YouTube | Fix the problem, abolish the Federal Reserve & return to Constitutional Currency.

YouTube | “No matter what president, what party is in power, they will appoint to major offices members of (the CFR and the Trilateral Commission).”

YouTube | War and military spending is always destructive to the economy.

YouTube | Dr. Paul instructs Bernake on how the Federal Reserve is at the root of our financial problems.

Barbara Minton | A battle is on in the world of economics, a battle that can be symbolized as David vs. Goliath.

The American Conservative | The way Ron Paul tells it, his more than 30 years of speaking and writing about money, inflation, and the Federal Reserve System attracted only limited interest outside libertarian and constitutionalist circles.

Campaign for Liberty | Dr. Ron Paul runs down Obama’s borrow and spend bill and what it will do to the country.

Dr. Ron Paul | The economic situation continues to deteriorate this week, with debates over the accountability of already disbursed TARP money, and on whether or not to release remaining funds.

YouTube | Ron Paul weighs in on Israel’s invasion of Gaza, says the U.S. should not support Israel and mind its own business.

You Tube | Ron Paul discussing the possibility of Martial Law.

Liberty Maven | Ron Paul is sitting in a room breathing deeply. He inhales air void of free market elements and exhales air full of free market elements. He is the Anti-New Dealio.

Steve Watson | Rep. Ron Paul has warned that fear-based politics are being used to promote the bailout culture in the same way they were used to sell the Iraq war.

Paul Joseph Watson | During an interview with Congressman Ron Paul, Bloomberg put up a caption seconds after Paul called for less financial regulation, claiming that he had called for more.

Newsmax | Ron Paul tells Newsmax that bailouts of U.S. corporations are “bad morally” — and says current federal economic policies “will literally destroy the dollar.”

Ron Paul | We should be ever vigilant against any attempts to disarm the people, especially in this economic downturn.

Steve Watson | Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned that any strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities undertaken by the Israeli air force will take place with the explicit backing of the U.S. government.

Liberty Maven | Ron Paul has been rightly critical of Barack Obama’s interventionist desires– the only foreign policy difference between our outgoing meddling President and our incoming one is the venue of destruction.

L.A. Times | Another L.A. Times hit piece jabs at the persistence of liberty phenomenon– in other words, Ron Paul isn’t going away, and may make another presidential run in 2012.

Infowars | Ron Paul doing what Ron Paul does.. Asking real questions.

Real Truth Online | Neiwert, of Crooks and Liars, is once again smearing Ron Paul and as usual provides no counter argument to debunk anything Ron Paul claims.

YouTube | Lysglimt met with Congressman Ron Paul just before the US elections in November 2008 and talked to him about the international aspect of his message.

New York Times | Last week the New York Times solicited questions for Congressman Ron Paul.

CNN | Too bad the concern for the future of the Republican Party had not been seriously addressed in the year 2000 when the Republicans gained control of the House, Senate, and the Presidency.

Liberty Maven | The latest proof of Ron Paul’s soothsaying prowess comes in downright scary words from two European leaders. They react to the current financial crisis with rhetoric pushing for a global society.

Lew Rockwell | The global crisis was orchestrated in order to bring forth more socialism, intervention, and bondage. Now Obama, the establishment’s man, will use the financial crisis to take control over everything that is left somewhat free from government intervention.

You Tube | Ron Paul discusses the implications of an Obama victory amidst the growing economic crises on CNN.

Press TV | Congressman Ron Paul has criticized the election system in the US, saying that the system is not very democratic for third parties.

Connie Talk | In the state of Montana, Ron Paul is on the ballot as a third-party candidate under the Constitution Party. Supporters say Paul could draw as much as 8 to 10 percent of the vote there. It’s a wild card…and we love it!

You Tube | Ron Paul on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow, Oct. 29, 2008.

Steve Watson | Texas Rep. Ron Paul has blasted former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, calling him “intellectually arrogant” after he blamed free market capitalism for the current financial crisis and diverted questions away from his own actions.

Ron Paul | The monetary manipulations of the Federal Reserve, a complex tax code, the many “oversight” agencies and their mountains of regulations show that we are far removed from a free market economy. | Ron Paul, the unsinkable Congressman from Texas’s fourteenth district, has positioned himself as resident watchdog for the U.S. Constitution.

You Tube | Ron Paul argues that the World Bank should be phased out and that its self-serving measures have only contributed to ruin in the third world.

Lew Rockwell | Amid economic woes, many see Ron Paul as the sole voice of truth on the cusp of what could become another great depression.

YouTube | “Another talk is not going to work, another program, another bailout package will not work because they are doing the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do.”

CNSNews | Ron Paul is asked whether forcing taxpayers to bailout deadbeat mortgage holders was just or unjust.

YouTube | Ron Paul wants to know what exactly Barack Obama will change.

American Free Press | In the halls of Congress, legislators have yet to bring Paul’s bill to the floor. It is currently languishing in the House Committee on Financial Services.

YouTube | Although he likes the tax cut provisions of the Senate banker rescue bill, Dr. Paul says overall it is a disaster.

Steve Watson | CNN misquoted Ron Paul yesterday during a phone interview with the Texas Congressman regarding the failure of the bailout bill to pass through Congress. | Though many U.S. economists now say a recession is upon us, or soon will be, Ron Paul predicted current economic problems years ago.

YouTube | There was dead silence on the floor as the vote went thumbs down in the House.

YouTube | Speaking on the House floor, Ron Paul said the Wall Street meltdown is the result of corporatism, not free markets.

YouTube | Ron Paul discusses the banker bailout with Fox’s Cavuto.

YouTube | Congressman Ron Paul lectures Bernanke on the flaws of the bailout plan and the hazard of the attempt to fix prices versus letting them correct naturally in the free market.

Ron Paul | Many scoffed at my “radical” predictions about the fiscal impact of Iraq, regarding it as hyperbole. Six years later, I am forced to admit that I was wrong. My “radical” predictions were in fact, not “radical” enough.

Ron Paul | Many practical benefits can come from this unique alliance. Our cause is liberty —freedom is popular and is the banner that brings people together. Since authoritarianism divides, we always have the edge in an intellectual fight.

Infowars | Ron Paul warns what lies dead ahead for our country if we continue on our present path.

Infowars | Paul says it is more of the same in Washington and the bailout plan will simply get us in all the deeper.

YouTube | Paul tells it like it is — the bankers are looking to stick it to the American people.

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