Syrian Kurds 'drive Islamic State out of Kobane'
Reports of people dancing in the streets and of celebratory gunfire.
by BBC
Boko Haram attacks key Nigerian city of Maiduguri
Attack reportedly left dozens dead.
by BBC

'Death-qualified' juror search slows marathon, theater cases
In the Holmes case, an unprecedented 9,000 jury summonses were mailed.
by Associated Press
Corporate Media Says Islamic State Ransom Video Studio Produced
Deadline for the ransom passed on Friday without incident.
by Kurt Nimmo

IS militants say 'countdown has begun' to Japanese hostages execution
“The situation remains severe but we are doing everything we can to win the release of the two Japanese hostages.”
by Associated Press
ISIS executes 13 teens for watching soccer
Teens were executed in public by a firing squad.
by Yaron Steinbuch and Jamie Schram

US and Iraq planning strike to re-claim Mosul from Islamic State
Preparations include selecting and training military units and cutting supply lines to Islamic State fighters.
by Irish Independent
Bombings kill 14 soldiers, militiamen in Iraq
21 troops wounded in bombing.
by Daily Star

Generals Conclude Obama Backed al-Qaeda
Obama runs guns to terrorists.
by Jerome Corsi
ISIS poised at Lebanon border threatening an attack from Syria
Hundreds of rebel fighters join terrorist group.
by The Independent

Teasers for ‘ISIS TV Channel’ Taken Down Before First Broadcast
One program called “Time to Recruit.”
by Damien Sharkov
Ceasefire reached in Yemen after day of heavy fighting
Power grab by Shiite rebels known as Houthis.
by CNN

French terrorists were primed for trouble from the start, analysts say
‘In 2011, U.S. intelligence tipped off French counterparts that Kouachi might have gone to Yemen for training with Al Qaeda’s local affiliate…’
by Alexandra Zavis
Freed Gitmo Captive Opens ISIS Base in Afghanistan
Gitmo alum who once led a Taliban unit has established the first Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) base in Afghanistan.
by Judicial Watch

Islamic State targeted in 29 airstrikes in Syria, Iraq
11 airstrikes carried out in Syria…
Italy, US 'Aggressively Monitored' Muslims According to WikiLeaks Cables
Muslims compromise 2% of Italian population.
by Sputnik