Yemen Ground Invasion By Saudi, Egyptian Troops Imminent
Virtual certainty that the US will intervene at a point in the near future.
by Zero Hedge
BBC Less Tolerant of Climate Skeptic Than of Pedophile
Wildly popular “Top Gear” host smeared by BBC executives.
by David Knight

Yemen's president flees as rebels advance
President had established temporary capital amid unrest.
by Ahmed Al-Haj
Japanese navy gets biggest flat-top since WWII-era aircraft carriers
“The vessel can serve in a wide range of roles including peace keeping operations, international disaster relief and aid…”
by Reuters

The Real ‘Everyday Sexism’ Is Against Men
Under the self-righteous standard of the Everyday Sexism Project, Twitter protesters immediately went to war.
by Martin Daubney
Mexico Captures 'El Rama,' Regional Commander of Zetas Cartel
Federal authorities reportedly captured him early Monday while traveling in an SUV in the city of Nuevo Laredo.
by Brianna Lee

150 feared dead after plane crashes in French Alps
Officials say survivors unlikely after Germanwings flight goes down with Spaniards, Germans and Turks reported on board.
by Al Jazeera
Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S.
Ally’s snooping upset White House because information was used to lobby Congress to try to sink a deal.
by Adam Entous

Netanyahu Divides as He Conquers in Israeli Election
Campaign leaves him with a raw relationship with the 20% of Israeli citizens who are Arab.
by Ilene Prusher
U.S. could back UN resolution on Palestine, White House official says
Move to come in response to Netanyahu’s two-state reversal, official tells NYT. Obama to pass responsibility for Israel ties to Kerry; ‘President doesn’t want to waste his time,’ says U.S. official.
by Haaretz

Afghan Villagers: US-Trained Militias Far More Terrifying than Taliban
US-backed warlords, drug dealers, and US/NATO imperial occupation.
by Washington's Blog
Germany riot targets new ECB headquarters in Frankfurt
Dozens of people have been hurt and some 350 people arrested .
by BBC

Tunisian hostage-takers killed, ending siege in which gunmen killed 19
Assailants stormed parliament compound in Tunis, before holding tourists at nearby museum.
by Al Jazeera
Greek PM To Meet With Putin Amid Cash Crunch
Oh, the geopolitical ironies.
by Zero Hedge

Iranian Dissidents Criticize Obama’s Nuclear Diplomacy
Dissidents say W.H. ignoring the issues of human rights.
by Adam Kredo
Pakistan Carries Out Mass Hangings
12 convicts hung in jails across the country.
by BBC News