Marisa Guthrie
Hollywood Reporter
April 1, 2014

Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid primed the pipe for outlandish reality TV. / Image:
Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid primed the pipeline for outlandish reality TV. / Image:
Discovery will strand eight people in the wilderness for 42 days with only the clothes on their backs for a new live television event.

Survival Live will air two episodes each week — one pre-recorded and one live. Viewers will be able to track the survivalists’ progress via a 24/7 Web platform that details their biometric data, which will reveal who is physically struggling. But in a twist on the webcam popularized on CBS’ Big Brother, contestants also will be able to ask viewers for help. The onus is on each survivalist to build a social network to help them through their ordeal by getting them things such as a phone call from a loved one for a pep talk or food, clothing, even dental floss.

Each week, the weakest contestant will be extracted during the live episode, while pre-recorded weekly episodes will detail the contestants’ progress. Survival Live — a sort of Naked and Afraid with clothes — is set to premiere later this year.

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