The Truth About the Ferguson Riots & Martial Law
They want riots, they want martial law. Ferguson is a trial balloon for the entire country.
by Paul Joseph Watson
The Military Occupation Of Ferguson, Missouri Is Just A Preview Of What Is Coming To America
Let’s be honest – Ferguson, Missouri is under military occupation right now.
by Michael Snyder

Ex-CEO of Company in Red Light Camera Bribery Scandal Indicted
“We will attack alleged public corruption from every angle.”
by Fox Chicago
Facebook Increasingly Censors Infowars, Alternative Media
Multiple users of the social media site unable to share videos by Infowars and others.
by Kit Daniels

ATF’s Proposed 48-hour Lost Gun Reporting Rule Sparks Industry Backlash
Agency famously lost track of firearms in Fast and Furious debacle.
by Kelly Riddell
Gun stores see sales spike in wake of Ferguson riots
“A huge spike for business.”
by Vince Brennan

Concealed Carry Permits on the Rise in New Mexico
Number of people seeking concealed carry permits jumped last year as officials and the public debated gun control…
by Lindsey Anderson
DOJ 'chokepoints' Army vet's pawn business
Vet lost the bank account for his pawn shop due to Holder.
by Kelsey Harkness

Trust In Government Hits All Time Low As Obama Bombs Iraq
“Hard to remember that there was ever a time when Americans routinely trusted the government.”
by Steve Watson
Ex-lawmaker Viers Indicted on 14 Federal Charges
Former lawmaker arrested for harrasment faces growing charges.
by Associated Press

Texas Cheerleaders Take Bible Banner Case to State Supreme Court
High School cheerleaders set up a banner covered with a Bible verse for school’s football team to run through..
by Michael Gryboski
Actor Beau Bridges Praises James Brady's Firearms Fight
Brady died Monday at the age of 73.
by Newsmax

NC Sheriff To Residents: Fight Back Against Crime by Taking Up Arms
“You better be able to take care of business until we get there if you have to protect your family..”
by Adan Salazar
Lawsuit Against Facebook Draws Wide Support
Facebook is violating privacy laws.
by John Blosser

The Government Is Breaking the Law By Failing to Prosecute Torture
The Highest Law of the Land REQUIRES the Government Prosecute All of Those Who Authorized Torture … Including Bush, Cheney and Everyone Else Who Ordered It Or Failed to Take Steps to Stop It
by Washington's Blog
Ebola Outbreak Can Lead to Gun Confiscations, Martial Law
The Obama administration is perpetrating the conditions required for a government-declared crisis.
by Kit Daniels