The Game Is Rigged: Why Americans Keep Losing to the Police State
“We the people” keep getting dealt the same losing hand.
by John W. Whitehead
NYPD Officer Who Hit Suspect With Baton is Out Sick With Wrist Injury
Strike across forehead sent man stumbling in a daze with blood spraying onto witnesses nearby.
by Murray Weiss

Orange County Public Schools Approve Creation Of Own Police Force
School Board chairman: “There are threats all the time and we need a greater level of intelligence gathering.”
by CBS Tampa Bay
Cinncinnati Police Chief Wants Body Cameras for all Officers
“First it increases our transparency and it increases our professionalism…”
by Lindsey Wopschall

After Killing 12-yo Tamir Rice, Police Handcuffed His 14-yo Sister, Threatened To Arrest Mother
Young girl reportedly tackled and handcuffed after watching police kill her 12-year-old brother.
by John Vibes
Massachusetts Man Files Lawsuit over Arrest for Recording, Deletion of Footage
Man takes on police after being assaulted for First Amendment.
by Andrew Meyer

Lawsuit: Cop Arrested Man for Taking Parking Spot
Cop reportedly ordered man to move after he got out of his SUV and tried to arrest him when he refused.
by Rob Quinn
Cop Who Killed Garner Previously Sued for Civil Rights Violations
Cop faced accusations of false arrests.
by Pamela Engel

NYPD 'Cop of the Year' arrested for buying 10 kilos of cocaine
Had his off-duty gun on him at the time…
by My Fox NY
Holder promises to end racial profiling ‘once and for all’
“…will institute rigorous new standards — and robust safeguards — to help end racial profiling, once and for all…”

White COP Kidnapped and Murdered by Black Men… Where’s the Media?
Officer Quick simply wasn’t the right color for this to become an issue.
by Conservative Tribune
Killer Cops and Rioting Mobs
Result of governmental use of race as a basis for decision-making.
by Andrew P. Napolitano

SC cop charged with murder in unarmed man shooting
A grand jury indicted Combs on Wednesday.
by Associated Press
Obama Gets it RIGHT: This is About Police Brutality, Not Race
A broken clock is correct twice a day.
by Paul Joseph Watson

NYPD officer in Eric Garner 'chokehold' death not indicted by Staten Island grand jury
There had been warnings earlier that a decision not to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who is white, with a crime for killing a black man, would fan tensions.
by Tina Moore, Rocco Parascandola, Corky Siemaszko