Russian Govt Orders Extra Airport Facilities to Prevent Ebola
Countries step up effort as US ignores proper protocol.
by RT
‘OH HELL NO!’ Outrage meets Obama plan to send Natl. Guard to Liberia to fight Ebola
The president who’s made executive orders a hallmark of his governing style is about to do it again.
by Joe Saunders

Africa Stems Ebola Via Border Closings, Luck
Officials credit tighter border controls.
by Tom Odula and Lynsey Chutel
Saudi Arabia sentences cleric to death
Cleric has been a vocal critic of the majority Sunni government.
by Elizabeth LaForgia

Hong Kong: Government ready to talk with protesters but rejects key concessions
Communists close the door to real talks
by Simon Denyer
Mexico City center invaded by thousands of students accusing police of massacre
Still no news of their 43 fellow students who were kidnapped.
by Euro News

Vladimir Putin warns over rise of neo-Nazism before Serbia visit
Sen. McCain wanted to arm neo-Nazis in Ukraine.
by Julian Borger
Colombia checking travelers arriving from Ebola epidemic countries
Officials crack down on travel from West Africa.
by Fox News Latino

Kim Jong-Un Not First Dictator to Suddenly Disappear
North Korean leader not seen in public since Sept. 3.
by David Brown
Australia believes it's still too risky to send health workers to Ebola zones
Julie Bishop will not let the workers go to west Africa until treatment and evacuation plans are in place.
by Bridie Jabour

#NoTTIP: Mass protests slam US-EU trade deal as 'corporate power grab'
Mass rallies against a controversial trade agreement between the US and the EU.
London Mayor Warns of Terror Threat
Comments came as police chiefs warned officers to use extra care due to increased threat to personal safety.
by Gregory Katz

Japanese court orders Google to remove harmful search results
Tokyo District Court ordered Google Thursday to remove over 100 search results that had invaded a man’s privacy.
Nigerian Ebola Hoax Results in Two Deaths
Nigerians were urged through social media to drink excessive amounts of salt water to avoid catching Ebola.
by Liz Neporent

UKIP Claims First Elected MP
Farage declares UKIP a national party.
by Sky News
MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask
Some on board might have been aware of their impending deaths.
by Zero Hedge