Left Now Calling For The Killing Of Gun Owners!

December 16, 2012

The control freak parasite left always seeks to disarm the host country. This must be done so that the middle class can not stand up to reeducation and slavery. Now the authoritarian collectivist are in a rage that they can’t get our guns and use the huge homeland Gestapo to rob and kill us. They are now skipping the old plan of disarming first then killing us and saying start the killing of gun owners now.

Gun Grabbers Call for Murder of NRA President, Supporters in Wake of Mass Shooting
BLOOMBERG TO OBAMA: ‘Calling For ‘Meaningful Action’ Is Not Enough’
Alex Jones – The Fix Is In: They’re Coming For Our Guns
Michael Moore Calls For “Strict Gun Control” After School Massacre
Media Mogul Murdoch Calls for Outlawing “Automatic Weapons”
Piers Morgan Wants to Eviscerate the 2nd Amendment
Celebrities Demand Outrageous Gun Laws Following Connecticut Shooting
Enemies of Second Amendment Will Exploit Connecticut Shooting
Gun control petition to White House gets large and immediate support online
Ban Prozac And Other Mass Murder Drugs Not Guns!
State Media Stalk CT Victims’ Families for Anti-Gun Quotes

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