Ebola and the Danger of Globalization
Whatever the cause – conspiracy or incompetence – the recent Ebola outbreak illustrates the dangers of centralized globalization, and opens the door to possible solutions.
by Tony Cartalucci
Mexico violence flares as fury grows over fate of missing students
Demonstrators attack government building with rocks and Molotov cocktails in protest at alleged abduction by police.
by AP

MPs back Palestinian statehood alongside Israel
“appropriate for the peace process…”
by BBC
North Korea leader reappears in public
State media shows Kim Jong-un using a cane.
by Aljazeera

WHO: Ebola Is Modern Era's Worst Health Emergency
Ebola epidemic has killed more than 4,000 people.
by Jim Gomez
Mexican activist slain during radio broadcast
Leader of a group of about 800 farm families slain.
by AP

Egypt police storm restive universities
Police backed by armoured vehicles storm Cairo University and al-Azhar University to quell student protests.
by Al Jazeera
 Fuel Smugglers Line Up Every Day to Drain Indonesia Economy
“…lucrative business involving soldiers, policemen and violent incidents.”
by Bloomberg

Ebola-hit Liberia cancels nationwide election
Ebola-hit Liberia has suspended its nationwide Senate polls after the election commission admitted it would not be able to stage the ballot safely, according to a government statement. Almost three million voters had been due in polling stations on Tuesday but organisers said there was no way a “mass movement, deployment and gathering of people” […]
by AFP
Kim Jong Un's Absence Fuels Rumors
Last seen September 3…
by Voice of America

Ukraine Close to Humanitarian Catastrophe As Cold Season Nears
Humanitarian situation in the country is close to disaster.
by RIA Novosti
4 arrested in UK anti-terror raids
Four suspects are aged 20 and 21.
by China Daily

Violent protests erupt in Turkey as Kurds call for government action against ISIL
Police fired tear gas and water cannon to break up the demonstrations in at least five Turkish cities.
by Euro News
Ebola Nurse Touched Her Face With Glove
The 40-year-old tells doctors she thinks she touched her face after helping change the incontinence pad of a dying patient.
by Sky News

Yemen rebels reject newly named prime minister
Armed group still hold capital.
by Ahmed Al Haj
56 Being Monitored In Spain After Ebola Infects Nurse
Scores of people are being monitored in Spain over fears they could be infected, as EU chiefs demand “clarification” from Madrid.
by Sky News