You Are Not Alone: Most People Believe Aliens Exist
Majorities across Britain, Germany and the USA believe that extra-terrestrial life exists.
Satisfaction With PCs of All Types Declines for Third Year in a Row
Customers want quality and innovation.
by Herb Weisbaum

A Scale Model Of The Solar System, In The Nevada Desert
Size of Earth? A marble. Total distance needed for the solar system? 7 damn miles.
First Driverless Pods to Travel Public Roads Arrive in the Netherlands
The WEpod will be the first self-driving electric shuttle to run in regular traffic, and take bookings via a dedicated app.
by The Telegraph

Scientists claim they have grown human sperm in the lab
Sperm made in artificial “bioreactor” look identical to those produced naturally.
by Steve Connor
IVF Embryos to be Genetically Manipulated as Scientists Investigate Repeated Miscarriages
Critics say the ‘Crispr’ gene-editing technique could lead to ‘designer babies.’
by Steve Connor

Two Massive Black Holes to Eventually Collide
Two black holes orbiting each other every five years.
by Josh Clinton
New Computer Learns How to Play Expert-Level Chess in Just 72 Hours
Researchers at the Imperial College London have built an algorithm that can learn how to play chess by itself.
by Jonathan Zhou

'Ice Age' fossils up to 200,000 years old found at California construction site
Bones of ancient mammoths, horses, turtles and even a prehistoric bison.
by Andrew V. Pestano
HAARP is now open, but the transmitters have been cool since spring of 2014.
by Ned Rozell

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Coming this Month
Supermoon at the end of this month expected to be 2015’s closest.
by Paula Cohen
The Prawn Nebula, a place where stars are born
“It’s a complex scene.”
by CBS News

10 mind-blowing facts about the CERN Large Collider you need to know
Scientists will attempt to recreate the conditions immediately following the ‘Big Bang’ event that gave birth to the Universe millions of years ago.
Comcast Users Now Need To Pay A $30 Premium If They Want To Avoid Usage Caps
Telecom exploiting uncompetitive markets and lazy regulators.
by Karl Bode

New Horizons Probe Gets Its Next Flyby Target After Pluto
NASA has selected a potential new target for New Horizons to fly past.
by ABC News
NASA-funded recruits begin a year-long isolation mission to simulate conditions on Mars
The longest of the trials to date—a full year—began this weekend.
by Cassie Werber