David Hill | If nothing is done before Labor Day, the specter of the November general election will stymie action.

Michael W. Chapman | Five of the 12 cities where people feel the least safe walking around are in California.

David Jackson | Obama: An overhaul of the immigration system “would boost our economy.”

jalopnik.com | Dashcam video show agents lied.

Steve Watson | “Will you stand like men and women of courage and fight for your freedom?”.

Breitbart | “I would build a border fence like you have never seen before.”

Fox News Latino | Man came to America to perform contract killings.

Washington Times | “If we fail to secure our borders, then every sheriff in America will become a border sheriff,” says N.C. sheriff.

CNS News | Americans need to stand up to “a deliberate plan by the president of the United States” to collapse the nation’s law enforcement system regarding illegal immigration.

Conn Carroll | “Obama is going to leave the White House having deported more immigrants than any other president in history.”

Fox News Latino | Mexican women are aware of the risks involved when they cross the U.S. border illegally.

9news.com | Administrators believe they are the first school district in the nation to actively seek out illegals.

KETV 7 | Fremont police will begin issuing occupancy licenses on Thursday in attempts to combat illegal immigration.

Washington Times | Figure does not reflect Obama’s derisive label of “deporter-in-chief,” bestowed upon him by immigration advocates.

Fox News | Says Republicans really would like to see a measure pass in Congress, though individually they don’t want to vote on it.

The Wire | Obama is leaving most of the serious offenders alone.

The Monitor | Border Patrol agents want federal lawmakers to overhaul their complex pay system, vice president of National Border Patrol Council says.

mediaite.com | Cruz argued that far from being “an act of love” there is very little humanity to be found in illegal immigration.

L.A. Times | Gun battles lasted at least one day.

Washington Post | Heroin spreading in $4 hits across rural America can be traced back to the remote valleys of the northern Sierra Madre.

dailycaller.com | Incident found Mexican soldiers 50 yards inside the U.S., misidentifying themselves to Border Patrol.

newsweek.com | Surfacing in San Diego-area warehouses and equipped with rail systems for moving contraband.

Breitbart | Obama has established de facto amnesty.

NewsMax | Deportations of illegal immigrants settled in the United States are down 40 percent since President Barack Obama took office..

Washington Times | Republicans kill plan in committee.

AP | More than 100 Border Patrol agents from California and Arizona have been shifted to the southernmost tip of Texas.

Breitbart | Border Patrol has come under unprecedented level of fire for use of deadly force in response to some rock attacks.

Los Angeles Times | After issuing denials, Mexican officials admit that two Mexican soldiers — rather than smugglers — were in a standoff with Border Patrol agents in January.

Paul Joseph Watson | Feds slash tires after woman refuses to consent to vehicle search.

azcentral.com | More children may die attempting to cross the border.

Adan Salazar | Woman cried hysterically after agent made her prove she had cosmetic procedure.

AFP | ..three weeks after cult-like gang’s top chief was gunned down..

numbersusa.com | Biden was the keynote speaker at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event on March 26th.

Nathaniel Parish | Area was once a major crossing point for migrants leaving Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The Hill | ICE agents encountered 193,357 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions but issued charges for only 125,478..

CBS Denver | Three U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents targeted a family during an unwarranted raid in March 2009.

KVOA | KVOA’s findings prompted the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to insist on a full investigation into the shootings.

Kristin Tate | “This media campaign is an intentional weakening of America’s defenses through political deception..”

CNS News | Biden looks to strengthen the Democratic voting base.

AP | Man left for dead by cartel.

Fox News | The Obama administration is opening the borders.

Carlo Garcia | Migrants who want to cross into the U.S. pay thousands of dollars to guides.

The Daily Caller | Administration has provided de facto amnesty.

Time | Plan unlikely to succeed.

Washington Examiner | Pew Research VP said trend among younger Americans is support for government programs and Democratic party acceptance.

The Monitor | Guilty of conspiracy and five counts of falsifying government documents…

Breitbart | As CBP agent sat in his car, a second vehicle approached Harrison and began shooting at him.

KVOA.com | Israeli company will use cameras and radars able to track movement up to six miles away.

Steve Inskeep | The Border Patrol has mounted cameras high on steel poles overlooking the Rio Grande.

Breitbart | “Having to use deadly force” is a scenario Border Patrol Agents could be faced with at any time.

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