Police Pepper Spray Protesters in Hong Kong
Demonstrators complaining about mainland China shoppers…
by NBC News
Egyptian Court Declares Hamas a Terrorist Organization
The ruling came in response to a lawsuit alleging that Hamas was involved in attacks in Egypt in recent months.
by Sputnik News

Venezuela's Military Can Now Legally Use Firearms Against Demonstrators
“Even before firearms were authorized to suppress protests in #Venezuela, there were 43 deaths in February…” one activist notes.
by GlobalVoicesOnline.org
Details On An Alleged US-Backed Coup In Venezuela Come To Light
Same tactic the U.S. used to bring down Salvador Allende’s socialist government in Chile.
by Ramona Wadi

NATO Warms up Its Engines: German Tank Battalion to be Activated
Germany plans to activate a tank battalion that exists only on paper as it seeks to increase the country’s military capability
by Russia Insider
The Stage Is Set For The Syrian Invasion
Just invade Syria already, and let’s proceed to the inevitable, and quite understandable, Russian retaliation.
by Zero Hedge

Full Circle: The First Anti-Government Protest In Greece Turns Ugly
No intervention by riot police although squads were standing near by.
by Associated Press
ISIS Reportedly Destroy Mosul Antiquities
“It’s not only Iraq’s heritage: it’s the whole world’s.”
by Infowars.com

Iraq's defense minister criticizes US about timing of battle against Isis
Obeidi was speaking as Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met the general in charge of US forces in the Middle East.
by Reuters
Australia Vows Tougher Citizenship Laws
Prime minister plans to appoint a counter-terrorism co-ordinator and urges Muslim leaders to proclaim Islam as a religion of peace ‘more often, and mean it’
by Daniel Hurst

France deploys aircraft carrier in Gulf for IS fight
Charles de Gaulle sent to Gulf.
by France 24
Blast rips through 500-strong rally in Kharkov, E. Ukraine, fatalities feared
March in Kharkov was organized in commemoration of the 2014 Maidan events.
by RT

Europe "Isolates" Putin? Considers "Reframing" Energy Relations With Russia
Good luck with that ‘strategy’ change…
by Zero Hedge
Kim Jong Un inspects live-fire artillery drill ahead of annual US-South Korean exercises
Kim urged his army to be prepared for battle against the U.S.
by Daily Mail

Putin says Russia's military strength should not be in doubt
“We will always have an adequate answer for any such adventures.”
by Infowars.com