Petition to legalise cannabis in Britain gets the 100,000 signatures it needs for Parliament debate
The e-petition followed an announcement earlier this week that Durham Constabulary will no longer prioritise small-scale cannabis growers and users.
by Dominic Smith
Overeating May be Caused by a Hormone Deficiency, Scientists Say
Researchers say may be the result of a hormone deficiency in the brain…
by Robert Gebelhoff

Study Finds Traces of Cocaine, Other Illegal Drugs in Ontario Drinking Water
Study demonstrates link between waste-water plant discharges and quality of drinking-water sources…
We're Being Soft Killed!
Exposing the New World Order eugenics program.

5 Foods That Destroy Your Immune System
Are you consuming these products?
by Dr. Edward Group
Do guns kill? No, antidepressants do.
Public is being fooled into believing that it is guns that kill.
by Cynthia A. Janak

CDC Suggests Mothers Delay Breastfeeding to Enhance Vaccine
CDC’s researchers assume vaccine is better for the baby than breastfeeding.
by Christina Sarich
House Set to Vote on Anti-GMO Labeling Law
“Poll after poll shows the majority of Americans want to know if their food contains GMOs.”
by Carey Gillam

WHO Expert: “Glyphosate is Definitely Genotoxic”
The evidence against Monsanto grows.
by Christina Sarich
New Study: GMO Soy Accumulates Cancerous Formaldehyde
Among other shocking issues.
by Christina Sarich

How Fluoride Damages Pineal Gland Health
A blocked pineal gland could lead to things like trouble sleeping or weight gain.
by Dr. Edward Group
Video: Remember This Every Day For Total Health and Happiness
Tell us how you stay grounded.
by Anthony Gucciardi

Experts Say Soda Can Be As Addictive As Cocaine
Headaches, nausea, shaky hands…
by CBS New York
House Republicans Fast-Track Bill to Prevent States from Labeling GMO Foods
Big Food has been fighting in court to get the law overturned.
by Noel Brinkerhoff

Colorado Rejects Medical Marijuana for PTSD Treatment
Director of Cannabis Patients Alliance: “In my opinion, the board sent a message to patients that they just don’t matter.”
by Keith Coffman
Health Experts Hold Obama Accountable For GMO Promise
Obama backed off attacking GMOs after gaining presidency.
by The Alex Jones Show