Arizona's High Desert: Where Border Politics Become A Harsh, Almost Sinister Experience
Democrats struggle for supporters on collapsing border.
by Paul Lewis
 Report: 62 Million People In US Now Speak Language Other Than English At Home
44 percent of those who don’t speak English primarily at home were born in the United States…
by Matthew Boyle

Obama to Immigration Activists: "No Force On Earth Can Stop Us"
America isn’t Congress.
by Real Clear Politics
Nearly 10k Illegals From Terror-Linked States Apprehended in 2013
They just walk right into U.S.
by Patrick Goodenough

Local Law Enforcement Prepare as Extra Border Agents Depart
“You’ve got to understand that it has made a big impact in the Valley.”
Ebola Case in Texas Validates Concerns Over Open Border
Concerns that virus could enter US proven valid.
by Adan Salazar

Feds to Give Illegals Refugee Status
Surprise, surprise…
by Jim Kuhnhenn
Federal Report Shows Hundreds of Undocumented Alien Children Living in Richmond, VA Metro Area
Very little known about children at a local level.
by Ashley Monfort

Fort Hood Soldier Allegedly Smuggled Immigrants Across Texas-Mexico Border
Army Pvt. Eric Alexander Rodriguez could serve 10 years in prison.
by Joshua Fechter
DHS Official Claims Border "More Secure Than Ever"
But truth is opposite of what Obama administration suggests.
by Kit Daniels

Illegals rushing border fearing U.S. crackdown
Illegals paying inflated fees to coyotes to reach U.S.
by Paul Bedard
Feds Find 9/11 Terror Message On Border Fence
Existence of banner with anarchist symbol kept secret from American public.
by Brandon Darby

Obama Chief of Staff Pledges Executive Action on Immigration
“Reform” before the end of 2014…
by Warren Mass
Border Patrol Says No to Militias, Yes to Surveillance Blimps
Contrived border crisis creates opportunity to expand surveillance state.
by Adan Salazar

Militia Threatens to Block Traffic at International Bridges
“If they’re here to block traffic… that causes a problem.”
DHS Fines American - But Not Illegals - $5,000 For Crossing Border
Illegals are instead given free food and transportation to anywhere in America.
by Kit Daniels