Richard N. Haass pans questions about Bilderberg & national sovereignty
We Are Change San Francisco | WeAreChangeSF gave Richard N Haass a Bay Area welcome as we prepped the crowd in advance with literature exposing his agenda for Globalization and ending U.S. sovereignty.

by We Are Change San Francisco

Dutch Publication: Prince Bernhard was deeply involved in weapons trade
Jurriaan Maessen | A senior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation has discovered some sobering conclusions about the German prince and his international dealings.

by Jurriaan Maessen

Bill Richardson at 2008 CFR-meeting: Bilderberg Bankers are all for Obama
New Mexico Governor and former democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson has stated that Barack Obama was favoured for the American presidency by a majority of bankers at the Bilderberg-meeting near Chantilly, Virginia.


Napolitano Wants "Realistic Options" to Real ID
Washington Times | Miss Napolitano said she is looking at Washington state’s modified version of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative program.

by Washington Times

Gordon Brown urges global 'grand bargain'
BBC | Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said world leaders are working towards a “global deal and grand bargain” to deal with the economic downturn.

by BBC

Barroso worried about further economic destabilization
Xinhua | European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on Thursday expressed his worries that the current global economic destabilization will become more serious in the future.

by Xinhua

Czech President: 'Supporters of European integration are just like communists of the Soviet-era'
Mail Online | Czech President Vaclav Klaus today compared supporters of greater European Union integration to Soviet-era communists.

by Mail Online

BBC Shills for Cashless Society
BBC | Consumers in the UK should expect a “revolution” in the way they pay for things in the near future, declares the BBC.

by BBC

EU Seeks to Link Carbon Market with U.S.
Platts | The EU may seek to create a joint carbon market with the US if that country creates a cap-and-trade system, according to a draft EU strategy paper set for official release Wednesday.

by Platts

How realistic is a North American currency?
MarketWatch | The New World Order is upon us, full of hope, promise and a fair amount of fear.

by MarketWatch

Gordon Brown's Lost His Marbles
Daily Express | Gordon Brown was last night accused of “losing his marbles” after hailing Britain’s bloodbath of job cuts as the “birth pangs of a new global order”.

by Daily Express

A Lexus or Justice? M1 of Dead Prez Warns about New World Order | Luke Rudkowski and greets M1 of Dead Prez after a speaking event. M1 has now donated several performances at We Are Change and other 9/11 Truth events


Obama Offers Internationalist Vision
Jim Lobe | Obama said American must “forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan.”

by Jim Lobe

Will Ireland Go Euro?
Telegraph | A leading Irish economist has called on Dublin to threaten withdrawal from the euro unless Europe’s big powers do more to rescue Ireland’s economy.

by Telegraph

Bilderberg & The Double-Headed Eagle
Jurriaan Maessen | A club of wealthy robber barons first met as Bilderberg in 1954 under the inspired chairmanship of a Prussian prince named Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld, a confessed Nazi and acclaimed ne’er-do-well.

by Jurriaan Maessen

CFR Boss Richard Haass on Colbert
Colbert Nation | “Richard Haass believes this century has the potential for America to cooperate with other countries to make the world safer,” says Colbert Nation.

by Colbert Nation