CBS Las Vegas | Bundy and his supporters celebrate victory.

The Salt Lake Tribune | “It’s simply time,” one lawmaker said.

CBS DC | If taxes reach “a certain point, perhaps you should revolt,” Scalia said.

Zero Hedge | If you listen carefully, you can hear the stampede of politicians distancing themselves from their once best friend.

Kit Daniels | Court opinion exposes BLM’s true intent against Cliven Bundy.

Paul Joseph Watson | Molon Labe: Gun control law a total failure.

The Hill | Obama administration considering executive order requiring all new guns be made with biometric technology, e.g. finger-print recognition or bracelets.

Adan Salazar | Comes months after MAIG gun confiscation agenda exposed.

Kit Daniels | Agency likely creating a centralized gun registry by fiat.

Michael Boldin | “The foundational language of this bill comes right from Thomas Jefferson.”

Bloomberg | Getting rid of MAIG and Moms Demand Action to form new group called “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

Washington’s Blog | Scientific Study Shows that the U.S. Is an Oligarchy. | Part will not silence gun. | Turn ‘em Mr. and Mrs. Canada.

CNS News | Will Salty Snacks Move to Black Market?

Poughkeepsie Journal | Come Tuesday, owners of assault weapons in New York will be faced with a choice.

Kit Daniels | The senator’s plan for solar farms in Nevada wasn’t just limited to the shelved project near Laughlin.

DNAinfo Chicago | Less guns equals more crime.

Breitbart | Bill “directly conflicts with the constitutional protections for carrying a firearm for self-defense,” according to NRA.

KSPR | Expansion includes more than just homeowners.

NRA ILA | The advisory states that “the ammunition is ‘armor piercing’ under [federal law] and is therefore not importable.”

Bradenton Herald | “This bill is to ensure that Floridians do not have to wait six months to drive multiple hours to have their concealed weapons permit..”

Kurt Nimmo | A direct violation of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution. | the middle of a campaign for Connecticut Governor’s office.

Breitbart | Most “cost effective way of deterring another attack on our planes?”

Adan Salazar | Fits long pattern of disrespect towards nation’s founding document.

Kit Daniels | White House prefers to grant access to those more supportive of Obama’s policies. | InfoWars hits the streets of Austin to get people’s reaction to Eric Holder’s gun bracelet proposal. | Mayor wants disarmed slaves.

The Daily Caller | Plenty of crimes to charge Holder with.

Michael Snyder | Attorney General Eric Holder says that gun owners in the United States could eventually be forced to wear RFID tracking bracelets.

Daisy Luther | Forget trying to change the minds of those who already have guns.

Kit Daniels | Residents are well-aware that gun registration leads to confiscation.

Daily Caller | Mandating that gun owners would have to wear bracelets before they could activate their firearms.

Washington Free Beacon | DOJ requesting $2 million for ‘Gun Safety Technology’ grants.

WND | Here comes the fraud.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Recently, there has been much talk among libertarians about whether commitment to the non-aggression principle either stems from or leads to other commitments as well.

Philip Bump | Reacting to the shooting at Fort Hood on Wednesday.

Paul Joseph Watson | Entire founding document may be up for review after Michigan vote.

Mac Slavo | “Fort Hood is a gun free zone, just like our schools.”

Fox Nation | Newspaper stands were thrown in a dumpster without notice.

Kit Daniels | Minutes are an eternity during a mass shooting.

Twitchy | Master sergeant frustrated he and his colleagues left defenseless.

Adan Salazar | Man hands over “weapons” to thunderous booing. | “I’m a big Second Amendment person,” he said.

NRA ILA | FSA continues to actively OPPOSE this legislation and your right to bear arms.

Truth Revolt | Pelosi once again lauded Obamacare as something our Founding Fathers intended 200-plus years ago.

Ammo Land | RI’s new House speaker supports the Second Amendment.

Maui Now | Gov’t dept. in Hawaii wants protestors to have a permit. | The ATF used mentally disturbed people to promote operations, says newspaper.

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