Syrian fighter jet shot down by Israel over the Golan Heights
First such incident in almost 30 years.
by Euro News
South Africa, Russia agree to $50-billion nuclear deal
South Africa has agreed to a strategic partnership with Russia, worth $50-billion, to significantly increase its nuclear power generation capacity.
by AFP

Rockefeller oil dynasty to ‘divest’ from fossil fuels
Monday’s announcement comes ahead of today’s United Nations summit on climate change.
by RT
British PM Cameron Tries to Quell Party Revolt Over New Powers for Scotland
“There is a need to do something for England as well, there needs to be an English settlement.”
by Andrew Osborn

Two people killed in series of blasts in China's Xinjiang region
Xinjiang, located in China’s far west, is the home of the mostly-Muslim Uighur minority.
by AFP
Obesity: Africa’s new crisis
The arrival of fast food has triggered the latest health epidemic to hit developing countries. As doctors begin the fightback against morbid obesity, Bénédicte Desrus travels round Africa photographing people living with the condition, while Ian Birrell reveals why South Africa now faces its biggest challenge since HIV.
by Ian Birrell

Afghan Elections Panel Names Ghani President
Karzai to leave office.
by Tim Craig and Sharif Hassan
Defeated nationalist leader says Scots tricked out of independence
Salmon says Prime Minister David Cameron gave false vows.a
by Reuters

New York Times caught contradicting self on Benghazi
Times attempts to stick with controlled narriative, whatever the cost.
by World Net Daily
Top U.S. Military Official Admits: Our Arab Allies Are Funding ISIS
“I know major Arab allies who fund them.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

Israeli air force chief: We may have to send planes to Iran tomorrow
Stressing the need for additional defense spending, Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel gives an insight into his preoccupations.
by Raphael Ahren
Record Beheadings And The Mass Arrest Of Christians – ISIS? Or Saudi Arabia!
Our foreign policy is a total joke and the whole world knows it.
by Michael Krieger

From Voting on Scottish Independence to Taming Speculation
A “freer” Scotland would have the opportunity to better monitor rogue capital flows.
by Nomi Prins
U.S. partners unclear on roles in fight against Islamic State
Many countries have said they support a coalition the United States hopes to build to fight Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, but most have been vague about any specific role they might play. Below is a list of some of the key countries that may take part in the anti-IS coalition and where […]
by Reuters

Former Auschwitz Guard Charged with 300,000 Counts of Accessory to Murder
“Many of the co-plaintiffs are among the last survivors of Auschwitz.”
by Paul Donnelley
Australia to deploy military force to UAE to prepare for international action against militants in Iraq
Prime Minister said U.S. had specifically requested Australia to contribute to an international strike against the militants.