Siege at Sydney’s Lindt cafe: Martin Place long identified as a terrorist target
A Sydney court heard details of an alleged terror plot to be carried out in Martin Place in September.
by News Corp Australia
China bans national anthem at weddings, funerals
People who break rules will be “criticized and corrected.”
by BBC

Haiti rocked by anti-government protests
Unrest followed a demonstration in which UN peacekeeping troops opened fire on a crowd marching through the capital.
by Al Jazeera
Drug tests for journalists proposed in Hungary
Lawmakers also suggested mandatory annual drug tests for 12- to 18-year-olds as well.
by Pablo Gorondi

U.S. Congress Now Virtually 100% All-In on Ukraine’s War Against Russia; Americans Are at Least 67% Opposed
This could turn out to be the path toward a nuclear war against Russia.
by Eric Zuesse
Mexico’s Season of Scandal and Violence
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto faces mounting scandals.
by Eric Martin, Brendan Case

Brazil president in tears as commission reveals torture by military dictatorship
Report comes out in the same week that a Senate report detailed the excesses of the CIA…
by Kiran Moodley
Thailand Rebuts Hosting US Secret Detention Facility
The statement came after a recent US Senate report on torture.
by Sputnik

Canada sends military police to Ukraine to boost security
Purpose is to help Ukraine government and security forces protect country’s “territorial integrity.”
by RT
India taxi rape allegation: Uber booking service banned in Delhi
Transport department official said the company had been “blacklisted” for “misleading customers.”
by BBC

How impoverished North Korea built elite 'secret war' hacker unit
Bureau 121 unit comprises about 1,800 cyber-warriors, and is considered the elite of the military.
by Ju-min Park & James Pearson
South Koreans Build Giant Christmas Tree to Taunt the North
Pyongyang threatens to destroy it using artillery.
by Donna Rachel Edmunds

Jimmy Savile's friend Ray Teret guilty of string of sex offenses
Preyed on many of “starstruck” victims.
by Martin Evans
Putin: West Wants to Weaken Russia
Russian president gave annual state of the nation speech to legislators.
by Voice of America

China to Halt Harvesting of Organs from Executed Prisoners
Chinese officials will stop using the organs of inmates beginning Jan. 1.
by The Wall Street Journal
Russia Launches Criminal Probe Into Terrorist Attack in Chechnya
Group of 50 experienced investigators and forensic experts to investigate attack.
by Sputnik