Scientists and investors warn on AI
“Because of the great potential of AI, it is important to research how to reap its benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls…”
by Tim Bradshaw
NASA's wild plan to bring Martian rocks to Earth
Mars rover Curiosity team eyes three-step plan to deliver samples from Mars to Earth.
by Sharon Gaudin

Scientists observe superstar 10,000 light-years away
Star exploded for unknown reasons in 1840s.
Will VR Become Bigger Than The Bible?
VR technology could be trigger event for transhumanism.
by Rob Dew

Alien Earth with Red Sun discovered 470 light years away
Planet has 70% chance of being rocky.
by The Register
Strong geomagnetic storm hits earth
Storm could trigger false alarms on security systems and cause problems with GPS systems.
by Luke Funk

Newfound Exoplanets Are Most Earth-Like Yet
Kepler’s tally of vetted, confirmed worlds now over 1,000.
by Lee Billings
Potentially dangerous asteroid to fly by Earth on January 26
Rock expected to fly by at a distance of 1.2 million kilometers…

Life is found thriving 8,000ft below the sea bed - and the discovery raises hopes microbes could survive on other planets
Tiny single celled organisms survive by feeding on coal, gas and oil.
by Richard Gray
"The Interview" Set To Become Most Pirated Movie Of 2014
Somehow we doubt that North Korea will be blamed for that as well.
by Zero Hedge

Stanford 'lizard brains' create gecko-like paws that allow humans to scale glass walls
Paws that look like paddles use the same scientific principles employed by geckos’ sticky feet to allow humans to scale glass walls.
by Bruce Newman
Four 2015 Energy Ideas 'Back to the Future' Got (Almost) Right
Hoverboards, flying cars, and auto-fueling are closer than you think, and garbage energy is here.
by Marianne Lavelle

X-Ray Telescope Reveals Close-Up of Sun's Atmosphere
Telescope used to solve a decades-old riddle about the Sun.
NASA wants to build a floating city above the clouds of Venus
Venus exploration has been deemed off-limits due to its inhospitable climate — but NASA believes Cloud City may be the answer.
by Michelle Starr

NHS DNA scheme to fight cancer and genetic diseases
Genomics Medicine Centers are being set up in English hospitals to gather DNA samples…
by BBC
NASA envisions city of solar-powered helium airships above Venus
Scientists say humans could survive 31 feet above surface.
by Josh Gardner