ISIS Militants Use 'Jihadi Cool' to Recruit Globally
Islamic State extremist group has a ‘phenomenal virtual capacity’ through social media.
by Sharon Behn
James Woods on a mission, issues #Holderchallenge, asks followers for help
Hollywood actor James Woods has thrown the gauntlet.
by Richard Berkow

Emperor of Japan 'warned against going to war ahead of WWII'
Sympathetic view of Hirohito as a man who rallied against army leaders.
by Mia De Graaf
MH17 Was Struck By Multiple "High-Energy Objects From Outside The Aircraft", Crash Report Reveals
What is not disclosed is the actual transcript that notes the path redirection.
by Zero Hedge

In North Carolina, More Children Homeschool Than Attend Private Schools
That statistic may seem shocking if you’ve been a stranger to the growth of the homeschooling movement.
by Genevieve Wood
Report: No Global Warming For 215 Months
So-called “pause” in global warming has baffled climate scientists.
by Michael Bastasch

Former New Orleans Mayor sentenced to 10 years in prison
Convicted on 20 criminal counts including bribery, conspiracy and money laundering, all tied to payments he received for granting city contracts.
by Reuters
US wealth gap 'unsustainable', may worsen: Harvard study
Widening gap between America’s wealthiest and middle and lower classes unlikely to improve any time soon, new study by Harvard says.
by Press TV

IL school district looks to dump Michelle O's lunch program
Program causes massive drop in lunch sales.
by Kyle Olson
Fidel Castro compares NATO to Nazis, lashes out at US
Communist dictator accuses US and Europe of war-mongering.
by AFP

Parents of Ill UK Boy Fight Extradition from Spain
British authorities travel to Spain to question couple.
by Associated Press
ZMapp Cures 100% Lab Monkeys
Reportedly, no other experimental Ebola therapy has shown such success in primates.
by Tobi Aworinde

Americans detained in North Korea call for US help; Bae says health deteriorating
Three detained Americans say they’ve been able to contact their families.
by AP
DOJ To Give Money From Bank Of America Settlement To Liberal Activist Groups
Judicial Watch president: ““This is a wealth redistribution scheme disguised as a lawsuit.”
by Aaron Bandler

Obama's 'Strong Disapproval' Double His 'Strong Approval'
39 percent of Americans strongly disagree with Obama.
by Gallup
The Truth Behind Social Media-Driven Donation Campaigns
Tactic often used to scam well-meaning people.
by Anthony Gucciardi & Mikael Thalen