Spy Drone hacks WiFi networks, listens to calls
Drone eavesdrops your cell phone calls and reads your text messages.
by Erin Van der Bellen
Bracelet Turns Arm Into Touchscreen
Cicret projects emails, videos and games onto skin.
by Sarah Griffiths

Iowa to allow citizens to use a smartphone app as their official drivers license
“The way things are going, we may be the first in the nation.”
by William Petroski
Canada just made it legal for police to search your cellphone without a warrant
Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that police can search a suspect’s cellphone without getting a search warrant…
by Mike Blanchfield

Google Pulls Out The Nuclear Option: Shuts Down Google News In Spain Over Ridiculous Copyright Law
“…[A]s a result of a new Spanish law, we’ll shortly have to close Google News in Spain…”
by Mike Masnick
U.S. Army builds drone airport in Texas
Airport costs $33 million.
by RT

CIA Employs War Criminals
One of the reasons repeatedly stated by President Bush for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the maintenance of “torture rooms” by Hussein.
by Andrew P. Napolitano
US court extends NSA surveillance rules in current form
A reform bill, the USA Freedom Act, ran into difficulties in the Senate.
by John Ribeiro

Utah police: Online threats, and Web anonymity, a growing problem
Police fear ability to successfully hide behind Internet anonymity will encourage more criminal behavior…
by Michael McFall
GCHQ to snoop through office emails: Anti-spy agency will monitor disgruntled employees in danger of threatening UK security by going rogue
Anti-spy agency has turned attention to ‘insider’ threats within companies.
by Jack Crone

Ukraine Goes Full Orwell, Unleashes "Ministry Of Truth"
The Ministry is likely to also restrict free speech and inhibit journalists’ work – particularly in war-torn eastern Ukraine.
by Zero Hedge
Google wants to replace passwords with fingerprints and eyeballs
Could scan fingerprints, eyeballs, veins, or even voice pattern to access website on a computer or mobile device…
by Mike Murphy

Spanish Authorities Consider Law to Wiretap Homes
New law would allow for the legality of interception of mobile messaging apps.
by Sputnik
Emails Show FBI Worked to Debunk 'Conspiracy Theories' Following Michael Hastings' Death
Shot down claims Hastings was the target of a federal probe.
by Jason Leopold

House Lawmakers to Reintroduce Bill to Limit NSA 'Backdoor' Spying
Cut out of ongoing funding negotiations.
by Dustin Volz
Shop & Sh*t: Amazon's Bold New Ad Campaign
Online retailer apparently vying for title of “Worst Ad Campaign Ever.”
by Adan Salazar