China beheading: Two dead in brutal knife attack at Yan'an city shopping mall
A person has reportedly been beheaded at a shopping mall in Yan’an, China.
by Lewis Dean
Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo: We intend to sue Fox News
“When we’re insulted, and when we’ve had an image, then I think we’ll have to sue…”
by Gregory Wallace, Brian Stelter

U.S. Senators Demand Saudi King Halt Flogging of Blogger
Badawi received 50 lashes on Jan. 9 in the first of 20 weekly sets of public whippings.
by James Morrison
Russians Held Over Alleged French Attack Plot
Suspects all from the Caucasus region – as were the Boston bombing patsies.
by Sky News

 Australia raises terror threat level against police to 'high'
“…the terrorism threat level against police is assessed as high…,” say Australian Federal Police.
by Matt Siegel
Saudi Arabia: 1 Beheading Every 4 Days
Oppression is extreme in Saudi Arabia, which has strong ties to U.S. politicians.
by RT

Prosecutor who accused Argentina’s president Cristina Kirchner of obstructing investigation found dead
Had accused President Cristina Kirchner of obstructing a probe into a 1994 Jewish center bombing…
by Paula Bustamente
600 arrested in Pakistan as part of heightened security measures
Part of measures to counter terrorism and improve security…
by Press Trust of India

Report: Three dead in anti-terrorism raid in Belgium
Anti-terror police operation in Verviers leaves three dead, day after Belgium man with ties to Paris kosher supermarket terrorist turns himself in to authorities.
Pope Francis Defends Freedom of Speech, but Urges Not to Make Fun of Faith
Francis insisted that it was an “aberration” to kill in the name of God.
by Sputnik

Charlie Hebdo Founder Says He's 'Upset' With Slain Editor Charb
“For years, decades even, we have been provoking” and feared it would come back to haunt them.
by NBC News
54 arrested in France for 'hate speech'
France declares war on free speech.
by Associated Press

Charlie Hebdo attacks raise fears of a European Patriot Act
Rights groups fear expanded surveillance as French prime minister calls for ‘exceptional’ responses to terrorist attack.
by Amar Toor
80 bodies found floating in India's Ganges
Bodies discovered floating in shallow tributary of India’s Ganges near cremation area.
by Channel News Asia

French Newspaper Says It Received Death Threats After Hebdo Attack
Newspaper received “it’s your turn” threat.
by Sputnik
AirAsia's final report to be released at least 1 year later: official
Chairman of Indonesian Transport Safety Committee announces release.
by Xinhua