IRS Under Fire for Targeting Conservatives Again … and This Time It’s a Media Outlet
Sen. Ted Cruz fired off a letter to the IRS demanding answers about the audit.
by Rob Bluey
DOJ Memo: President Has Constitutional Authority for Dragnet Surveillance
Despite its egregious violations of the Constitution, Stellarwind remains in effect.
by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Mayor: Bloomberg anti-gun group used my name illegally
Mayor says he was “duped” into joining gun control organization.
by Chris Eger
Facebook Bans Gun Owners, Allows Kitten Torture Video
Uploading cat torture video won’t get you banned, but talking about guns will.
by Kit Daniels

Tax-Free Second Amendment Weekend Sends Guns, Ammo Sales Surging by 600 Percent
Customers spent months finding guns, ammo, and accessories they wanted, then flooded in during the tax-free holiday to purchase them.
by AWR Hawkins
To Its Dismay, NFL Can't Use Ray Rice Video to Promote Gun Control
Running back uses his bare hands instead of a gun to attack then-fiance.
by Kit Daniels

US Seeks Prison in New York Insider Trading Case
Mathew Martoma to be sentenced Monday afternoon.
by Associated Press
Rep. King On ISIS War: No Time for Constitution and Congress
Constitution irrelevant as war on terror enters new phase.
by Kurt Nimmo

Connecticut gun rights group calls candidates ‘delusional’
Pro-Second Amendment group Connecticut Carry endorses no one.
by Chris Eger
Two Cali Judges Censured for Having Sex in Chambers
“It reflects an utter disrespect for the dignity and decorum of the court,” says judicial commission.
by Sarah Fisher

Gun shop owner starts Facebook page listing businesses that ban guns
Owner says businesses should be completely boycotted.
by Jennifer Cruz
U.S. Army Plans to Battle Anti-Government Dissidents in "Megacities"
Future operations will neutralize groups which ‘undermine the authority of the state’.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Parents of SEAL Team Six soldier killed in action call for President Obama's resignation
‘As Commander-in-Chief, your actions – or lack thereof – Mr President, cost lives.
by UK Daily Mail
Olympic National Park Bans Drones
Civilian drones present “unacceptable risks to visitors.”

Colo. Town Prevents City Officials From Restricting Open Carry
Resolution passes with over 71% of vote.
by Al Maurer
Federal judge suspends enforcement of new Louisiana abortion law
Recent Obama appointee grants temporary restraining order against state officials.
by Matt Pearce