McDonald's to Close 700 Stores
Fast food giant admits it quietly closed 350 stores in Q1.
by Kit Daniels
Police Brutality Victim Gets Huge Settlement
Victim awarded $650,000.

Family of black Ferguson teen killed by police to sue city
Lawsuit will be filed on Thursday morning…
by Reuters
Venice beach passes topless sunbathing proposal: 'This is an equality issue'
City council member Melissa Diner said the motion is in spirit of the #FreeTheNipple campaign and famous beach’s progressive, European heritage.
by Rory Carroll

Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus to be sentenced for leaking military secrets
Petraeus agreed not to contest the set of facts laid out by the government.
by Tampa Bay Times
Obama’s executive action rollouts increasing in pace
Actions often don’t originate in the White House.
by GovSlaves

Bill Nye Brags About Boarding Gas-Guzzling Air Force One to Combat "Climate Change"
Air Force One’s fuel efficiency: 0.20 miles per gallon!
by Kit Daniels
Jeb Bush Says NSA Surveillance is “the best part of the Obama administration”
Status quo politician pushes anti-American agenda.
by Peter Suderman

School under fire for transgender kindergarten lesson
Parents never informed.
by Victor Skinner
Environmentalists Caused California Drought to Protect This Fish
Ah, California – the place where liberalism is wreaking real world havoc on the people.
by Russ Helper

Secret Service arrests fence-jumper at White House
Not immediately identified…
by Reuters
Rand Paul attacks Clinton and names the enemy of the US – 'radical Islam'
Focused on foreign policy, an area in which he has been vulnerable to attack over his supposedly isolationist stance.
by Martin Pengelly

Hillary Clinton Is Grooming A Former Goldman Banker To Become America's Next Treasury Secretary
Such are the the government servants delivered to us.
by Zero Hedge
Taxpayers Will Foot the Bill for Rising Interest Rates
Return to normal rates will be very expensive, and borne by American taxpayers.
by Investment Watch

UPDATED: FBI Requests Meeting with Infowars Reporter
Agents asked Biggs to meet with them in El Paso, Texas.
'Drop the death penalty,' say parents of Boston bombing victim
“…continued pursuit of that punishment could bring years of appeals and prolong reliving the most painful day of our lives…”
by Reuters