Nepal's hospitals swamped as quake toll passes 2,400, thousands injured
Aftershocks rattled hospitals and buildings already damaged by the earthquake.
by Gopal Sharma, Sanjeev Miglani
Putin accuses US of supporting separatists in Russia
Russian president cites intercepted calls as he makes assertion in documentary.
by Associated Press

Chile volcano ash cloud reaches Brazil, flights canceled
Coated nearby towns in thick layer of gray ash.
by Reuters
Devastating Nepal quake kills over 900, some in Everest avalanche
Nepal’s worst in 81 years…
by Gopal Sharma, Ross Adkin

Russia took control over 20% of US uranium after Uranium One’s associates made lavish contributions to Clinton Foundation
“…episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation…”
by Vladimir Basov
War games off UK coast not response to Russia, says NATO
British-led war games are code named Joint Warrior.
by Phil Black

Russia Should Face More Costs If Ukraine Crisis Escalates, Britain's Miliband Says
European Union had been too slow to impose sanctions on Russia.
by Reuters
Puerto Rico officials warn government shutdown imminent
Island gov’t broke.
by Edward Krudy

Defending the Right to Offend
I am a free speech absolutist.
by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Faces Death Penalty
Key Obama ally became Egyptian president following 2011 “revolution.”
by Jared Malsin
700 Refugees Flee War-Torn Libya Thanks To Hillary Clinton
State Dept. created turmoil in Libya.

Australia Says It Broke Up ISIS-Inspired Plot To Attack WWI Event
Attack involved knives and was targeted at police.
by Bill Chappell
ISIL video purports to show killing of Ethiopian Christians
Christians must convert to Islam or pay a special tax prescribed by the Quran.
by Jane Onyanga-Omara

Thousands of Iraqis flee as Islamic State makes gains in Sunni heartland
Ramadi at risk of falling to the Islamic State despite seven months of airstrikes.
by Loveday Morris
Ukrainian complaint: Russia persists in illegally feeding Donbass civilians
Many instances of death from hunger in the zone of conflict.
by Wake Up From Your Slumber