Gunter Grass warned of 'sleepwalking' into world war in final interview
Germany’s Nobel-winning author Gunter Grass said he feared humanity was “sleepwalking” into a world war, in the last interview he gave before his death on Monday.
by AFP
Vladimir Putin Is World's Most Influential Person Americans Say
US citizens apparently feel others are far more influential than the man occupying The White House.
by Zero Hedge

China to strengthen surveillance, security in anti-terror push
National population database linked to ID information and credit records…
by Reuters
Four Former Blackwater Mercenaries Are Going to Prison for Slaughtering Iraqi Civilians
Slaughter was a massive public relations and foreign policy disaster for the Bush administration.
by Matt Taylor

Israel angry as Russia approves missiles for Iran
John Kerry had raised his concerns with his Russian counterpart.
by The Telegraph
Two Russian planes evacuate over 350 people from Yemen
Departure was allowed by the Saudi authorities who control the air space above Yemen.
by Russia Beyond the Headlines

Tony Blair: Democracy Doesn't Work, But Totalitarianism Will
Globalist seeks control over everyone.
Bilderberg 2015 in Austria Will Be Like None Before It
The annual Bilderberg meeting is set to take place in Austria this June 2015.
by Press For Truth

Professor: Russian Analyst's Threat to Nuke Yellowstone Based on 'Science Fiction'
Nuclear detonation would not trigger super volcano.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Kremlin Spokesman: Russia Didn’t Carry Out White House Computer Hack
“It has become a kind of sport to blame everything on Russia…”
by Ilya Arkhipov, Angela Greiling Keane

Iran deploys warships off Yemen's coast
Saudi Arabia and several Arab allies have imposed an air and naval blockade on Yemen.
by Reuters
​Working class and youth see UK democracy ‘rigged in favor of the powerful’
Institute for Public Policy Research: “Indeed, our polling suggests that for many, democracy appears a game rigged in favor of the powerful and the well connected.”

Iceland Considers Stripping Power to Create Currency From Banks
Would dramatically restructure tiny nation’s monetary system by stripping commercial banks of the legal ability to create currency out of thin air…
by Alex Newman
UK Bans Running On The Playground
No fun allowed!

Turkish general claims CIA ‘may have had role’ in 2003 coup plot
The former general’s claim, though unsubstantiated.
by Joseph Fitsanakis
Saudi Forces Kill 2, Wound 30 at Anti-War Rally
Saudis crack down on demonstrators.