Twitter moves non-US accounts to Ireland away from the NSA
Twitter has also made it clear that users are free to sign up for an account using a pseudonym if they want.
by Mark Wilson
New Zealand Plotted to Spy on China for US - NSA Documents
Spy on a data link between the Chinese consulate and the Chinese visa office in Auckland.
by Sputnik

Congress is Attempting to Reauthorize Key Patriot Act Provisions by Sneaking it Into “USA Freedom Act”
Making it a part of something that ostensibly appears to be reining in surveillance powers.
by Michael Krieger
TSA Caught Sabotaging Scanners To Force Groping For Sexual Gratification
TSA agents more concerned with sexual gratification than security.

HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM
FBI head agent in charge of anthrax investigation has filed a federal whistleblower lawsuit.
by Washington's Blog
How Reliable Is Reuters?
Public opinion manipulated and warped.
by Eric Zuesse

FBI Stingrays: Illegal And Unwarranted
Spy devices sweeping up vast amounts of cellular data.
by Jon Bowne
WikiLeaks Publishes Thousands of Hacked Sony Documents
“This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation.”
by Brent Lang

The government hides surveillance programs just because people would freak out
Government agencies will go to great lengths to keep their data collection a secret, strictly to avoid the bad press they know would be coming.
by Ariana Eunjung Cha
Homeland Security Releases Emails Showing Political Influence for Sony, Time Warner Projects
Immigration director was swayed with respect to hundreds of millions of dollars in film and TV investments.
by Eriq Gardner

​US bans Intel from sending computer chips to China amid nuclear research fears
“Once we got the letter, we stopped shipment of parts.”
by RT
Holy Smoke: EPA wants to regulate BBQ grills?
We had better start hoarding lighter fluid and metal 55-gallon drums.
by Marty Roney

UK Mass Surveillance Is Facing a Ruling From Europe's Human Rights Court
Government’s regulations breached the human rights of people in the UK.
by Ben Bryant
Internet of Things Day: Time to Consider IoT Threats, Say Experts
Internet-connected devices pose major risk to consumers.
by Phil Muncaster

Sacramento Utility Warns Water Wasters Could Be Cut Off If They Don’t Cut Back
American Water Utility Sacramento may be forced to restrict or cut off water to people who waste it.
by CBS Sacramento