Terrence McCoy | One of whom is spiritual leader Mohammed Badie.

Business Week | Prosecutor says man spoke in videos.

rt.com | Obama has authorized the deployment of military aircraft and about 150 Special Operations forces to Uganda.

The Long War Journal | More infighting between militants.

Bloomberg Business Week | Nine died in shooting.

alarabiya.net | Women target sports and music sites.

CNN | Unknown gunmen and Afghan police exchange heavy gunfire.

AFP | Toll includes 10 policemen.

AFP | Bin Laden replied simply by telling him: “You’re being too pessimistic.”

Breitbart | Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence of the NYPD laid out a report on a domestic al Qaeda terrorist threat to specific U.S. targets.

The Wire | Here’s another item for the (long) list of spectacular waste in the Pentagon’s budget..

Rethink911.ca | WTC 7 collapse to show on 300 screens throughout Toronto subway.

freebeacon.com | Iran accused foreign forces of carrying out the act of sabotage, but did not immediately name any one nation.

msn.com | Department must rethink outdated security theory that suggests defending perimeters keeps threats away.

Adan Salazar | Plenty others, besides racers and spectators, could benefit from psychological treatment.

business-standard.com | US delegation said that none were now in custody.

cbsnews.com | Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 likely did not fly over a northern route suspected by some investigators.

McClatchy Newspapers | Was not the high-level terrorist that prosecutors allege.

The Daily Star | Al-Qaeda rebels move back to the eastern regions of Syria.

CTV News | Canada had over 40,000 troops in Afghanistan.

Reuters | Afghan officials say scores of militants killed 21 soldiers as they overran the tiny fortified base on February 23.

Ernesto Londoño | U.S. commander in Afghanistan said Wednesday that al-Qaeda’s network in that country is in “survival mode.”

Washington Times | “…female TSOs are not getting the experience at other stations to be considered for promotion.”

The Guardian | 10 drones will remain deployed.

Infowars.com | Unattended pressure cooker spurs bomb squad paranoia.

nbcnews.com | Massive search operation for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER has so far found no trace of the aircraft.

David Wroe, Rick Feneley | Missing Malaysia Airlines flight focused international attention on passport fraud.

Dan Kedmey | Al-Qaeda’s media wing has announced the upcoming launch of Resurgence, a terror magazine for English-speakers.

Times of Israel | Defense Department says agreement signed last week brings ‘meaningful co-production opportunities’ for US industry.

gallup.com | Americans rank international terrorism as the greatest threat to the U.S. in the next 10 years.

Lewis Dean | Teenager adorned the walls of his bedroom with a Swastika flag.

Steve Horn | QDR is a broad outline of U.S. military strategy discussing how to maintain global U.S. military hegemony.

Infowars.com | Leader of Saudi-backed rebel Southern Front has openly collaborated with al-Qaeda.

Sara Malm |Executed a Yemeni man accused of being an infiltrator.

Daily Mail | Al-qaeda welds significant power in southern Yemen.

Tony Cartalucci | Invasion (noun) – the act of invading, especially the entrance of an armed force into a territory to conquer.

yahoo.com | FBI agent who was in the room because of special prison restrictions placed on Tsarnaev overheard it.

Daniel Beekman | Osama Bin Laden turned for help to someone he knew he could trust, a prosecutor said.

Oleg Sukhov | Dmitry Yarosh, leader of ultranationalist group Right Sector, wanted for “public appeals to commit acts of terrorism” on Russian soil.

abcnews.go.com | Heavily gang-tattooed and camouflaged duo brandish AK-47s.

Yevgeniy Sukhoy | Terrorists really have been the UK and the US armed forces and the governments behind them.

voiceofrussia.com | In Karzai’s opinion, al Qaeda is “more a myth than a reality.”

The Telegraph | Many reportedly use the internet to boast about their exploits.

Breitbart | Ex Al Qaeda member tells BBC government must clearly explain why it has not intervened in Syria.

AP | Lawyers claim their client has been mistaken for a Guantanamo Bay detainee in regards to some evidence.

Washington’s Blog | We Created Terrorists to Fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

nbcnews.com | FBI had a mole inside al Qaeda who met with Osama bin Laden eight years prior to 9/11.

Washington Post | Extremist group evolved out of al-Qaeda.

Time | Christians expected to convert to Islam.

The Washington Times | Testimony from 2010 buried until now.

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