Myrtle Beach Online | Mark Bennett, candidate for South Carolina House of Representatives, has experienced violent threats, a home break in and theft of campaign signs in final days of his campaign.

Kurt Nimmo | In the wake of Huckleberry’s excoriation of all things Libertarian, it makes sense to revisit the heart and soul of the Republican Party, the neocons.

Wajahat Ali | The 70 year old, Texas Congressman’s name and face adorned web pages, blogs, email spams, posters and pamphlets throughout the nation.

Pat Shannan | Despite changing the rules, closing state conventions, Ron Paul Revolution grows.

YouTube | Alex talked with Dr. Paul on May 19, 2006.

You Tube | MTV’s Aimee Allen with a sweeping pop anthem for the Ron Paul Revolution.

Lew Rockwell | Notice how almost everyone seems to think the US state — that humanitarian with WMD — is some sort of charitable enterprise, rather than an imperial regime scheming for global and domestic power.

YouTube | Unfortunately, most Americans, plugged into Faux News and CNN, are completely unaware of the anti-American neocons and their agenda.

Los Angeles Times | Paulites have fought a series of guerrilla battles with party establishment officials at county and state conventions from Washington and Missouri to Maine and Mississippi.

Ron Paul 2008 | Ron Paul’s newest book, “The Revolution: A Manifesto”, is number one on the New York Times Best Sellers list for May 18th, 2008.

Ron Paul | The free market can meet the American people’s demand for a reliable supply of gasoline as long as government does not distort the market through excessive taxation and regulation.

YouTube | Blitzer more interested asking Paul about his refusal to rally behind John McCain.

The Quindecim | Ron Paul predicts globalist trilateral candidate will be the next decider-commander.

Paul Joseph Watson | During an appearance on CNN’s American Morning, Congressman Ron Paul responded to this past weekend’s bizarre incident in which the Nevada GOP walked out on its own convention in an apparent attempt to stop Ron Paul delegates from voting.

Paul Joseph Watson | Rule change had given Paul supporters bigger influence but officials simply cancelled event

YouTube | Ron Paul tells CNN’s John Roberts he is still in the race and gaining support from delegates every day.

Las Vegas Sun | Meeting reveals a party, in Nevada at least, far from united.

Jonathan Martin | “I’m a real candidate, but I try to keep everybody living in the real world,” Ron Paul said in an interview, alluding to the exuberance of his supporters.

Nicholas R. Schwaderer | Ron Paul responds to Hillary’s hysterical “totally obliterate” Iran comment.

Los Angeles Times | With 45% of Pennsylvania’s 9,268 precincts reporting, Paul has captured 15% of the vote. He’s easily beating former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who has only 12%.

You Tube | Ron Paul speech on 4/15/2008 Tax Strike, Freedom Rally, Washington DC, nationwide protest.

Nolan Chart | What is the fundamental principle behind the income tax? Both Jesus and Ron Paul would agree.

YouTube | Ron Paul lays out some tough questions, and only asks for an immediate response to one of them.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin | That man was Texas Congressman, Ron Paul. Unfortunately, the Republican faithful seem to be incapable of discerning the marks of true greatness, not to mention fidelity to constitutional government.

Lew Rockwell | The travesty of the Republican primaries is nothing compared to the wanton disregard many states have for write-in votes.

Ron Paul | The Fourth Amendment to our Constitution requires the government to have a warrant when it wishes to look into the private affairs of individuals. If we are to remain a free society we must defend our rights against any governmental attempt to undermine or bypass the Constitution.

Sharyn L. Decker | Now is the time for the conservative base of the party to stand up for its beliefs, to influence the eventual Republican nominee for president.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton fought back against calls to drop out of the presidential race by comparing herself to Rocky Balboa.

Liberty Maven | Ron Paul and Glenn Beck have an interesting history. Last year Ron Paul canceled an appearance on Beck’s show at the last minute and Beck seemed to hold a grudge that went beyond his disagreement with Paul on foreign policy.

Ron Paul | In free markets, both success and failure are options. If government interventions prevent businesses, like Bear Stearns, from failing, then it is not truly a free market.

KLBJ New Radio | Delegate Tracy Groff says a group of Ron Paul supporters brought the SD 14 convention to a screeching halt by challenging the selection of delegates headed to the state convention in June.

Liberty Maven | The recent events at GOP conventions in both Missouri and Texas show that Ron Paul supporters are not going away no matter what tactics are used to thwart them.

Fox News | Time to listen to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, the lone voice of reason in Congress today who’s got to feel like he’s shouting into a field of cotton with his repeated warnings about the dangers of a collapsing dollar, while the administration goes AWOL on the proble

Andrew Sullivan | Ron Paul’s rock solid Constitutional principles will ultimately prevail over the “chattering classes” of the corporate media.

YouTube | It is not so much about the election and the fact McCain will be the nominee, but about Ron Paul’s political ideas and those of his supporters.

St. Louis Dispatch | Paul supporters were in the majority of the 131 people who attended the March 15 caucus. They quickly elected Brent Stafford, a Paul supporter from O’Fallon, as chairman.

Capitol Hill Blue | In 2010 Texas elects a New Governor as Rick Perry has reached his term limits. How about Ron Paul for Governor of Texas?

The New American | An explanation as to why Ron Paul did not do better in the presidential race — whether in Texas or elsewhere — may be found in the fact that the mainstream media marginalized him as a fringe candidate who did not have a chance of winning.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch | Paul campaign encounter with Missouri Republican Party executive director Jared Craighead over ballot recount in the state.

The Washington Times | Not unusual as the neocons hate the Constutition and the very idea of natural rights.

The Signal | Paul’s support could indeed skyrocket, regardless of whether or not his name appears on the ballot! So keep on Digging, putting up stickers and doing whatever you can do, and maybe, just maybe, there can be, to quote Paul’s campaign slogan, “Hope for America.”

STL Today | Republican Party leaders can’t ignore Ron Paul, his views or his supporters.

Ron Paul | Congress’ unconstitutional delegation of monetary policy to the Federal Reserve and its reluctance to exercise oversight in that arena have led to a massive devaluation of the dollar.

C-Span | Congress spends too much time spreading around the blame when it should confront serious economic problems.

YouTube | Even Cavuto realizes Ron Paul is a true fiscal conservative.

YouTube | “What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

American Chronicle | So many people out there are just too lazy, just too dependent on the mainstream media to find out what their choices are. As a result, we all get the bottom of the barrel, the dregs of the political establishment, and so it is that corruption is so rampant in Washington DC.

WLOX 13 | Instead of reporting the vandalism to the police, Ron Paul supporter in Mississippi replaces signs.

Forbes | The most permanent tax reform we can undertake is to end the income tax and abolish the IRS.

We need a president who will protect our national sovereignty, eliminate the deficit and restore the strength of the U.S. dollar.

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