The War On Drugs Is A Gateway To Tyranny
Drug prohibition is freedom prohibition.
Rand Paul Exposes Media’s Abortion Double Standards
“Why don’t we ask the DNC: Is it okay to kill a seven-pound baby in the uterus?” Paul asked.

Cruz Campaign Accuses Paul and Rubio of Wimping Out on Gun Rights
An issue of primal importance to the Republican voting base: guns.
by David Corn
California drought: Court rules tiered water rates violate state constitution
Violated proposition which prohibits government agencies from charging more for a service than it costs to provide it.
by San Jose Mercury News

Gunman's Rampage Stopped by Concealed Carry Uber Driver
Legally-armed citizen saves crowd of innocent bystanders.
by Adan Salazar
House set to move quickly on Patriot Act bill
Competing voices on all sides of the issue could threaten to derail the negotiations.
by Julian Hattem

Cruz takes Second Amendment fight to military bases
Cruz said he is not afraid to take on the brass.
by Politico
Nullification: 13 Bills Move Forward this Week, 3 Signed into Law
Similar bills were passed by wide margins in one or more chambers in Illinois, Florida, Texas, and Nevada.
by Michael Boldin

Milwaukee's Badger Guns sued for supplying gun used to shoot cops
Former state Supreme Court justice: ‘I do not know of any other cases like it.’
by Michael Walsh
Google Slapped With Antitrust Charges in EU
Information giant continues shady practices across the globe.
by William Dotinga

Hillary Clinton: Same-Sex Marriage Should Be a 'Constitutional Right'
Hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples.
by Carrie Dann
Arizona Governor signs bill making ballot access more difficult for Libertarians
Amount of signatures necessary to get on the ballot will rise dramatically.
by The Libertarian Party

Colombians Get Decades for Murdering DEA Agent
Men admitted they were part of a kidnapping ring that targeted people they thought were rich.
by Courthouse News
Bundy’s Stand for Liberty Still Frightens Establishment
Media, government lies about real reason for standoff.

Obama's Legacy: Transgender Bathroom Crusade
Obama’s power grab: regulating bathroom signs!
Cops Threaten Dog Owner With $750,000 Fine Over 'Missing Dog' Posters
Washington, D.C., practically bans First Amendment.
by Kit Daniels