In Beijing, ‘Big Brother’ Now Sees All
“Video cameras manned by over 4,300 officers trained at ‘every corner.'”
by Larry Ong
No Safe Harbor: How NSA Spying Undermined U.S. Tech and Europeans' Privacy
Global dragnet surveillance hampering freedom.
by Danny O'Brien

UN delay could open door to robot wars, say experts
Observers say UK and US seek to water down agreement on autonomous weapons.
by Harriet Grant
Homeland Security Detains Stockton Mayor, Forces Him To Hand Over His Passwords
“A few minutes later, DHS agents confiscated all my electronic devices including my personal cell phone.”
by Mike Masnick

Trade Officials Announce Conclusion of TPP—Now the Real Fight Begins
Time to kill this agreement dead once and for all.
by Maira Sutton
Going Once, Going Twice: Stolen Data Being Sold on the Dark Web
Private information including Social Security numbers exposed in hack.
by Sputnik

As .01% face extinction: Scrooge, Darth Vader, Professor Snape offer advice to their minions
People within the “dark side” acting as covert agents for building a brighter future.
by Carl Herman
New Mothers Tested for Drugs without their Consent by Some Alabama Hospitals
A woman who tests positive for drugs in a hospital can be arrested.
by Noel Brinkerhoff, Steve Straehley

In Future, the Internet Could Come Through Your Lightbulb
Several companies are already offering products for visible light communications.
by Epoch Times
Did a Rogue NSA Operation Cause the Death of a Greek Telecom Employee?
NSA whistleblower raises question on Athens incident.
by James Bamford

Microsoft Responds To Windows 10 Spying Concerns, But It will Still Collect Your Data
Why is Windows 10 phoning home even when we turn off all data collection and tracking features?
by Swati Khandelwal
Anonymous Strikes Saudi Websites to Protest Planned Crucifixion of Activist
Group posts video announcing “stage two of the #OpNimr campaign.”
by Sputnik

The Big Secret That Makes the FBI’s Anti-Encryption Campaign a Big Lie
FBI “routinely identifies, evaluates, and tests potential exploits in the interest of cyber security.”
by Jenna McLaughlin
Paris Imagines A World Without Cars
The city banned cars from major roadways yesterday as part of an environmental campaign, but some say it didn’t go far enough.
by Amar Toor

The UN Wants To Censor The Entire Internet To Save Feminists’ Feelings
Feminists call on governments to censor speech.
by Milo Yiannopoulos
Shut Down Obama's Animal Farm Database
President ramps up targeting as end of second term nears.
by Jon Bowne