Ukraine crisis: Nato sees 'significant' Russian troop pullback
A shaky ceasefire has held since 5 September.
by BBC
American begins sentence of farm work, isolation in North Korea
Man begins a six-year hard labor sentence.
by Reuters

'Moderate' US Armed Syrian Rebels Slam Obama's Airstrikes On Extremists
Reminder that US backed rebels are fighting against Syrian government, not ISIS.
by Steve Watson
Karzai: U.S. has not wanted peace in Afghanistan
Former Afghan president makes comment during farewell speech.
by Fox News

Nigel Farage: leading a modern peasants’ revolt against Westminster
Much like the 14th-century protest, Ukip’s strategy is anchored in grievances among working class Britons.
by The Guardian
Britain Edges Closer To Launching IS Airstrikes
Prime Minister insisted IS was planning attacks on Britain.
by Sky News

Syrian fighter jet shot down by Israel over the Golan Heights
First such incident in almost 30 years.
by Euro News

Kremlin to ‘protect Russian cyberspace from unpredictable West’
Newspaper said Moscow was contemplating unplugging the Internet during protests or war…
by Anna Smolchenko and Olga Rotenberg
Scottish voters choose to stick with U.K.
Scottish voters decided they are better off remaining part of the United Kingdom.
by Kim Hjelmgaard

France to join US air war against jihadists in Iraq
Britain too has conducted surveillance flights but has so far held back from launching strikes.
by AFP
Islamic State militants seize Kurdish villages in northern Syria
Rights activists say 21 villages have fallen to Isis fighters advancing on Kobani.
by Reuters

Australian Terror Raids: 800 Police, Only Two Men Charged
Police state emerges under the “war on terror.”
by The Sydney Morning Journal
Thailand beach murders: Thai PM suggests 'attractive' female tourists cannot expect to be safe in bikinis
“They think our country is beautiful and is safe so they can do whatever they want.”
by Natasha Culzac

ISIS Adopts Obama's Common Core for Children
ISIS bans math, social studies for children.
by Holly Yan and Anas Hamdan
New York Times caught contradicting self on Benghazi
Times attempts to stick with controlled narriative, whatever the cost.
by World Net Daily