David Nakamura
The Washington Post
July 2, 2013

President Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, laid a wreath at the U.S. Embassy here at a solemn memorial for victims of a 1998 terrorist bombing that killed dozens.

The two presidents walked side-by-side to a block of stone outside the embassy compound, which was adorned with a plaque with the names of the victims of the Aug. 7, 1998 blast, and a quote from then-President Bill Clinton. A Marine in dress uniform laid the red, white and blue wreath on an easel as the presidents, along with family members of the victims and embassy personnel, observed a moment of silence. Obama and Bush, dressed in dark suits and ties, bowed their heads.

After a moment, they shook hands with the family members. “Thanks very much,” Obama told one man. “Nice to see you,” Bush said. Then they headed back inside.

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