Student Debt Accounts For Nearly Half Of US Government "Assets"
“there’s no way students are going to pay it back…”
by Zero Hedge
Can stocks stay aloft with global bond yields crashing?
The ECB’s idea is to take a lot of very safe assets off the market.
by Michael Santoli

Central bankers in the U.S., Europe and Asia have created another massive bubble
This time it is a bubble in stocks, bonds and real estate simultaneously.
by Investment Watch
U.S. stocks stage selloff as global jitters take hold
Slide in the opening moments of Friday trading.
by Market Watch

US Teeters on Brink of Economic Collapse Due to 'Dollar Bubble' – Ron Paul
“We do everything to perpetuate debt, increase debt, increase regulations.”
by Sputnik
The Case Against the Patent System
Patents abused by corporations.
by Louis Rouanet

Another Shill for Statism and Central Planning Demands a Cash Ban
If cash were to be banned, people could no longer opt out from this system.
by Pater Tenebrarum
Oil Layoffs Hit 100,000 and Counting
Roughnecks feel brunt of cuts as tumble in price of crude ripples through energy industry.
by Dan Molinski

Ben Bernanke’s Latest Defense of the Fed’s Failures
Former Fed chair shows him as the puppet he is.
by Brendan Brown
Walgreens plans to shut down an estimated 200 U.S stores
Other chains that have announced recent closing plans include Staples, Office Depot and Sears.
by CNN

Number of US oil rigs drop again, signifying that more cutbacks could still come
Economic tensions in Iran and decline in drilling activities caused prices of oil to shoot up on Friday.
by Jason Furze
Biden Pushes Admin's 'Tuition-Free' Community College Plan
Vice President claims big banks who funded Obama could be forced to cover costs.
by J.J. McGrath

China Says US Backs Its Campaign To Hunt Down 'Economic Fugitives'
US agrees to track Chinese accused of economic crimes in America.
by Reuters
JPMorgan Chase CEO: Economic Crisis Inevitable
“There will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt by the financial markets,” he wrote.
by Kit Daniels

Today's Money Regimes Are Doomed To Failure
Current system of issuing money and credit intrinsically benefits the few at the expense of the many.
by Charles Hugh-Smith
How To Shut Someone Up The Next Time They Blame The Winter For The Economic Collapse
Three of the four months this winter were warmer than normal.
by Zero Hedge