CNN | Army chief resigns to prepare for presidential race.

JimQ | Feckless politicians and government apparatchiks are able to add $2.8 billion per day to the national debt. | Spot price of US Foodstuffs is best performing asset in 2014 — up a staggering 19%

Lesley Clark | Obama dismissed Russia as a “regional power” and said he’s more worried about a nuclear bomb going off in Manhattan. | Precious metal currency was a fundamental factor that kept the Roman Empire together.

Reuters | Hundreds of people rushed to withdraw money. | Following emotional farewells to wives and family members left behind.

AFP | “..allowing some default cases to happen naturally in compliance with market forces will… help rectify behaviours…”

Zero Hedge | Following China’s unwillingness to vote against Russia at the UN, it seems Russia is returning the favor.

CNN | At least 59 out of 80 who contracted Ebola have died, UNICEF says.

NewsMax | Climate change not “just some ancillary issue,” says Clinto.

The Daily Star | Violence has lasted nine days so far.

Reuters | Turkey bans social media ahead of elections.

AFP | White House declined to reveal cost of trip.

Amanda Macias | Hid billions of dollars through phony accounting and triple-selling mortgages.

Linette Lopez | Official protest death toll in Venezuela is up to 31.

Zero Hedge | Just a month ago we warned that food inflation was on its way. Today we got the first confirmation.

Mikael Thalen | Child born with multiple cancers 18 months after father’s exposure. | Framework of Pax Americana is only applicable to the increasingly self-deluded United States.

CBS 13 Sacramento | Bacon and other breakfast staple prices to spike after mysterious virus kills millions of piglets.

Voice of Russia | Suspended radioactive water treatment system due to deteriorating performance..

Philip Giraldi | Washington has made a complete hash of the post-bipolar world that has prevailed since 1991.

Al Jazeera | Nephew of a Knights Templar cartel leader arrested on suspicion of kidnapping children and selling their organs.

AFP | “ atomic plant could be ’100 per cent’ safe from natural disasters.”

AFP | More than 260 unwanted children have been abandoned since late January.

Kurt Nimmo | Russia responded to threat of sanctions by moving more than $100 billion in Treasury bonds out of the U.S.

William F. Jasper | Has poured tens of millions of dollars into Ukrainian non-governmental organizations.

AFP | Fukushima nuclear plant workers rallied outside the headquarters of operator Tokyo Electric Power on Friday.

BBC | The French capital region and 30 other departments have been on maximum pollution alert for several days.

Peter Lee | Pretty clear from these formal portraits that a formal anointment by the US and the West was underway.

MSN | The largest U.S.-based companies added $206 billion to their stockpiles of offshore profits last year.

CBS DC | “There is nothing. We went there, there is nothing.”

CNN | Agency: The satellite found “three suspected floating objects and their sizes.”

Washington Free Beacon | Multiple unreported incidents raise security concerns.

Alex Newman | IMF is now openly proposing wholesale global wealth confiscation and plundering.

KPIX 5 | “We’re converting the ammonia in the wastewater to nitrous oxide gas,” Stanford researcher said.

Amel Ahmed | This may mark the first time that an earthquake has been directly linked to fracking, activists say.

ABQ Journal | 17 workers at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad have tested positive for radiation contamination.

RT | “I felt it’s important that we continue to raise our voice whenever possible,” a businessman from Chiba prefecture said.

Bloomberg | The amount of debt globally has soared more than 40%. | More lies, propaganda, or for once, the truth?

RT | Fierce “resource competition” will push the likelihood of additional terror threats, QDR report states.

The Guardian | Mixture of salary, bonus and share awards for Bob Dudley worth $8.7m (£5.2m) in 2013, compared with $2.6m for the previous year.

Sheldon Richman | The world is at a dangerous juncture.

Shaun Walker | Referendum on union with Russia on 16 March will ‘only ratify decision’, as Duma works on bill to make it easier for territories to join Russia | Conflict in Ukraine is also likely to be on the Nobel committee’s agenda.

Al Jazeera | His first annual policy speech also touched on the economy, relations with ethnic minorities and a crack down on terror.

Irish Independent | Europe will become even more dependent on Gazprom’s gas supplies in years to come, the Russian state company said this week.

AFP | Patrick Rock, 62, was arrested by officers from the National Crime Agency last month. | But why does North Korea have a vote and what do its citizens understand by democracy?

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