Chechen in Syria a rising star in extremist group
Illustrating the international nature of the movement.
by AP
ISIS Is Hiring Judges, Doctors And Engineers As Al-Qaeda Prepares For War Against Caliphate
“Judges and those who have military and managerial and service skills, and doctors and engineers in all fields.”
by Zero Hedge

Rise Of ISIS Creates Fear Of Terror Attack Against US
Obama administration has begun focusing on increasing airport security
by Aldana Fourcade
Benghazi attack suspect has been talking to U.S. interrogators
Has pleaded not guilty to a terrorism conspiracy charge related to the Benghazi attack.
by Reuters

Rand Paul Schools Hannity on ISIS and Iraq
Says ISIS supported by U.S. in Syria.
by Kurt Nimmo
ISIS Terror Threat to US Targets 'High,' Say Officials
Number of potential U.S. targets in the region –- meaning U.S. military personnel — has increased.
by NBC News

International meeting for ISIL in France
Rejoiced progress achieved by the Islamic Emirate in Iraq.
by Voltarie Network
Saudi and CIA Terror Army Declares Caliphate on Ramadan
Described as “a new era of international jihad.”
by Kurt Nimmo

At Least 49 Large Military Drones Crashed Over US Since 2001 - Report
Worrying number considering the thousands of civilian drones set to flood American skies in the coming months.

UN Secretary General warns U.S airstrikes against ISIS could be ineffective and backfire
300 Iraqi troops battling for control of oil refinery outnumbered and trapped.
by BBC
US officials warn Iraqi troops surrounded, outgunned and facing death in battle with ISIS
Terrorists plan to keep soldiers isolated until the run out of food and ammunition.

Democrats and Republicans Agree: Iraq Needs to be Reinvaded
Military action inside Syria figures into the equation.
by Kurt Nimmo
Two men arrested in Texas on terrorism charges
Arrested on charges of trying “to provide material support to terrorists.”

Boko Haram suspected after football screening venue bombed in Nigeria
“The victims are young men and children,” said a hospital official.
by ZeeNews
Real Benghazi Story Ignored As Clinton Flip Flops On Anti-Islam Video
Compound attack directly connected to CIA arms op to Syria from Libya.
by Kurt Nimmo