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Some times humor is the best medicine for dealing with the daily news, so infowars presents our collection of comic and critical news cartoons to take help take the edge of the headlines. Submit an editorial cartoon
submit a cartoon/image We are launching this new gallery, which we will update frequently with cartoons and images created in-house as well as with submissions from our visitors. Please click here to email us an image. (This email address is...
Welcome to the New Freedom

Today's youth "back" Alberto & torture

Bush's UAE Port Deal

Willing to use force

To commemorate the new empire

I love Halliburton

Everybody wins!

They Live

You can trust Larry

Sorry we missed you...

Amazing art!

Don't look over your shoulder

Just a G**D*** Piece of Paper

Alex Jones Charicature

Doors are hard.

We don't need a border at all

In your face in Miami

One giant scam

M-M-M-My Sharona

Your best source

The power of makeup

Keep watching sitcoms, slave

Freedom on the march

DNA fingerprint everyone!

When Bush talks to God

Pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity

Stand for something...

Baghdad Living

Stand Behind Your Furer

Axis of Evil

Homeland Security Quarterly

Torture gets results!

Confiscating guns is hard work

Viva Bush!

Bush & the firefighters

Government Cares Day

Bush fiddled

Oh Ganny, you're my favorite!

New Orleans from Above

Ganny loves Georgie

Oh Ganny!

We even feed them!

A plan coming together

Poppy Bush & Billy

Heil Bush

Might do the trick

Bush's Picnic

Five Fingers

Patsy Bomber Rule #1

Arnie's Presidential Hopes

Now thats what I call progress

What Does Amnesty International Know?

Always New Threats

Join up now!

Sage words from the President

Then & Now...

Slime's Man of the Year

Welcome to Naziland

Bush the Cowboy

Plan for Domination

Bush Supreme Court Pick

We're For Diversity

No More Torture in Iraq, GW?

Emperor Bush, Dictator

Lord Bush of the Neocon Empire

Uzbeks Love George Bush