U.S. Gov’t. Seeks Excuse to Nuclear-Attack Russia
We’re close to the precipice. Will the public remain quiet?
by Eric Zuesse
Obama backs bill imposing new sanctions on Russia
Obama’s support came as the Russian ruble continued its precipitous fall.
by Julie Pace

Climate change: Beavers boost emissions with 800 million kg of methane every year
Beavers dams creating methane gas, scientists claim…
by Hannah Osborne
Major Anti-Russian False Flag Coming?
9/11 on steroids.
by Stephen Lendman

Ruble Takes Serious 25% Nosedive on Foreign Currency Market
The dollar and euro had risen 20 to 26 percent against the ruble.
by Sputnik News

White Rhino dies at zoo, now only 5 left in world
“With Angalifu’s passing, only five northern white rhinos are left on the planet, including Nola, our elderly female.”
by Ashton Edwards
Blogger Colonel Cassad: The Reason For Shutting Down Ukrainian Airspace Is To Accept Military Cargo From USA
New unofficial military advisers/assistants should be expected to show up as well.
by Fort Russ

Canada Bill Would Legalize Euthanasia of People With Disabilities
This is the actual agenda–death on demand.
by Wesley J. Smith

Why aren't there more babies? US fertility rate declines, economists baffled
The US fertility rate is dropping, threatening future economic growth. But economists can only guess at the reason.
by Siri Srinivas
Record numbers of migrants die trying to reach Europe
UN High Commissioner for Refugees worries countries more “preoccupied with securing their own borders rather than preventing the loss of life.”
by AFP

American shale industry faces endurance test
Pressure on domestic oil producers mounts.
by Ed Crooks
Hawaii Lava Flow Update: Eruption Could Reach Major Intersection By Year’s End
Lava continues to spew from near volcano’s summit and is moving toward former plantation town of Pahoa Village.
by Philip Ross

Ukrainian Students Sell 'Blood of Russian Children' Drinks at School Bake Sale
Ukrainian schoolchildren said teacher helped them come up with “fun names” for baked goods.
by The Moscow Times
NATO Prepositions Weapons In Poland for Attack on Russia
Terminating NATO is essential for the future of the world.
by Eric Zuesse