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Alex Jones - 2016-Sep-23, Friday  (MP3)

Friday September 23, 2016
On this Friday, September 23rd edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into the latest news surrounding the Charlotte riots as well as Trump’s path to the White House. Also, financial expert Harry Dent reveals just how fragile the economy really is amid recent news about the Fed. Also, filmmaker Joel Gilbert explains how Hillary Clinton is promoting Ameriphobia.

Alex Jones - 2016-Sep-22, Thursday  (MP3)

Thursday September 22, 2016
On this Thursday, September 22nd 2016 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, more riots in Charlotte, North Carolina end with one man shot by another civilian and multiple videos of people being attacked. On today's show, investigative journalistWayne Madsen breaks down the latest in election news and what the Clinton campaign's next move might be. NSA whistleblower William Binney joins to analyze Obama's plan to hand over control of US internet to the UN. We'll also take your calls on this global transmission.

Alex Jones - 2016-Sep-21, Wednesday  (MP3)

Wednesday September 21, 2016
On this Wednesday, September 21st 2016 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, riots break out overnight in Charlotte after a black cop shot dead a black man police say was armed. We'll analyze the events which led up to the chaos that unfolded last night, and break down the media's conditioning. On today's show we'll also continue looking at the presidential race and Hillary's absence from the campaign trail. We'll also take your calls on this global broadcast.

Alex Jones - 2016-Sep-20, Tuesday  (MP3)

Tuesday September 20, 2016
On this Tuesday, September 20th 2016 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we analyze the Bush family’s history with globalism as George H.W. Bush endorses Hillary Clinton. Not much of a conservative now, is he? Trump insider Roger Stone reveals more on what this means. We also look into how George Soros is spending $500 million for migrants to invade the West instead of fixing problems in the Middle East. Tune in!

Alex Jones - 2016-Sep-19, Monday  (MP3)

Monday September 19, 2016
On this Monday, September 19th 2016 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, radio host and author Dr. Michael Savage joins to discuss the multiple terror attacks that occurred this weekend. Additionally, we cover election 2016 and how each candidate responded to the recent attacks. Also on today's show, Hillary responds to a man shouting "Hillary for prison". We'll also take your calls on this worldwide broadcast.

Alex Jones - 2016-Sep-18, Sunday  (MP3)

Sunday September 18, 2016
On this Sunday, September 18th 2016 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, the nation is in turmoil after a bombing rocks lower Manhattan, a bombing at a military race in New Jersey and a mass stabbing at a mall in Minnesota. Additionally, the US has denied intentionally bombing dozens of members of the Syrian military. In the meantime, Donald Trump surges in the polls. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide edition.

Alex Jones - 2016-Sep-16, Friday  (MP3)

Friday September 16, 2016
On this Friday, September 16th 2016 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into Trump's domination in the polls as he continues his march toward the presidency seemingly unopposed. Meanwhile, Hillary is still struggling to gain her footing as more liberals turn against her. And Democrats start worrying about Gary Johnson and other third parties stealing votes from Hillary. On today's show, former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, who protected the Clintons between 1991 and 2003, discusses his recent op-ed in which he claimed the explanation that Hillary was merely suffering from “overheating” was “highly suspect”. Also, political insider Roger Stone joins the program to discuss Trump's big Friday speech, in which he discussed Obama's birth certificate. And documentary filmmaker Joel Gilbert breaks down his Super Trump campaign. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission