Obama’s Political Career Began With Castro-backed Terrorist
Communists celebrate President’s agenda.
by Alex Newman

ISIS offers teenage girls cash to travel to Syria, marry jihadist fighters
ISIS oil and ransom money is being funneled in small sums through Western Union to pay for the girls’ travel.
by RT.com
CIA report warned assassination program might backfire
Assassinations by drone strike escalated to an all-time high a year after the CIA report was written.
by Wikileaks

Pakistan gallows await 3000 convicted terrorists, first to be executed within days
Prime Minister vows to eliminate terrorists in the region.
by Tom Hussain
American troops battle ISIS for first time
US support troops and advisers killed an unknown number of the “militants…”
by Corey Charlton

Detention of journalists based on complaint from known al-Qaeda suspect
Turkey backs al-Qaeda in persecution of press.
by Today's Zaman

Under pressure, Lockheed opens up about secret weapons unit
Logo was kept off buildings and employees were barred from saying where they worked…
by Reuters
Not just torture: Senator says CIA stalling over bogus intelligence that led to Iraq war
“…now takes on the character of a continuing coverup,” says Sen. Carl Levin.
by Jonathan S. Landay

CIA boss says 9/11 attacks justified CIA enhanced interrogations
Says some officers acted beyond their authority but most did their duty.
by BBC
State Dept: Rebels Are Never Going to Defeat Assad Militarily
That’s a problem for the Obama administration’s Syria policy.
by John Hudson

America’s Universal Torture Regime
Prisoners were subjected to “rectal feeding,” “rectal hydration,” and similar violations.
by William Norman Grigg
The Only CIA Officer Charged for the CIA Torture Program is the Whistleblower
Kiriakou was charged with a 30-month prison sentence.
by Daily Sabah

CIA struggled to keep rationalizing brutal interrogations, report shows
U.S. interrogation program became a self-justifying venture that went beyond promised constraints, report says.
by David S. Cloud
The REAL Reason Guantanamo Is Being Kept Open
“We Can Never Let The World Know What I Have Done To You”.
by Washington's Blog