Supreme Court takes up religion in the workplace
Weighs case of Muslim woman denied job over headscarf.
by Lydia Wheeler
Edward Snowden's Libertarian Moment: We "Will Remove From Governments The Ability To Interfere With [Our] Rights"
A full-throated defense of classical liberal and libertarian theorizing.
by Nick Gillespie

Janet Yellen Is Freaking Out About ‘Audit The Fed’ – Here Are 100 Reasons Why She Should Be
Janet Yellen is very alarmed that some members of Congress want to conduct a comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.
by Michael Snyder
Judge Sides With U.S. on BP Oil Spill Fines
BP could face up to $13.7 billion in penalties.
by Sabrina Canfield

Illinois schools mull seizing students’ social media passwords
“Any policy around student social media needs to be very, very cautious.”
by Victor Skinner
Alaska allows recreational marijuana as campaign spreads
Anyone aged 21 or older can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Alaska.
by Steve Quinn

'The Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom in a Generation'
Risen has launched a one-man crusade against Holder and the Obama administration.
by David A. Graham
Supreme Court review of cell-site cases?
Fifth Circuit has held that there is no Fourth Amendment protection for historical cell-site records.
by Orin Kerr

Town Says Public Bypassed on Fracking Permit
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dodged public comment rules to give oil company permission to frack in wetlands.
by Sabrina Canfield
 Indiscretion: Obama Admits Personally Changing the Immigration Law
“The crux of the states’ claim is that the defendants violated the Constitution by enacting their own law without going through the proper legislative or administrative channels.”
by Terence P. Jeffrey

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants Guns in Capitol
“The right to defend ourselves doesn’t stop at the Capitol doors and the right to carry doesn’t stop at the Capitol doors.”
by David Lee
BP Fails to Buck Some Gulf-Pollution Liability
BP sought coverage after the explosion saddled it with “myriad” claims for personal injury.
by Matt Cooper

Holder Gives 90 Day Ultimatum To Bring "Financial Crisis" Cases Against Bankers
Question is – does that mean after 90-days all bets are off (and everyone goes home free)?
by Zero Hedge
Cuomo: Our Rights Come From Government, Not GOD!
CNN anchor confuses rights with laws.

GOP cools on Loretta Lynch
Republicans point out Lynch’s lack of independence from White House.
by Tim Devaney
West Funds The Terrorists To Take Your Liberties
ISIS serves as the boogey man to justify police state.