Hillary’s Howard Dean Moment: ‘Love Trumps… byah!!’

Clinton clip goes viral following vocal Trump attack

Hillary Clinton’s voice cracked as she attempted to lead a New Hampshire crowd in a vocal attack against Republican presidential contender Donald Trump Monday.

Her latest gaffe is reminiscent of the infamous scream credited for ruining politician Howard Dean’s White House hopes in 2004.

Top Highlights From The Final Presidential Debate

The truth vs the lies

Here’s some of the best clips and analysis of the last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton:

Bill Clinton’s ‘son’: Hillary’s Keeping Me Away from my Dad!

"I really do think she has played a part in banishing me"

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton kept her husband’s illegitimate child from meeting his father, the former president’s alleged son Danney Williams stated Wednesday.

In a rare exclusive television appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Williams, a Little Rock, Arkansas native, claimed the former First Lady played a major role in keeping father and son separated.

“I think Hillary is the one that kept me away. I mean, as a married couple your decisions are one,” Williams told Jones.

“So I’m sure she know of me and I’m sure she … and with all the publicity, all the stories in the press that falsely reports we had taken the DNA, all of that is false.”

“So I really do think she has played a part in banishing me.”

Danney has asked for Hillary to step aside and allow her husband to submit a DNA sample so the paternity issue can finally be settled.

“More complete and verified DNA sample from Bill Clinton would serve to either corroborate everything I believe or put this matter to rest so that I can close this chapter of my life and move on,” Williams wrote in an article featured on Infowars.