Brazil Presidential Candidate Dies In Plane Crash
October election thrown into disarray and local financial markets incur big swings on news of death.
by Reuters
Vatican Approves Iraq Air Strikes Despite Peace Policy
“Military action might be necessary,” says Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations.
by AFP

Blair's Egypt Links In Spotlight
“…as somebody who’s supposed to be a diplomatic envoy, what sort of message does this send out?”
by Chris Green
Pressure on UK to intervene militarily in Iraq
Former defence secretary attacks ‘complacency’ as ex-military figures join calls for UK air strikes.
by Rajeev Syal, Nicholas Watt, Martin Chulov

VIDEO: Refugees Fleeing Islamic State Have Nowhere To Go
“I just want to go home, but if Iraq doesn’t want us to go home then let us go somewhere else…”
by Matthew Vickery
The REAL Reason for New U.S. and French Military Involvement In Iraq
Why are the U.S. and France deploying military force in Iraq now?
by Washington's Blog

‘Death trap’ prisons: UK government policy ‘responsible’ for soaring inmate suicides
Jails throughout Britain have evolved into “death traps” as a result of stark budgetary cuts.
by RT
 Iran Bans Permanent Contraception To Boost Population Growth
Doctors who violate ban will be punished.
by Guardian

Liberia Struggles to Contain Spread of Ebola
Liberians clash with government health workers over Ebola fears.
by Wade Williams
Ukraine’s security chief Parubiy resigns
Parubiy held the post of Ukraine’s security chief from February 27.
by Maxim Nikitin

Afghan official: General's killer hid in bathroom
Rafiqullah opened fire when the generals walked into view, the official said.
by Associated Press
Ukraine crisis: Putin orders retaliatory sanctions
Russia has imposed import bans in the past, but normally on grounds of public health.
by BBC News

China Executes Two South Koreans for Smuggling Drugs from North Korea
China takes border control and drug smuggling immensely serious..
by Reuters
Israel declares 'mission accomplished' as troops leave Gaza for cease-fire
More than 1,800 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza during the conflict.
by CNN

Israelis Want to Give Obama Ebola for his Birthday
Israelis think Obama acts more like a European leader than an American.
by Kurt Nimmo
UN warns of 'massive exodus' from Ukraine
UN alarmed by sharp rise of displaced people due to fighting in the country’s restive east.
by Aljazeera