CBS Seattle | Suit says Idaho State Police violated man’s Fourth, Fifth, and 14th Amendment rights.

Mikael Thalen | “They are supposed to protect and serve life, and here they are arresting the people that’s trying to help.”

The Daily Caller | Police ran a background check on the reporter.

The Des Moines Register | Newspaper wants public information on police activity.

The Elkhart Truth | Cop reportedly beat golfer.

The Guardian | Taser use is increasing worldwide.

Adan Salazar | Police report contradicted by multiple witness testimony.

Lew Rockwell Blog | David and Connie Johnson were asleep when they heard a noise Connie later described as the “walls caving in.”

Adan Salazar | Neighbors dispute police chief’s claim that man fired at police.

CBS Tampa Bay | Cops reportedly laughed at her in the process.

Reason | New facility is running at least a decade late and over a billion dollars short.

Mikael Thalen | FOIA request proves police still have drones despite year old promise to return them.

KOB News 4 | Protest will take place Tuesday night in downtown Albuquerque.

AP | Police oversight panel want independent investigation.

Courthouse News | Philly cops entered man’s apartment before procuring a search warrant. | Official account of incident keeps shifting significantly.

Adan Salazar | APD stands by its use of force, while others label the shooting “murder.” | Residents raising serious questions about the fatal shooting of a homeless camper.

Economist | Helmeted and masked, guns drawn and shields in front, knocking down the door with a battering ram and rushing inside..

Adan Salazar | “Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome!”

Courthouse News | Syracuse irresponsibly lets its police officers use Tasers in public schools, two former students say.

Associated Press | Bill due for vote originally scrapped practice, but police lobbied for it to be retained; critics say it is unnecessary.

Washington’s Blog | Was the Government Prepared to Deploy Snipers If the Occupy Protests Gained Momentum?

Bangor Daily News | Man died five days after he was shocked by a Taser. | Said he’d asked Senate’s Sergeant-at-Arms to investigate whether CIA gained access to congressional staffers’ computers.

The Star-Ledger | Member of the State Police had photographed people who disrupted one of the governor’s usually highly orchestrated events.

Tim Cushing | FBI’s string of thwarted, self-created terrorist plots continues unabated.

Paul Joseph Watson | Some attempt to justify officer’s actions.

The Daily Caller | Bill would also put internal affairs investigations at even greater risk of succumbing to police corruption.

Philly | Man charged with assaulting a police officer. | The Los Angeles Police Department is adding a Lamborghini Gallardo to their fleet of vehicles. | Police cannot seize your camera as “evidence” just because you video record them making an arrest.

Information Liberation | Cop seen twisting student’s arm behind his back, then shoving it beyond the breaking point.

Rob Evans and Matthew Taylor | Intimidated by a covert police officer who tried to persuade her to spy on her political colleagues. | Officers at thousands of law enforcement agencies are wearing tiny cameras to record their interactions with the public.

Tim Cushing | “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear,” right? Here’s how that works in reality.

Mikael Thalen | “One of the senators, who they wouldn’t tell us, complained because we were armed in the building.”

WESH | Cop reportedly cruised gym parking lot.

Daily Mail | Criminals sentenced to 1,000 could live out the full term.

Natural News | A devout 56-year-old woman was held captive in a psych ward for nearly five days after a strange series of event cascaded before her.

AP | Lawsuit says officers made false reports to cover up beatings.

WJZ Baltimore | Police department puts it into writing so their officers fully understand: the public can legally film them.

ABC | Six-year veteran turned himself in.

Adan Salazar | Who will watch the watchers? Apparently the watchers..

Rutherford Institute | Cops suppress the First Amendment. | Viral report leads to officer’s suspension making new law even bigger political suicide.

Tom Sullivan | Hurled into the bins and and pinned down as he tried to get back inside his home.

CBS DC | Officers with guns drawn began a car-to-car search for the suspects.

Modern Survival Blog | While the Fed is the central bank, DHS is the standing army.

Brandon Smith | Every major international crisis for the past century has ended with an even greater consolidation of world power into the hands of the few.

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