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    eFoodsDirect eFoodsDirect, a company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of emergency food announced an overwhelming response to their plan of getting food to the victims of the devastating tornadoes that have wrecked havoc across Oklahoma and the Midwest this past few weeks. On May 20th a massive tornado (rated EF-5) cut a swath over […]

    eFoodsDirect Every year natural disasters strike, such as hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes. For those disasters whose severity is devastating and widespread, such as Hurricane Sandy and the tsunami that ravaged Japan in 2011, national news outlets broadcast multiple stories giving everyone a glimpse into their destruction. However, after the floodwaters have receded or […]

    Rock Waterman eFoodsDirect These days, you almost have to be looking for announcements that some of your local produce has been contaminated with the E. coli bacteria, though outbreaks continue to occur with disturbing frequency. Back in 2006, it was big news when 205 people were found to have been poisoned from pre-packaged spinach. Since […]

    eFoodsDirect During this time of the year, it seems that almost every section of the country subscribes to the old joke about the weather, which goes, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it will change.” Daily weather conditions have grown increasingly erratic and extreme, and it is usually during the springtime that […]

    eFoodsDirect If you thought it disconcerting that horse meat was found in hamburgers sold in the United Kingdom, consider the hapless South Africans. Last month, citizens of that former Dutch colony learned that the great majority of beef burgers and sausage sold in grocery stores there were found to contain the flesh of donkey, goat […]

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