SpaceX to test 'eject button' for astronauts
“It is similar to an ejection seat for a fighter pilot, but instead of ejecting the pilot out of the spacecraft, the entire spacecraft is ‘ejected’ away from the launch vehicle.”
New GPS technology could open way for advances in virtual reality, scientists say
The new system could also enable collision avoidance technologies on cars and allow virtual reality (VR) headsets to be used outdoors…
by Adam Sherwin

VIDEO: DARPA Military Robots Get Ready For Battle
The next generation of tyranny?
by Live Leak
Scientists warn of chemicals in pizza boxes, carpet care
Chemicals known as PFASs.
by John Johnson

Cosmic rays could harm crew on Mars mission
Exposure led to inflammation in the brain and disrupted brain signaling.
by Randy Dotinga
CDC Cautions against Unprotected Sex with Ebola Survivors
Ebola virus persists longer in semen that previously thought.
by Julie Steenhuysen

Graveyard of Stars May Lie at Milky Way's Center
An unidentified blast of powerful X-rays suggests something violent is happening at the core of the galaxy—but astronomers aren’t sure what it is.
by Michael D. Lemonick
Scientists create 'ghosts' in the lab by tricking the brain
Test subjects tricked into feeling an unexpected ‘presence’ in the room.
by Matthew Stock

Textspeak Is Modernizing the Egnlish Language (*English)
Creative repurposing of symbols and marks to a new age of technology.
by Lauren Collister
'Isis' removed from official list of hurricane names
Replaced with ‘Ivette’…
by Brian Ries

NASA probe nearing close encounter with unexplored Pluto
Three months away from a close encounter…
by Irene Klotz
Jurassic Park in real life: The race to modify the DNA of endangered animals and resurrect extinct ones
It is without irony that some scientists are seriously raising the possibility of bringing back the mammoth from extinction to help prevent our own demise.
by Steve Connor

Spidergoats Are Here: Get Used To It
The truth is always stranger than fiction.
UK opposes international ban on developing 'killer robots'
Activists urge bar on weapons that launch attacks without human intervention as UN discusses future of autonomous weapons.
by Owen Bowcott

In a cameras-everywhere culture, science fiction becomes reality
Cheap, mobile technology has turned everyone into a watcher.
by Tracey Lien and Paresh Dave
Breathtaking: NASA astronauts take you on a spacewalk with GoPro camera
Spacewalks part of NASA’s continuing work on the International Space Station.
by RT