Globalist Foundation Exploits Angry Child to Blame Adults for Fake Climate Change

Kurt Nimmo
September 16, 2020

In a video produced by Greenpeace, the “environmental” organization funded by the eugenicists at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Ted Turner Foundation, an angry boy blames selfish adults for climate change.

Greenpeace also takes money from John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the John Merck Fund, the Wallace Genetic Foundation, and the Foundation for Deep Ecology, and others.

Basing his argument on discredited quasi-science, the boy donning a gangbanger hoodie warns that adults have had their chance to save the earth and now it will be the responsibility of the next generation to set things right — or set them right according to the globalist eugenicists. If the child’s facial expression is any indication, the effort will be less than kind.

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I am reminded of the school children of Mao’s Red Guard when I look at this boy. Mao’s brainwashed young zombies killed around 7 million people during the Cultural Revolution. All told, Mao was responsible for murdering around 70 million people.

The threatening video arrived prior to Al Gore instructing children to confront their parents over so-called climate change.

Climate change was redefined as “global climate disruption” recently by Obama’s director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren.

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“A massive program with its tentacles embedded into almost every corner of education and popular culture is underway to use the ‘green’ agenda to brainwash children and turn them against their own parents, as the state moves towards the creation of a Stasi-style informant society using methods that have been repeated in every totalitarian state throughout history,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote after Gore aimed his speech at impressionable children.

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