Cannabis discovered in tobacco pipes found in William Shakespeare's garden
Forensic testing of 400-year-old pipes suggest playwright might have smoked more than just tobacco.
by Bonnie Malkin
Facebook Monitors Your Private Messages and Photos For Criminal Activity, Reports them to Police
The scanning program looks for certain phrases.
by Kristan T. Harris

Pocket-sized Personal Transporters Could Soon be Seen on the Streets of Tokyo
Size of a laptop and resembles a skateboard more than a car.
by Reuters
China to plant Internet police in top online firms
Human Rights Watch is concerned that the security legislation will stifle free speech.
by Michael Kan

Lexus Hoverboard Video Takes You Back To The Future Present
Will only work over a magnetized surface…
by Eric Mack
Third of stars in Milky Way have dramatically changed orbit
30% of the stars in our galaxy have travelled a long way from where they were born.
by Livemint

8 Giant Asteroids That Flew Uncomfortably Close to Earth
Just know that this isn’t an ‘if’ type of thing, this is all about the ‘when.’
by Evan Dashevsky
First Ever Bug-like Robot That Can Walk On And Leap Off Water’s Surface
“The resulting robotic insects can achieve the same momentum and height that could be generated during a rapid jump on firm ground…”
by Jeff Riley

Pluto’s Breathtaking Farewell to New Horizons
“We’ve only seen surfaces like this on active worlds like Earth and Mars,” scientist says.
NASA Discovers Earth's 'Bigger, Older Cousin'
Since 2009, 12 planets less than twice the size of Earth have been discovered in the habitable zones of their stars.
by Angela Moscaritolo

Weaponized Wi-fi: Population Control
‘Brain stimulation’ now weaponized.
by Infowars Nightly News
Mutant daisies photographed near Fukushima site go viral
Daisies have been exposed to radiation from Fukushima since March 2011.
by Cheryl Santa Maria

New NASA-funded Study Lays Out Plan to Return Humans to Moon
Footprints by 2021 and a permanent base by the 2030s.
by Sean O'Kane
Stephen Hawking Announces $100 Million Hunt for Alien Life
“…in an infinite universe, there must be other occurrences of life.”
by Rachel Feltman

‘Platinum’ asteroid potentially worth $5.4 trillion to pass Earth on Sunday
Asteroid has 90 million tons of platinum in its core.
by RT
Future Computers Will Be The Facades For Eugenicists
Computers to decide if you live or die.
by The Alex Jones Show