Trump Enters Danger Zone as Hillary Slides, Assassination Now a Distinct Possibility

Danger lies ahead for Trump and the prospect of liberty.

If the man in the video below is representative of a sizable number of Democrats, Hillary’s goose is cooked.

As never before, Democrats realize their party is the party of Wall Street and endless war. They refuse to vote for her.

This will translate into a hands-down victory for Donald Trump.

Diehard Democrats, for instance, those over at Daily Kos, are unmoved by Clinton’s criminality and support the wars in Libya and Syria.

It’s too late for the CIA asset Markos Moulitsas and Daily Kos, though. Millions of Americans are completely fed-up with the establishment.

A Trump victory is not guaranteed, however. As Alex Jones pointed out earlier this week, Hillary and the establishment are ruthless. “They are going to strike back with a staged event,” Jones warned, “an attempted assassination is possible.”

This will not be a feeble attempt like the one pulled by Michael Steven Sandford, an illegal alien who tried to grab a cop’s gun and shoot Trump.

“Trump’s proposed changes and reforms are far more threatening to the status quo and the corporate-banker oligarchy than anything Kennedy planned,” Infowars reported on May 5.

The CIA specializes in assassination and overthrowing governments. The shadow government knows how to kill people and make it look like an accident, a heart attack, or a case of high speed cancer. They are also accomplished at creating what are, for lack of a better term, Sirhan Sirhan or John Hinkley robots, patsies programmed to kill. The CIA experimented with hypnotic techniques as far back as 1954 (see this document).

If an assassination attempt is made on Trump, it will likely come from somebody within his organization, somebody under mind control programmed to kill. It is unlikely an assassin will emerge from his detractors and enemies outside the organization, for instance, leftists and other miscreants who have promised to behead or otherwise violently attack him. Controlled opposition leftists are used to create social chaos and political division outside the political establishment.

The window for a possible assassination will likely be after the convention or, more likely, after he beats Clinton in November. If Trump makes it to the White House, an assassination will be difficult, if not virtually impossible considering the security apparatus surrounding presidents (the notable exception being the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan; Gerald Ford was also threatened with assassination by Charles Manson Family cult member Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme in 1975, but the woman was so incompetent she did not know how to chamber a round in a Remington Rand .45 handgun).

Trump is now entering the danger zone. Between now and November, the establishment has to do something about his lead and the disintegration of Hillary Clinton as she faces fallout from the latest scandal, the hacked DNC emails.

The Diebold scam will not work. Trump’s lead is too big and too many people are watching, especially after Hillary robbed Bernie Sanders in California and other states.

Danger lies ahead for Trump and the prospect of liberty.

WTF Happened To The Left?

Former anti-war, pro free speech activists remain silent during Obama presidency

Remember when the left protested against the wars and rallied to protect free-speech and preserve our civil liberties?

WTF happened?

The passion that once fueled a fight against unjust wars in which millions perish needlessly has been redirected into the apparently more important crusades for gender-neutral bathrooms or a war on the evils of manspreading.

The party that ostensibly took an anti-war, anti-corporate cronyism and anti-authoritarianism stance has nominated a warmonger who is owned by the criminals on Wall St. and foreign dictators.

They picked the most corrupt female politician in U.S. history to represent their party.


Ask the few consistently anti-war and pro-liberty Democrats and they will tell you, it sure is lonely being an anti-war activist in the age of Obama and Hillary.

If a Republican president were killing civilians all over the world, executing American citizens without due process and even bombing hospitals, there would be large scale anti-war protests as there were prior to the election of Obama.

Democrats would certainly protest the war crimes that define current U.S. foreign policy if a Bush or Trump were the perp.

Will the anemic peace movement be resurrected if a Republican is elected and he continues on the current course, or will Democrats make excuses for mass murder, chaos and failure as they do for their own candidates?

Where are the protests from the left against the many crimes of Obama and Hillary?

Why don’t they care that Obama committed a war crime by bombing a hospital in Kunduz?

Why don’t they care that Obama executed a 16 year old American citizen without the benefit of due process?

Why do they give Obama and Hillary a pass on their murderous and disastrous war in Libya?

Why don’t they care that while Obama obsesses on controlling civilian gun sales,  he is the largest international weapons dealer of any administration, Republican or Democrat, for the last 70 years?

Why don’t they care that Obama has undermined the role of the press and waged a war on whistleblowers?

So long as people choose party loyalty over moral conviction, establishment politicians will attempt to hijack the peace movement and use it solely as a tool for tribal division.

If we do not transcend the divide and conquer paradigm, the peace and liberty movements will never claim their true historic destiny to inspire the global awakening of conscience required to move humanity out of this dark age in which barbarism masquerades as humanitarianism.

Milwaukee Sheriff: Black Lives Matter is Violent Revolutionary Group Dedicated to Destroying America

Accuses Obama of enabling BLM and other racist groups

On Monday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke wrote a scathing editorial for The Hill characterizing deadly attacks on police officers as guerrilla urban warfare.

“The murders in Baton Rouge, and before them Dallas, were not acts of domestic terrorism but guerrilla urban warfare against the police—who represent law and order—against the Constitution, and against the American way. The police, the men and women whom I as the Sheriff of Milwaukee County ask to put their lives on the line, are on the front lines of this war,” Clarke wrote.

He said the domestic terror and lone wolf narrative is “wordsmithing” and Black Lives Matter (BLM) and “revolutionary Marxists” are specifically targeting police. BLM, Clarke argued, shares with Occupy Wall Street and the Islamic State and desire “take down the West, the philosophy of equality before the law, and replace it with their authority, their rules, their hate.”

“The targeting of police for hate and for murder is by Black Lives Matter and their accomplices are, in actuality, the targeting is our rule of law. Groups like Black Lives Matter, blessed by the progressive left and most recently our own President Obama, need to be exposed and condemned for their true aims: revolution.”

He accused Obama of enabling violent revolutionaries by refusing to denounce the group and its objectives. Moreover, according to Clarke, Obama, and the Democrats are exploiting BLM for political gain.

“He has invited those who speak hate against our rule of law and police officers, in some cases the only element that stands between the violence-plagued communities and their utter destruction, into his fold. The Democrats and their leaders have made their choice known to the American people: utter capitulation,” he wrote.

Infowars has documented the violent rhetoric of BLM, the New Black Panthers, and other groups that share their racist ideology: