Soft Drink Consumption Will Age You As Fast As Smoking
Daily consumption of soda linked with 4.6 years of additional biological aging.
by April McCarthy
Experts Slam German Report Deeming Monsanto’s RoundUp, Glyphosate ‘Safe’
Study claims pesticide not carcinogenic.
by Christina Sarich

U.S. Troops Won’t Get Hazmat Suits for Ebola Mission in West Africa
If soldiers contract Ebola, they will be flown to U.S.
by Jim Hoft
Fearing Ebola, U.S. communities take dramatic steps
People staying indoors, away from public areas.
by AFP

Obama: Ebola travel ban could make things worse
President downplays destruction of America.
by Roberta Rampton
Dallas Hospital Becomes 'Ghost Town'
Patients steer clear of hospital where Ebola was spread.
by Sydney Lupkin

New Patient Reporting Ebola Symptoms Transferred To Hospital Where Two Nurses Were Infected
Why was a potential patient transferred to the very hospital where two care givers were infected?
by Caleb Howe
Second nurse with Ebola may have been sicker on flight than thought
The airline put the pilots and flight attendants on leave for 21 days.
by Associated Press

Scientific American Bashes GMO Labeling as ‘Unscientific’
Monsanto-run FDA claims pesticide foods pose no risk.
by Christina Sarich
10,000 new Ebola cases per week could be seen, WHO says
“It would be horrifically unethical to say that we’re just going to isolate people.”
by Associated Press

Scientists in Russia developing three Ebola vaccines – Health Ministry
Russian scientist: “One vaccine is based on a strain of Ebola, and the other two have been created by means of genetic engineering.”
Bill Gates Faces Trial in India for Illegally Testing Tribal Children with Vaccines
Multiple deaths linked to Gates’ vaccine program.
by Christina Sarich

UK must be ready for Ebola outbreak to worsen
Number of global cases doubling every three to four weeks.
by Patrick Wintour
Some parents upset state won't reveal where sick children attend school
Oregon Health Authority has refused to say where children sick with enterovirus 68 go to school.
by Stephen Mayer

FDA approves hepatitis C drug that costs $1,125 per pill
Sure to increase criticism of drugmaker Gilead Sciences…
by AP
Pakistan detects record number of polio cases
Militants target vaccination teams and accuse doctors of being spies and sterilizing boys.
by Economic Times of India