Surveillance, Commercialization Threaten Web Freedom, Pew Study Finds
Could result in a network restricted by governments, fenced off by corporations and no longer trusted by citizens..
by Robert Lemos
EFF Asks Homeland Security to Cough Up $84,000 for Legal Fees After Release of Drone Records
EFF’s lawsuit prompted a 700-page release on the use of drones by Customs and Border Patrol.
by Jack Bouboushian

US-bound airlines to screen smartphones, laptops amid new al-Qaeda terror threat
UK government has said that the security measures may be permanent.
by RT
Is Your Android Device Telling the World Where You've Been?
Location history is extremely sensitive information.
by Peter Eckersley

Establishment Pushing “Cashless Society” to Control Humanity
Proponents of the government-enforced move away from physical currency cite a wide array of potential real and imagined benefits
by Alex Newman
Facebook Is Always Trying To Alter People's Behavior, Says Former Data Scientist
Facebook’s Data Science team reportedly has run hundreds of experiments without people’s knowledge.
by Chris Matyszszyk

Visiting Websites About Privacy Gets You Put in an NSA Database of "Extremists"
Merely expressing an interest in anonymity makes you a target.
by Paul Joseph Watson
 5-Year-Old Committed ‘Sexual Misconduct’ By Pulling Pants Down On Playground
Mother fighting to have the sexual misconduct label removed from her son’s file.
by CBS Las Vegas

Fact Or Fiction: Humanity Still Surprised That 'Megalomaniacal Pricks' Decide Everything
Countless examples of counterproductive practice of entrusting power to world’s least scrupulous individuals.
by Tyler Durden
Diverse Groups Fly Airship Over NSA’s Utah Data Center to Protest Illegal Spying
Greenpeace flew its 135-foot-long thermal airship over data center early Friday morning.
by Electronic Frontier Foundation

Predictive Policing Is Not Like 'Minority Report' — It's Worse
The picture of crime to come is based on pre-existing police data, which we know to be biased and flawed.
by Natasha Lennard
Military Experts: Killer Drones Will Trigger 'Slippery Slope' into Endless War
The use of drones as a ‘pillar’ of military policy raises significant strategic, legal and ethical questions.
by Lauren McCauley

DHS Entering Kids' Irises Into A NATIONAL DATABASE
Sheriff Evangelidis has been using the program with senior citizens for years.
by MassPrivateI
Video: Google Conference Interrupted By 'Killer Robots' Protest
“You all work for a totalitarian company that builds machines that kill people!”
by Steve Watson

Communist Chinese Regime Steps up War on Churches
Hundreds of church buildings torn down this year and leaders arrested.
by Alex Newman
Supreme Court Bans Warrantless Cell Phone Searches
Major ruling updates privacy laws for 21st century.
by Stephen Dinan