Congressman Wants to Curb Military Surplus Program
City streets should be a place for businesses and families, “not tanks and M16s.”
by Matthew Daly
Rep. King Blames Protesters for Situation in Ferguson, MO
Angry residents need to “straighten up and fly right.”

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson
Destructive by-product of several decades of deliberate militarization of American policing.
by Glenn Greenwald
Objection to Google's $8.5M Privacy Deal
Consumer advocacy group cries foul.
by Courthouse News

Snowden: NSA Took Down Syria's Internet, Targeted China
NSA recently provided Israel with intel to target Palestinians.
by Kurt Nimmo
Google Satellites Will Zoom In On Faces
Google will soon have an unprecedented ability to spy on you from space.
by Motherboard Vice

Snowden: There's A "Holy Sh_t" Smoking Gun Revelation Coming
Whistleblower says government believes he has information that “would be the death of them all politically”.
by Steve Watson
UK Stores to Implement 'Tracking Mannequins'
“When the customer walks past visual merchandising equipment… an alert is triggered”
by Mikael Thalen

How LBJ Was Deceived on Gulf of Tonkin
McNamara’s deception is documented in the declassified files on the Tonkin Gulf episode.
by Gareth Porter
Facial Recognition to Find Lost Dogs
Big Brother gradually portrayed as helpful, neccessary..
by Sue Manning

Don't pack George Orwell, visitors to Thailand told
Passengers also told not to wear red t-shirts.
by Oliver Smith
Politicians Are Psychopaths
Why can’t we have people like Mr Mori as leaders?
by Davydd Price

I See Something - Marine Colonel Warns of Takeover
Go get your horned hat and take back the ship.
by Col Pete Martino USMCR (Ret.)
California Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Police to Get a Warrant for Surveillance Drones
In addition, public agencies other than law enforcement have to give the public reasonable notice.
by Ronald Bailey

Activists Complain to IPCC Over Police Efforts to Recruit Them as Informers
Four campaigners lodge complaint with police watchdog that approaches left them feeling intimidated, stressed and paranoid.
by Rob Evans and Matthew Taylor
Humanity Struggles In The Face Of New (2014) Levels Of Government Propaganda
2014 has brought with it a new, highly intense, level of political propaganda not seen since the 1950s.
by Bernie Suarez