Crash the Tea Party Crashes

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Kurt Nimmo
April 9,2010

Forget the fake Coffee Party and its minuscule clatch of Obama lovers. Tea Party haters are on the move and plan to infiltrate the movement and bring it down. In order to realize this fruitless plan, they have established a website called “Crash the Tea Party.”

No telling if this is a sincere effort or some kind of joke. But if it is serious the organizers need to bone up on their database skills – a link to join the presumed effort links to a database error page, at least at the time of this writing.

As Homer Simpson might say: “D’oh!”

Here is the text posted as a graphic on the page:

crash the tea party


It looks like the crasher folks finally got it together. Their forum is up (for now). It might be a good idea to drop by and ask the folks posting on the forum why they believe it is OK to disrupt a political movement like thugs in some third world backwater.


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