Chinese Economy Dangles on a Cliff
The money the Chinese regime is printing in order to stimulate the economy is escaping the economy…
by He Qinglian
Obama Arming ISIS by Stealth
ISIS the perfect boogey man to ensure trillion-dollar surveillance state.

NATO chief: Russia still sending arms to Ukraine
Obama administration is considering the delivery of weapons to Ukrainian forces.
by UPI
Missing Nukes, Missing Airlines = False Flag
There’s usually an intent behind the situation.

Russian Crimea: One Year Later
NATO calls Crimea “invaded” and “occupied.” NATO has taught the world well what invasion and occupation really looks like, and Crimea isn’t it. In 2001, NATO invaded and began the occupation of the South-Central Asian country of Afghanistan. The invasion and occupation has left tens of thousands dead, many more displaced, and has resulted in continued […]
by Tony Cartalucci
Dark Clouds Looming Over The Europe
European government implements laws to shutdown websites.
by Investment Watch

Bread rationing and smartcards: Egypt takes radical steps to tackle food waste
Egypt, which currently imports twice as much wheat than the whole of the EU, is funding state-of-the-art grain stores to cut down on massive waste.
by Oliver Balch
Amid "US Coup", Venezuela Takes Another $5 Billion Loan From China
It appears China is enabling Maduro to hollow out his economy even more…
by Zero Hedge

Oil futures threaten to hit a 6-year low
Prices fell 8.5% last week.
by Marketwatch
Saudi Arabia Is A Bigger Threat Than Iran
The so-called “mainstream media” has been transformed into a Ministry of Propaganda.

Japan: Speed-dating plan to boost dwindling birth rate
Japan’s birth rate fell to a record low in 2014, with 9,000 fewer babies being born than in the previous year…
by BBC News
Ebola: US Aid Workers Evacuated From Sierra Leone After Possible Exposure To Virus
Virus continues to ravage areas of Africa.
by International Business Times

Dozens feared dead as cyclone in Pacific devastates Vanuatu
“A disaster of this magnitude has not been experienced by Vanuatu in recent history…”
by AFP
U.S. Hospital to Admit Patient With Ebola
Virus continues devastation throughout Africa.
by Courthouse News

How The U.N. Runs The War On Drugs
U.N. uses drugs to control population.
EPA Concerned With Western Corn Rootworm's Growing Resistance to Genetically Modified Corn
“They seem to be a pest that is able to constantly adapt to its environment and continue to change,” says Illinois corn grower.
by Jeff Daniels