AP | Border policing activities are shrouded in unprecedented secrecy.

VOA News | East Asia envoy told Congressional hearing in Washington that China is increasingly assertive in trying to gain control over oceans in the region.

Reuters | Response to a sharp rise in unspecified threats against sensitive installations.

The Atlantic | The country is experimenting with “sports selection at the molecular genetic level.”

Reuters | Concerns rise about media freedom a day after Turkey tightened internet controls.

Gulf News | Outrage after university staff bar male paramedics from entering a women’s-only campus after student heart attack.

Reuters | Turkey’s parliament has approved internet controls enabling web pages to be blocked within hours.

Mikael Thalen | Scientists downplay confirmation of widespread Fukushima radiation

rt.com | Nuland said United States prepared to give financial support to Ukraine if country undertakes necessary political reforms.

Ron Paul Institute | That the Ukraine regime-change operation is to some degree being directed from Washington can no longer be denied.

Paul Craig Roberts | Only Washington Knows Best.

Reuters | Jail sentence of up to seven years and a fine of up to 10,000 dinars ($26,500) for anyone who publicly insults him.

AFP | Lawmakers will vote on whether to extend the right to euthanasia to terminally-ill children next week with the measure expected to be approved.

Al Jazeera | In soccer-obsessed country, violent protests flared up again last weekend, amid infrastructure boom and wage hike.

UK Daily Mail | A group of Britons waging jihad in Syria have threatened to carry out terror attacks in the UK.

Cory Doctorow | If you set about to discredit the open data movement, you could do no better than this.

UPI | Al-Jazeera journalist has fled Egypt after she and 19 others were referred to a criminal court for terrorism-related charges.

Zee News India | Saudi court sentenced journalist to 12 years in prison for “disobeying the ruler” and accusing the kingdom of creating terrorism in televised remarks.

Al Jazeera | US president to visit Riyadh amid strained relations between two countries over war in Syria and Iran nuclear talks.

AFP | “We will eliminate whoever urges sedition in this country,” he warned.

Infowars.com | Alex discusses with Gov.Jesse Ventura why the world hates the US and it’s enforcement of its own policies on other countries without regard.

Euro News | Ukraine’s embattled president has announced that he is returning to work on Monday after four days’ sick leave.

New Yorker | New military-led regime has subjected journalists to months of passive-aggressive treatment.

RT | Actions that threaten Saudi Arabia’s unity, disturb public order, or defame the reputation of the state or the king will be considered acts of terrorism.

theguardian.com | US secretary of state speaks at Munich conference amid growing fears that military will use force against protesters.

CNN Money | Chinese officials upset that the media is showcasing their wealth, amongst other things.

AFP| More than 50 Olympians sign petition calling on Russia to cease crackdown on gays ahead of Sochi Winter Games.

Ahram Online | US comments ‘unacceptable’, says Egypt’s foreign ministry.

Reuters | In a statement, the prosecutor said the four had published “lies” that harmed the national interest.

Time | “You will be drowned in blood”

The Diplomat | Mearsheimer says a war between the US and China will be more likely than a US-Soviet one was during the Cold War.

Telegraph.co.uk | Fears grow for the welfare of Austalian journalist Peter Greste and other reporters arrested in Egypt as prosecutors announce charges.

Reuters | Mexico’s government on Tuesday created an anti-kidnapping agency after abductions soared 20 percent last year.

BBC | Later apologised, saying it was her “personal opinion”.

Reuters | General Mohamed Saeed was head of technical office for Mohamed Ibrahim, who survived assassination attempt last year.

Fox News | Afghan President believes U.S. government and military have been a hidden force behind recent insurgent attacks in Afghanistan.

RT | Country is overwhelmed by pro-EU protests.

AFP | Premier insisted Israel would not evacuate Jewish settlements built on occupied land the Palestinians want for their future state.

revolution-news.com | Streets of 36 cities in Brazil carried the echoes of chants against the the government.

The Guardian | Palestinians are suspected of being behind email attack on civil administration machines that monitor Israeli-occupied territory.

RT | Normal behavior of hardcore tyrants.

Metro.co.uk | Flood victims had to wait because prime minister’s TV cut out during “The Sound of Music.”

CNN | Activist raged a campaign against corruption.

BBC News | At least four missing.

AFP | One in two female soldiers say they’ve encountered some kind of sexual abuse at least once while in the armed forces.

The Hindu | Asghar wrote letters claiming to be prophet of Islam, but his lawyers argue he has mental health problems.

YouTube | US has been backing Al-Qaeda in Syria for years.

RT | Hackers claiming to be from the Syrian Electronic Army broke into CNN’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and one of the news channel’s blogs on Thursday.

washingtontimes.com | “Iraq at this point is at a crossroads,” said Usama al-Nujayfi.

BBC News | Fighting to end in 24 hours.

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