Residents near Duke ash dumps told not to drink well water
Tests showed contamination with toxic heavy metals.
by Michael Biesecker
Postal Worker Arrested After Holding Employees At Gunpoint
27-year-old man now facing Aggravated Assault charges.

Toni Morrison: ‘I Want To See A Cop Shoot A White Unarmed Teenager’
Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison took a harsh view on the issue of racial disparities in the justice system during a recent interview.
by Daily Caller
The End of AM/FM Radio?
Auto industry considers retiring the AM/FM receiver.
by Eric Peters

Obama Admits Unborn Babies Have Feet That Kick
…All while supporting abortions.
by Terence P. Jeffrey
Hookers for Hillary
Pimp says his girls will do anything they can to support Hillary.
by Kelli Serio

Veteran says he was repeatedly put on hold by veterans' suicide hotline
Hotline has problems with handling number of calls.
by Adam Walser
National Guard Training to Take on Patriots
Military trains for domestic operations.

This robot can cook 2000 dishes, is the future of laziness and on sale soon
Dexterous robotic chef is able to mimic human cooking techniques to stir, pour, mix and more.
by Christopher Hooton
​Feds investigating Nestle over reports of long-expired water permit amid California drought
Piping water through a national forest in California and then bottling it for retail purposes…

Nobody Can Figure Out Why Hillary Clinton Is Running for President
Even her own supporters cannot articulate what Clinton’s message is.
by David Rutz
Ready for Hypocrisy? Clinton Campaign Kickoff
Clinton may have actually told the truth for once!

Protesters disrupt hedge fund conference in midtown Manhattan
Protesters shouted the names of several big name hedge fund managers.
by Reuters
Hillary hasn't driven car since 1996
Clinton to be chauffeured in style.
by David Martosko