Asset seizures fuel police spending
Hundreds of millions of dollars taken from Americans under federal civil forfeiture law…
by Robert O'Harrow Jr., Steven Rich
Oops! Police Tell Wrong Family of Son's Death
Couple stunned when boy who police told them had been killed answered the door.
by NBC News

Hundreds join Ferguson protest of police shootings
Activists claim shootings racially motivated.
by AP
Seat Belt Violation Greeted With Spike Strip, Smashed Window And Tasering
From the click-it-or-ticket-program-seems-unusually-aggressive dept.
by Tim Cushing

Woman Says Cop Maced Her After Breakup
Officer Maced and framed 17-year-old girl her after she broke off their sexual relationship, suit claims…
by John Brackin
Sergeant Found with Dead Man's Watch, Police Say
Dead man’s watch replaced with less expensive version.
by Associated Press

Police Online Child Sex Sting: County Corrections Officer, Navy Sailor Among Suspects
“We want parents to know what is going on so they can monitor better.”
by Hana Kim
Seattle Police Officers Challenge New Use-of-Force Policies in Court
Police say limits on force endangers officers.
by C. R. Douglas

Fort Worth police deputy chief who shot dog arrested on animal cruelty warrant
Dog reportedly mauled his cat to death…
by Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Bad Information Leads to Worse Police Raids
Criminal informants corrupt pre-raid intel.
by Lucy Steigerwald

TSA desecrates woman’s ashen remains during warrantless urn search
Unapologetic blueshirts dump ashes into a man’s suitcase and send it on its way.
by Police State USA
Cop Shoots Pit Bull in Front of Children, Dog Owner Cited
Police said Stone was cited for having a “vicious dog at large without tags.”
by Trina Orlando

The NSA and Me
NSA claimed it had shut down all of its questionable operations.
by James Bamford
NYPD Cops Arrest Man After Taking Panoramic Photo in Public Park
Incident prompts fifth lawsuit from regularly harassed man.
by Carlos Miller

Georgia Drug Warriors Raid Okra Grower, Looking for Marijuana
“Here I am, at home and retired and you know I do the right thing, then they come to my house strapped with weapons for no reason.”
by WSB-TV 2
Cop arrested for violent clash
Cop fought his fellow cops.
by Paul Nelson