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Alex Jones' Nightly News: The Infowar Taken to the Next Level

Alex rolls out his Infowars Nightly News this evening. The 30 minute television show will be packed with the sort of cutting edge and high caliber information, guests, and ground-breaking interviews Alex's audience has come to expect. The new show, scheduled to air every week night at 7 PM CST, will be available only to Prison subscribers, who will be able to access a full on-demand archive of the show.

Alex takes his operation to the next level with high quality production values and a wide array of new guests and hosts. No other alternative media news operation currently offers a nightly news show with this range of guests and news features.

The corporate media may produce televised shows that are more slick with their million-plus dollar budgets and large staffs, but none offer the sort of important and often breaking news Alex Jones will offer every weekday evening.

It is important that all serious supporters of alternative media back this effort and subscribe to Prison, a venue also offering hundreds of hours of archived video, documentaries, and radio show audio files.

In addition to the new nightly show, Alex has revamped the Prison website and has added new content sections, including Special Reports featuring reports focusing on breaking news stories and an Alex Rants section of impromptu videos of Alex covering a wide variety of issues as an addendum to his regular show.

We could not do any of this without you. Infowars is not a sprawling transnational entertainment corporation with a fantastic budget. It is a modest effort comparatively speaking, although the content is unrivaled and cannot be found anywhere else. No coiffured teleprompter readers will recite scripts from the Pentagon and Wall Street on Alex Jones' Nightly News.

Alex Jones takes the delivery of alternative news to the next level. Be part of the revolution and support the next phase in truth news. Subscribe to Prison today.

Critically Wounded Establishment Defends 9/11 Lie

by Kurt Nimmo

The Daily Mail in the UK has pointed to a BBC program on 9/11 conspiracy theories and Alex Jones in an article that cites a survey claiming that one in seven Americans believe the government had something to do with the attacks.

The poll was carried out as part of a BBC series The Conspiracy Files - Ten Years On. The survey asked the following question: "It is generally accepted that these attacks were carried out by Al Qaeda. However some people have suggested there was a wider conspiracy that included the American government. Do you, yourself, believe that there was a wider conspiracy, or not?"

The sixteen percent who said the government was involved in the attack is small enough for the corporate media and the government to write them off as conspiracy nuts.

The Daily Mail and the BBC did not cite previous polls that produced different results. A Zogby poll conducted in 2004 in New York revealed that 49 percent of New York City residents and 41 percent of New York state residents believe individuals within government "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act."

Two years later, in May of 2006, Zogby conducted another survey on 9/11. It revealed that 42% of Americans believe the government engaged in a cover-up of what really happened on September 11, 2001.

The following year another Zogby poll showed that 51% of Americans wanted Congress to investigate Bush and Cheney regarding the 9/11 attacks and over 30% called for immediate impeachment.

Other corporate polls reveal similar results with between 22 and 15 percent believing the government had advance knowledge of the attacks. Polls conducted in Asia and the Middle East show an even higher precentage of people who believe the government had something to do with the attacks.

The BBC program attributes leadership of the 9/11 truth movement to Alex Jones. "Private, corporate, world networks working in US, British, Israeli intelligence - all three groups - have been found to have fingerprints but the main driver was rogue networks at the top of the US Government," they quote him as stating, thus framing Jones within the "conspiracy theory" minority established by the BBC poll. "The Government admits they've staged events before. The official story doesn't add up."

The Daily Mail dismisses Jones by saying the "view is taken despite a series of official inquiries which have found no evidence to support the claims." In short, according to the Daily Mail and the BBC, the government is the final arbiter, not a preponderance of evidence to the contrary.

The Daily Mail and the BBC then pose and answer a number of questions – many easily refuted – that claim to debunk the "conspiracy theories."

For instance, the BBC insists on clinging to the widely discredited theory that Building 7 collapsed due to fire, making it the first skyscraper in modern times to collapse primarily as a result of a fire. NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology) issued a report claiming WTC 7 collapsed after seven hours of fire, although larger fires (for instance, the 1991 One Meridian Plaza fire in Philadelphia, which raged for 18 hours and gutted 8 floors) have not brought down steel frame skyscrapers.

The establishment is desperate to minimize the 9/11 truth movement and portray it as a small number of lunatics as the tenth anniversary rolls around.

In the days ahead, the corporate media will use the anniversary to disseminate war on terror propaganda. 9/11 truth stands in the way of that effort and that is why the BBC and the corporate media are releasing stories and television programs designed to pigeonhole and marginalize the truth movement.