The Declaration Of Independence
Read this document and recognize the grievances against an oppressive government.
by Daily Caller
Christie vetoes magazine ban bill, rewrites it as mental health measure
Bill would have dropped the state’s current 15-round magazine limit down to 10.
by Chris Eger

At Colo. Restaurant, Menu Comes with Armed Waitresses
Waitresses at Shooters Grill, a family-owned Colorado restaurant, openly carry pistols on their belts and invite customers to do the same.
by Trevor Hughes
NJ Governor Chris Christie Vetoes Gun Magazine Reduction Bill
Would have decreased maximum allowable size for ammunition magazine from 15 to 10 rounds.
by Courtney Cherry

Target Caves (somewhat) to Anti-gun Activist Pressure
Gun control advocates celebrate retailer’s “request” of gun owners.
"Pop Tart Gun" Case Still Ongoing After Second Appeal Fails
Boy’s family vow to go to court to defeat zero tolerance “insanity”.
by Steve Watson

Bill Would Allow Police to Confiscate Guns Based on Accusation Alone
California’s AB 1014 labeled most draconian gun control legislation in the country.
by Paul Joseph Watson
NY Mayor: Obama "Has Every Right" to Bypass Congress on Amnesty
“…The president has every right to act in every way he can,” Bill de Blasio says.
by Kit Daniels

NRA Celebrates New Michigan Laws Exempting Gun Records from Public Disclosure
Response to decision by suburban New York newspaper to publish online map showing names and addresses of pistol permit holders.
by Jonathan Oosting
Nanny State Suffers a Blow in New York: Court Overturns Soda Ban
Mayor Michael Bloomberg exceeded his authority.
by Kurt Nimmo

U.N. Gun Confiscation Program Serves As Model For Gun Bans In America
Anti-gun politicians are heavily influenced by the U.N.
by Kit Daniels
Federal Court Strikes Down “No-Fly” List As Unconstitutional
Freedom to travel considered an unenumerated natural right.
by Kurt Nimmo

Pentagon Official: The Obama Drone Kill Memo Is Out And Libertarians Were Right — It’s Murder
The Obama administration had sought to keep the memo secret.
by Joseph Miller
National Archives boss: IRS ‘did not follow the law’ on lost Lerner emails
“They did not follow the law,” official says.
by Fox News

Gun-toting Women Look for Best Places to Conceal Pistols
Women have about a quarter of the concealed carry handgun licenses in Texas, but unlike men, they often face a problem of where to conceal. A purse is an obvious choice, but a gun isn’t always easily accessible in a pocketbook. And traditional holsters are less than ideal. “Most holsters have been built for men’s […]
by Jason Wheeler
Hillary Clinton Attacks Drudge & Second Amendment In Texas Visit
Americans who don’t believe in gun control are “intimidating” the population, according to presumptive presidential candidate.
by David Knight & Kit Daniels