Russia Declares De Facto No-fly Zone in Syria
Republican presidential candidate calls for U.S. no-fly zone.
by Kurt Nimmo
China to Participate in Airstrikes Against CIA Proxies in Syria
Claims Russia will also target ISIS in Iraq.
by Kurt Nimmo

The Mind of Mr. Putin
Perhaps it is time to climb down off our ideological high horse.
by Patrick J. Buchanan

Russian Jets Strike IS Command Centre In Syria
Moscow releases new footage of a warplane attack, as the Defence Ministry says 18 airstrikes have been conducted since last night.
by Sky News
Documentary Asks: What’s So Hard to Believe About China Harvesting the Organs of Living People?
First sustained examination of Chinese communist regime’s practice of organ harvesting.
by Larry Ong

Russian Foreign Minister: Western Strikes in Syria are Illegal Under UN Charter
Russia conducting military action in Syria at request of Syrian President
Russian Air Force in Syria deploying over 50 planes & choppers – Defense Ministry
The airstrikes on Wednesday night targeted four Islamic State facilities, Russian official says.
by RT

Spain: Pro-secession Parties in Catalonia Win Landmark Vote
Independence sentiment grew during Spain’s near economic meltdown during the financial crisis.
by Joseph Wilson, Alan Clendenning
Israel Will Allow Police to Fire Live Ammunition at Protesters
Police would be able to fire relatively small-caliber rounds from Ruger rifles at people hurling stones, firebombs or fireworks.
by Maher Abukhater

France Fires First Airstrikes on Extremists in Syria
President admits replacing Assad is biggest priority.
by Associated Press
Mark Zuckerberg Announces Project to Connect Refugee Camps to the Internet
“We all benefit when we are more connected.”
by Somini Sengupta

US, Australia embassies warn of Malaysia terror threat
Police beef up security in popular public places and other strategic locations.
by Associated Press

Facebook 'unfriending' Can Constitute Workplace Bullying, Australian Tribunal Finds
Australia’s workplace tribunal ruled that a woman was bullied after she was unfriended on Facebook following work dispute.
by Jonathan Pearlman
Pope Arrives at United Nations
Francis blessed the U.N. staff.
by Eric McClam