Filmmakers Combat Threats to Freedom: Operation Paul Revere Contest Entries
March 23, 2013

We’re at the midpoint of the Operation Paul Revere Contest. There’s still about 6 weeks left. Here’s a sampling of some of the entries we’ve received.

We want to offer a broad view of your take on liberty so we’ve posted a wide range of topics, approaches and production quality.

We have dramatic fictional short films, music videos with original music, documentaries, panel discussions — a lot of variety in topics and formats. You are Paul Revere. Tell us what you see.

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Up In Arms – Imagi-Nation


Media Manipulation

Is the universe a thought within a mind?

Combating Threat to Freedom (drunk driving & rights)

Liberty Loaded

Journey into Tyranny (JFK)

Read the contest rules at
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Inclusion here doesn’t mean videos have been fully vetted for copyright issues, liberty placement or other contest requirements. Inclusion does not mean that agrees with or endorses the content. Videos:

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