Caught On Camera: Man Levitates In Spain
An example of the illusions in the world we face every day.
by Alex Jones
Cheating evil: Chechen women con ISIS by posing as wannabe terror brides
“Islamic State men are still men and our judgment can be undermined by attraction”
by Fox News

Top French Official Contradicts Kerry Claims
Another lie exposed.
by Josh Rogin
U.S. Would Have ‘no right’ to Stop Israel from Hitting Iran Nuke Sites: Christie
“We don’t have the right to stop Israel from acting in what they believe to be their national interest.”
by Japan Times

Debris in Indian Ocean checked for MH370 ties
Debris was found off the coast of St. Andre.
by CNN
Varoufakis faces criminal charges over plans to set up a parallel payment system
The Greek parliament has received two legal complaints about the secret contingency plans.
by Hazel Sheffield

Could Globalists Be Plotting a Project Bluebeam?
Jim Marrs discusses the sudden timing of this disclosure.
by Infowars Nightly News
Obama Draws Criticism for Saying Ethiopia Is Democratic
Ruling party “won” every seat in parliament in May elections.
by Christopher Torchia

Kenya in security lockdown as crowds welcome Barack Obama 'home'
Obama waved to the ululating crowds assembled to welcome him “home.”
by Aislinn Laing
D.E.A. in Disguise: Who Really Arrested El Chapo Back in 2014?
Government officials from Mexico and the U.S. have yet to dispute the accuracy of the story.
by Ryan Devereaux

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Gone Out of Control: Poland Fears Violent Spillover
“We can expect that these people will try to penetrate into EU countries…”
by Sputnik
Kerry says nobody 'pulled the wool' over US eyes
Sen. Barbara Boxer of California is chiding her Republican colleagues.
by Associated Press

UN Rights Committee Worried about Canada's Anti-terror Bill
Points out “Excessive use of force by law enforcement officers during mass arrests in the context of protests at federal and provincial levels…”
by Chris Cobb
Guantanamo Bay: Closure plan in 'final stages'
122 men left out of peak population of 684.
by BBC

Pentagon chief tells Saudi Arabia: Iran threat is shared concern
Sunni Muslim kingdom is engaged in a contest for power with Shi’ite Iran.
by Reuters
"Global Warming" Expedition Foiled by Record Ice
Arctic ice the worst it’s been in 20 years, according to Coast Guard.
by Kit Daniels