RT

Carnival parade in Germany canceled because of terror threat
“Concrete threat of an attack with an Islamist background” detected.
by Kirsten Grieshaber
Denmark sees possible 'Charlie Hebdo' motive behind Copenhagen attacks
Gunman was known to the intelligence services prior to the shooting.
by Sabina Zawadzki & Ole Mikkelsen