RIA Novosti | Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy said Friday it has blocked access to a blog written for its website by anti-Kremlin activist.

Paul Craig Roberts | The Failure Of German Leadership.

News.com.au | This is not Ukraine, it’s Venezuela.

UK Daily Mail | US investigators think that Malaysian Airlines flight 370 remained airborne for four more hours after vanishing.

Michael Snyder | Barack Obama’s “two state” peace plan would not just permanently divide the land of Israel.

bbc.com | Police used water cannon to disperse a protest in Istanbul’s Taksim Square.

Tony Cartalucci | US only condemned attack as “act of terror” after China accused Washington of applying double standards to coverage.

AFP | Deal reached Tuesday by a senior official of Russia’s state atomic energy agency Rosatom, IRNA said.

Mac Slavo | Over a dozen nations have now mobilized search teams for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

UK Daily Mail | In Beijing, there was fury from families of the 239 people on board, who are desperate for any news.

BBC | Maoist rebels stoke Indian election worries with brazen ambush killing 20 soldiers.

Al Jazeera | Unclear who killed student during street clashes in San Cristobal, where anti-government protests have been fiercest.

Mike Adams | There are some astonishing things you’re not being told about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

UK Daily Mail | Relatives claimed they were able to call the cellphones of their missing loved ones.

reuters.com | Russia said the United States had spurned an invitation to hold new talks on resolving the crisis.

AFP | Court banned defendant from travelling for eight years and posting on social media.

Klein Online | Investigators would be wise to thoroughly examine the possibility of a missile attack.

UK Mirror | Malaysia’s civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman admitted the whereabouts of the lost aircraft remains “a mystery”.

Fox News | Evidence points to a planned attack.

reuters.com | Ukraine has fallen into the hands of far-right fascist groups.

Sun Daily | Reportedly died of pneumonia and malnutrition in a stretch of the Thar desert.

Michael Snyder | The U.S. government and the Russian government have both been forced into positions where neither one of them can afford to back down.

Richard Sale | Most of the NED, and its affiliated organizations, deals with influencing political processes abroad.

The Guardian | White House pushes for sanctions against Russia.

London Telegraph | More tyranny under the guise of “public health.”

Michael Snyder | There are a lot of evil nations in the world today, but it is fairly easy to make a case that North Korea is the worst of them all.

Infowars.com | Tens of thousands of people loyal to the late leader are due to flood the country’s streets.

Paul Joseph Watson | False flag killings used to delegitimize Yanukovich government.

Jacob G. Hornberger | US officials and the mainstream press are aflame with outrage and indignation over Russia’s invasion of Crimea.

UK Daily Mail | Downing Street only confirmed details when pressed by Mail as further sex allegations against PM’s friend emerge.

Gulf News | Cabinet outlaws all forms of advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

AFP | The authorities accuse groups of using places of worship to spread their ideology and enrol new recruits.

Paul Craig Roberts | The puppet politicians who Washington intended to put in charge of Ukraine have lost control.

Michael Snyder | In World War II, the United States fought against rabidly anti-Semitic fascists.

Financial Times | Adds to turmoil from chaotic and violent political transition.

Sky News | Russia is in “operational control” of Crimea as soldiers surround Ukrainian troops and seize a ferry port.

Xinhua | Egyptian criminal court sentenced two policemen to 10 years in jail on Monday for killing a political activist in 2010.

CNS News | Russian military intervention in Ukraine could go beyond Crimea.

Lew Rockwell Blog | Poor John Kerry. He is prone to foot-in-mouth syndrome, but clearly the stress is getting to him.

CNN | Ukrainian PM says Russian actions are “a declaration of war.”

Infowars.com | Ukraine charges Admiral Denis Berezovsky with treason.

DailyMail.co.uk | Attack took place at the Kunming Railway Station in Yunnan province.

Press TV | People take to streets in Ankara to protest corruption scandal that embroiled government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

AFP | Angry exiled residents say they are too fearful ever to go home.

Telegraph | Russian foreign ministry admits to entering Crimea from its Black Sea Fleet base.

Infowars.com | There are several striking parallels between the events unfolding in Ukraine and Venezuela.

Olga Tanas | Says he’s still the eastern European country’s rightful leader.

RT | A group of unidentified armed men in military uniforms have raided Simferopol International Airport in the capital of Crimea, Ukraine’s autonomous region.

Daily Caller | As the fires die down from the turmoil in Kiev, the controversial Svoboda Party is set to reap the benefits of the new government arrangement.

Kurt Nimmo | Right Sector thug slaps around former government employee.

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