US sends 130 more military advisers to Iraq
In addition to 250 US military advisers already in Baghdad and Erbil.
by Aljazeera
Obama Calls Criticism of His Syria Policy 'Horses**t'
White House confirms exchange, won’t confirm president’s language choice.
by RT

 Military wives protest Boko Haram deployment
Soldiers “ill-equipped to fight the dreaded Boko Haram.”
by Aljazeera
This Laser-armed Drone Could Blow Fighter Jets Out of the Sky
An Air Force officer proposes a robot fighter with minimal human control.
by Michael Peck

US forces face challenges fighting ISIS
Admin sending weapons directly to Kurdish fighters in Iraq.
by Fox News
Yazidis tormented by fears for women and girls kidnapped by Isis jihadis
Kurdish and US officials say 20,000 people still on side of mountain.
by Martin Chulov

American Held Without Bail After Tweets In Support of Islamic State
Officials arrested man at airport, citing concern over aggressive rants on Twitter during his time in the Middle East…
Christian Brothers and Sisters: Did You Know Our Government Is Supporting Islamic Terrorists?
Christians Are Being Persecuted By Islamic Terrorists.
by Washington's Blog

Islamic State leader who defected from al Qaeda reported killed in Mosul
“Al Pakistani was a prominent [Islamic State] leader who recently split from al Qaeda,” Al Shorfa reported.
by Bill Roggio
Al-Qaeda ambush kills 5 Yemen soldiers
The attackers then escaped.
by Agence France Presse

Islamic State Insurgents Getting Dangerously Close to Baghdad
Fighters have more quietly building up forces on capital’s southern outskirts.
by Reuters
Islamic State Releases ‘Eid Greetings’ Video Purporting to Show Foreign Fighters
Video released by Islamic State in celebration of Eid al-Fitr, an important Islamic holiday.
by Liz Fields

Islamic State expands militant campaign into Lebanon
Prime Minister of Lebanon said there could be no political deal with Islamic State.
by RT
Islamic State grabs Iraqi dam and oilfield in victory over Kurds
Electricity-generating Mosul Dam captured after barely 24 hours of fighting.
by Ahmed Rasheed and Raheem Salman

ISIS Terrorists Credit the Iraq War for Their Success
ISIS Thanks John McCain for Making their Rise to Power Possible.
by Washington's Blog
Islamic State may soon unleash catastrophic flood on Baghdad
Terror army now controls largest dam in Iraq.
by Kurt Nimmo