The birds circling over Hillary Clinton
Hillary can always find somebody else to throw under the bus
by Wesley Purden
Feminists Cost Dr. Dre Millions in Lost Album Sales
Unlike Trump, Dre apologizes to feminists and loses.
by Kit Daniels

Biden ‘expanding’ beyond inner circle on potential run
VP gauging support for a potential candidacy.
by Ben Wolfgang
Trump: Warrior Male Extraordinaire
Trump leads backlash against P.C. crowd, feminism.
by Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D.

Trump: Muslim Immigrants Treated Better Than Christians
“There’s an assault on anything having to do with Christianity,” he said.
by Kit Daniels

Donald Trump now competitive in general election
Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump by just 6 points.
by Jennifer Agiesta
Fact: "Assault" Weapons Kill Fewer People Than Knives
What the media doesn’t want you to know.
by Infowars Nightly News

Ventura To Trump: You Can't Be A Benevolent Dictator
Lays into immigration policy – “I don’t want to live with walls around my country… like I live inside East Berlin.”
by Steve Watson
Ashley Madison Leak Reveals Thousands of Government Email Addresses
Data dump shows cheating website was a favorite for people in power.
by Paul Joseph Watson

93-Year-Old Tuskegee Airman Robbed & Carjacked in St. Louis
War hero robbed twice in two separate incidents.
White House Hires First Transgender Staff Member
Obama exploiting LGBT movement to expand government.
by Kit Daniels

Official: More than 300 Clinton Emails Flagged for Potentially Classified Info
The number could continue to rise as officials comb through more documents.
by Fox News
State of California Issues Illegal High School Diplomas
Maybe there will be a lawsuit against the State for this incompetence.
by Stephen Frank