Los Angeles Times | Obama administration has delayed a decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project.

AFP | Accused of accepting bribes in return for giving classified and sensitive US Navy info to employees of Glenn Defense Marine Asia.

Infowars.com | Femininity has lost its value and motherhood has become a dirty word.

ksbw.com | “This is the best case for a habitable planet yet found.”

National Journal | Larry Flynt has sent a monthly copy of Hustler to every congressional office for the last 30 years, and members of Congress can’t stop it.

Martin Armstrong | We have been warning that 2014 is the beginning of a new cycle.

Kurt Nimmo | Liberals celebrate state violence over the individual.

New York Daily News | Woman charged with trespassing and violence against a person in a restricted building.

Breitbart | Prom-goers who want to bring their date something special now have the chance to surprise them with a chicken corsage.

Washington’s Blog | Beyond Partisan Politics: What Benghazi Is Really About.

Newsbusters | “..there is pressure coming to bear on journalists for just doing their job in ways that have never come to bear before.”

CBS Detroit | Kids who play violent video games will have more aggressive behavior and keep aggressive thoughts, study suggests.

The Daily Sheeple | This interview was recorded from the Bundy Ranch.

AP | City leaders ask state regulators for permission to use treated toilet flushes as drinking water.

Weekly Standard | The government is putting its (big) foot down.

Mike Adams | Mainstream media was ordered to ignore the story – and they complied.

Infowars.com | Fox News lied when it said the BLM backed off for the public’s safety. The reality is the BLM was threatening to shoot protesters.

RT | Ohio geologists have linked minor earthquakes in a rock formation underneath the Appalachians to hydraulic fracturing, a first in the state.

Infowars.com | Mystery looms around the death of Peaches Geldof.

National Review | Democrats are reaching deep in to their bag of tricks ahead of this fall’s midterms.

Washington Free Beacon | MSNBC does it again!

Infowars.com | When keeping it real goes wrong..

PJ Media | ..probably leaving government for more lucrative reasons.

Jon Bowne | His Lord and Majesty Barack Obama arrived moments ago.

SHTFPlan.com | Judges call handgun “inappropriate content.”

Michael Snyder | The collection of facts and statistics that you are about to read is highly controversial.

Smoking Gun | Fact checkers and bosses alike do not appear concerned with the truthfulness of the host’s off- and on-air pronouncements.

The Hill | No surprise there.

Mark Dice | Mark Dice analyses another facet of celebrity obsessed culture.

CBS Denver | Public defenders want the trial moved out of Arapahoe County.

AFP | US Navy believes it has finally worked out the solution to a problem that has intrigued scientists for decades..

The Verge | As federal regulators investigate Herbalife, a long history of political maneuvering becomes relevant again.

RT | A newly published poll, conducted by three Ivy League professors, revealed that only one out of six Americans surveyed could pinpoint where Ukraine actually is on a world map.

Reuters | Cuba said on Sunday the United States continues to use social media to “subvert” the island’s government.

Kurt Nimmo | Crossing the border illegally “is a different kind of crime.”

Paul Joseph Watson | Ruby Ridge-style standoff brewing as Bundy says he is prepared to be killed.

Lebanon Daily News | Training exercise gone awry.

Kit Daniels | The crew reviews the film after seeing it at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Michael Snyder | If you do not conform to the new politically correct moral code in America, you cannot be a CEO of a major corporation.

The New American | ..violation of the protections against such searches provided by the Fourth Amendment.

Adan Salazar | “The First Amendment exists to protect religious freedom,” states ACLU-TN Director.

Steve Watson | Fired from CNN soapbox, Redcoat still hasn’t got the message.

Daily Caller | Conducted tests on people with health issues and elderly, exposing them to high levels of potentially lethal pollutants, without disclosing risks of cancer and death..

Al Jazeera | GM customers were “kept in the dark” about the defect that has been linked to 13 deaths so far.

Brave the World | This one is for the real men and sane women.

Mac Slavo | According to a new book titled Kings of the Grail, two researchers claim they have conclusive evidence that they have found the one and only, true Holy Grail of scripture.

Hollywood Reporter | Viewers will be able to track contestants’ progress via a live 24/7 webcam, while survivalists can ask the TV audience to send help.

Vice | “One of the most promising applications of new crypto tech lies in creating transparent, efficient systems for making political decisions.”

Michael Snyder | On Sunday, the worst earthquake in about 30 years rattled the Yellowstone supervolcano.

nypost.com | Chalice of Doña Urruca, which is located in León’s basilica of Saint Isidore.

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