Pentagon developing mysterious hovering plane
Phantom Swift X-Plane could attain incredibly fast speeds while also possessing the ability to hover.
by Douglas Ernst
11 Day Flight: Airbus Successfully Tests Solar-Powered Aircraft
“Potential to fly for ever and offer satellite-like communications.”
by Alan Tovey

Myth of arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker
Far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession.
by Daily Mail
‘Soul of the Sun’ Detected for the First Time by Scientists
100 international scientists using Borexino detector make discovery.
by RT

Google spreads its wings, moving into drone deliveries
Amazon isn’t the only tech giant experimenting with drones. Google has unveiled Project Wing, which is focusing its efforts on disaster relief, at least for now.
by Richard Nieva and Seth Rosenblatt
Underground Lab Glimpses 'soul' of the Sun
Particles help to measure activity at the very heart of our star, scientists say.
by AFP

Chinese Researchers Working on a Flying Submarine
Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes
by Vamien McKalin
States with medical pot see nearly 25 percent fewer fatal prescription drug overdoses
Study may prompt future changes in jurisdictions where weed can’t legally be prescribed.
by RT

Twitter to Remove Images of Deceased at Family's Request
Update also coincides with the recent death of American photojournalist James Foley.
by Stephanie Mlot
Solar Plant's Downside? Birds Igniting in Midair
Birds fly through the plant’s concentrated sun rays.
by AP

The Other 'Sharing' Economy That's About To Change The World
Today’s cloud based software companies are building enormous troves of data.
by Gene Marks
Evil Talking Plants Use DNA Communication
Scientists have discovered what seems like a new form of plant communication between a “vampire” plant and its prey.
by Brian Stallard

Pew Research: ‘Sexbots will be commonplace’ By 2025
Which is just fine, as we’ll all be unemployed and bored thanks to robots stealing our jobs…
by Sebastian Anthony
Robo-cook: Android Restaurant Boots Up in China
Mechanical staff greet customers, deliver dishes to tables and even stir-fry.
by AFP

How Will Earth's Leaders Respond to a Real Asteroid Threat?
Recent meteor over Russia “wake up call.”
by Space
Google And Asian Telecoms Are Building A $300 Million Undersea Cable Connecting The US To Japan
Network to be ready for service in the second quarter of 2016…
by Ramkumar Iyer