November 1, 2011

The 27 hour Live Broadcast Marathon has ended.
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As Paul Joseph Watson noted recently, the Infowars media operation does not enjoy the largest of foundations and government funding, nor can it tap millions of dollars from corporate coffers. It is up to you to help us fund the operation. Now more than ever, we depend on your determination to spread the truth and counter the endless propaganda of the global elite. It is time to defeat their slick media machine.

Tell your friends and family about the money-bomb. If you can’t donate money during these tough financial times, please do your part by spreading the word to others.

Moneybomb Run Sheet 2011 (Central Time)

Thursday 11/3 11:00 am —– OPEN
Thursday 11/3 12:00 pm Joel Skousen
Thursday 11/3 1:00 pm Webster Tarpley
Thursday 11/3 2:00 pm Katherine Albrecht
Thursday 11/3 3:00 pm TBA
Thursday 11/3 4:00 pm George Noory – 30min
David Icke – 30min
Thursday 11/3 5:00 pm Guest Host – Mike Adams
Thursday 11/3 6:00 pm Guest Host – Mike Adams
w/ Robert Scott Bell(guest)
Thursday 11/3 7:00 pm Guest Host – Mike Adams
Thursday 11/3 8:00 pm Alfred Adask
Thursday 11/3 9:00 pm TBA
Thursday 11/3 10:00 pm Texe Marrs
Thursday 11/3 11:00 pm TBA
Friday 11/4 12:00 am James Corbett
Friday 11/4 1:00 am Fritz Springmeier
Friday 11/4 2:00 am Guest Host – Aaron Dykes
Friday 11/4 3:00 am Guest Host – Aaron Dykes
Friday 11/4 4:00 am Guest Host – Paul Joseph Watson
w/ Brian Gerrish
Friday 11/4 5:00 am Guest Host – Paul Joseph Watson
w/ Tony Topping
Friday 11/4 6:00 am Guest Host – Richard Reeves
Friday 11/4 7:00 am TBA
Friday 11/4 8:00 am Gerald Celente
Friday 11/4 9:00 am TBA
Friday 11/4 10:00 am TBA
Friday 11/4 11:00 am TBA
Friday 1/4 12:00 pm Jim Marrs
Friday 11/4 1:00 pm Bob Chapman


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