Dr. Peter Glidden Exposes Criminal History of the Failed Medical Model

August 29, 2012

Dr. Peter Glidden, host of GCN’s “Fire Your MD Now,” explains how pharmaceutical treatments delivered by MD’s, in general, are the leading cause of death, surpassing deaths by cancer, car accidents, and serial killers.

In addition to exposing why psychiatric prescribed drugs are leading to devastatingly high suicide rates among combat soldiers and veterans, he adds that MD prescribed medicine is good to treat trauma and surgery, but for the majority of health defects suffered by Americans, treatments delivered by MD’s do not work and instead cause harm in the process.

Dr. Glidden explains why common ailments like depression and attention deficit disorder should not immediately be treated by synthetic pharmaceuticals that directly alter body chemistry, before attempting natural health cures or digestive solutions.

Given the proper nutrition, the human body has the incredible ability to heal itself from almost anything; the benefits of which include, but are not limited to, natural weight loss and a better overall state of well-being.

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