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How The “Debt Man Walking,” aka Uncle Sam, Plans To Steal From You

Posted By kurtnimmo On August 2, 2011 @ 7:44 am In Economic Crisis,Old Infowars Posts Style,Tile | Comments Disabled

Zero Hedge
August 2, 2011

In his latest letter, Kings of the Wild Frontier, crushes the optimism of all those, roughly 4 altogether in the entire world whose combined IQ barely breaks into triple digit territory, who believe that the debt ceiling “compromise” does anything at all for US spending patterns, weather it is for total marketable debt, or the $66 trillion in NPV of future liabilities. Gross, however, does show us the 5 ways (well, 4 plus default) that the “debt man walking”, aka Uncle Sam and his tens of trillions of future liabilities, plans to rob from you: dear taxpayer, in order to minimize the present value of these unmanageable future liabilities. To wit:

1. Balance the budget and/or grow out of it
2. Unexpected inflation
3. Currency depreciation
4. Financial repression via low/negative real interest rates

All of these guarantee that investor pocketbooks will be dramatically affected… Adversely. Let’s dig in…


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