Adult immunization push: Medical Dictatorship
“All healthcare professionals must ensure that adult patients are fully immunized.”
by Jon Rappoport
Full-body transplants will be possible within two years, says controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero
The Italian believes the technique could save the lives of people riddled with cancer or whose nerves and muscles have wasted away.
by London Independent

Navy Proves Flu Shot Causes Flu
Canadian scientists and the U.S. Navy say flu shot ineffective.
by Rob Dew
Johnson & Johnson Loses Trial Over Risperdal And Male Breasts
Attorney: “Documents showed they knew there was much higher percentage of children getting gynecomastia than they admitted.”
by Ed Silverman

Weed is 114 times less deadly than alcohol, study finds
Scientists say we are underestimating the risks associated with alcohol use, which is deadlier than heroin and cocaine.
by Christopher Hooton
Fear of Terrorism Can Destroy Your Health … But There’s Good News
Anything which needlessly increases our fear of terror will increase the risk to our health.
by Washington's Blog

Fat, Stupid & Depressed: Fluoride Side Effects
Want poor health? Drink up!
by David Knight
UK Study Finds Fluoridated Water May Cause Depression, Weight Gain
“I think it is concerning for people living in those areas,” says study’s author.
by Adan Salazar

US Government Proposes "Sugary-Food Tax" To Curb Obesity
Impose a tax of 1 cent per ounce on soft drinks
by Zero Hedge
Smoking In Cars With Children Banned In England
“The police won’t be able to enforce the law on their own so the government will need a small army of snoopers…”
by April McCarthy

A Superbug Nightmare Is Playing Out at an LA Hospital
UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center may have been contaminated with the potentially deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria…
by Gabrielle Canon
Consumer Alert: Your House Is Killing You
What’s actually in your food and household products?

Secret Deadly Household Products Exposed
Consumers unknowingly use deadly chemicals everyday.
Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ A Mental Disorder
Could we all really be mentally ill?
by Jefferey Jaxen

Poll: GMOs Among ‘Most Popular Topics’ Of The year
Americans under 40 changing eating habits due to GMO.
by Christina Sarich
8 Goofs in Jonathan Gruber’s Health Care Reform Book
Book filled with lies.
by Matt Palumbo