Why The "1%" Hates The Gold Standard
Between 1930 and 1970, it was only the “bottom 90%” that saw their incomes rise.
by Zero Hedge
The Obamas Valentine's Day Getaway Cost
Taxpayers spend millions on Obama holiday.
by Infowars.com

South Korea’s Keynesian Experiment Goes Global
South Korea engages in central planning of economy.
by Ryan McMaken
A Growing Number of Wealthy Federal Employees
“The rich don’t really think they’re rich.”
by Ralph Smith

Janet Yellen Spent More Time Meeting With Foreign Officials Than Members Of The White House
19 meetings with various bankers including Blankfein and Dimon.
by Zero Hedge
Employment Does Not Drive Economic Growth
It doesn’t help economy if jobs don’t create wealth.
by Frank Shostak

Is Washington Fabricating the Economic Data?
48 million Americans cannot provide for their most basic human needs.
by Market Daily News
Biggest Market Crash Ever Is Coming In 2016
Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad reveals economic downfall.
by Infowars.com

Obama giving immigrants 'amnesty bonuses' despite economic woes
“I think these amnesty rewards, and that’s what they are, need to be stopped.”
by Stephen Ohlemacher
AIG posted a lower fourth-quarter profit weighed down by its huge-cost debt
Global insurer reports massive decline.
by Nick Jayson

The Number of U.S. Oil Rigs Continues to Tumble
Production rises despite falling number of oil rigs.
by Tom Randall
Cattle prices rise after Canada confirms new case of mad cow disease
Beef prices continue fluctuation.
by David Ljunggren & Scott Haggett

Bad Idea: Devaluing Currency to Help Exporters
It is simply irresponsible to look only at the direct and not indirect effects of economic policies.
by Frank Hollenbeck
 U.S. retail sales data point to slower economic growth
Sluggish spending came despite cheap gasoline and a buoyant labor market.
by Lucia Mutikani

IMF Announces $17.5bn Bailout Deal for Ukraine
News came just before leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany emerged from marathon talks to announce a peace deal for eastern Ukraine.
by Antonia Molloy
You Can’t Create More Savings by Printing More Money
Economies only grow through the pool of real savings.
by Frank Shostak