UK waterways face 'invasional meltdown' from European organisms
Army of species from Turkey and Ukraine is poised to invade Britain’s waterways.
by Matt McGrath
Military's Ebola mission: Edge out China in Africa
NATO attempts to counter China’s presence in Africa.
by Aaron Klein

They Have Been Lying To You About How Easily Ebola Spreads
What are we going to do if dozens or hundreds or thousands of Ebola patients start popping up around the country?
by Michael Snyder
ISIS Could Turn Ebola Into Bioweapon, Security Expert Warns
ISIS or another terror group could send operatives into an outbreak region.
by Sandy Fitzgerald

Turkey Agrees To Train, Equip "Moderate" Syrian Opposition
Turkey’s request to establish a no-fly zone in the area has met with little enthusiasm.
by NPR
US Has More Sanctions Against Russia Than Against Ebola
We have known since . . . well, when haven’t we known that our public officials are incompetent.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Kim Jong-un disappears. Experts suggest he has been deposed
He has missed several high-profile public events.
by Evan Bartlett
ISIS Rules for Journos
Non-negotiable conditions for “for those who wish to continue working in the governorate.”
by Kurt Nimmo

Ebola As ISIS Bio-Weapon?
“Wouldn’t be difficult for a terrorist group to simply waltz in and make off with some infected bodily fluids for use at a later time elsewhere…”
by Bruce Dorminey
75% Chance Ebola Will Reach France by End October, 50% for UK – Scientists
“It’s only a matter of time before one of these cases ends up on a plane to Europe.”
by RT

The Real Status of Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq
After 13 years of war in Afghanistan – the longest in US history – the US government has achieved no victory.
by Ron Paul
Thousands Sign Petition To Ban Flights From Ebola Countries; Two Removed From Newark Airplane By Hazmat Crew
The spread of the Ebola panic if not Ebola itself should be a rather short wait.
by Zero Hedge

Hong Kong: Tempest in a Teapot – Or Something Much Bigger?
China would be most unwise to send its army into Hong Kong.
by Eric Margolis
Military firms likely to benefit from airstrikes in Iraq, Syria
Military-industrial complex profits off of perpetual war.
by W.J. Hennigan

Report: Liberians Flood Airport Attempting to Flee Ebola-Struck Country
Africans infected with Ebola may be trying to seek treatment in U.S., other countries.
by Kit Daniels
Former Top Official Says Kim Jong-un Is No Longer in Control of North Korea
Government’s Organization and Guidance Department have stopped taking orders from Kim Jong-un.
by Keegan Hamilton