Nanny State of the Week: Lawsuit Challenges Seattle Trash Snooping
Seattle is on the cutting edge of nanny state-ism with a new citywide ban on throwing any compostable material into the trash, no matter how gross, smelly or disgusting it might be.
by Eric Boehm
NSA Is Destroying The Essence Of Humanity
No privacy = no freedom.
by The Alex Jones Show

NSA Whistleblower: This Is Minority Report
Former technical director warns of advanced surveillance capabilities.
Julian Assange: 'We Are Drowning in Material'
The conflict has made us much tougher, producing the WikiLeaks you see today.
by Michael Sontheimer

Big Brother Barack Wants You In A Race Database
Obama wants racial data on YOU.
by The Alex Jones Show
The DEA Just Cancelled Its Contract With Hacking Team
More customer defections likely in wake of massive hack.
by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

TSA sued over airport body scanners
Case comes on the heels of a scathing inspector general report.
by Fox News
Assange Offers to Release Unredacted List of German NSA Spy Targets
Assange claims to have full copies of lists.
by Sputnik

Doctors Demand 20% Tax on Sugary Drinks to Fight UK Obesity Epidemic
BMA report says use money to subsidies fruit and vegetables, and demands regulatory action from taxation to clampdown on marketing to children.
by Sarah Boseley
'1984' Comes To Europe - The End Of Freedom Of Speech In Spain
Even jokes about royals illegal.
by Martin Armstrong

Top Computer Security Expert Warns – David Cameron’s Plan to Ban Encryption Would “Destroy the Internet”
UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s idiotic, futile and extremely dangerous scheme to ban encryption.
by Michael Krieger
With new documents, stench of IRS scandal reaches into its third year
IRS unjustifiable harassment of conservative applicants for nonprofit status.
by Washington Examiner

CIA: Repeat After Me. The NYPD Is NOT A REAL Intelligence Agency
“The NYPD likes to believe it’s an intelligence agency on par with the FBI and CIA.”
by Tim Cushing
Drone Lifeguards Could Be Headed To A Beach Near You
“We will always use a lifeguard but we’re testing the feasibility of using a drone,” says Pompano Beach fire chief.
by CBS Miami

Contracting and Expanding the NSA’s Powers
Those at the NSA have no reason to fear – a possible expansion of their powers is near.
by Dr. Binoy Kampmark