I strongly oppose 'Audit the Fed,' Yellen says
During question-and-answer session, Yellen addressed movement to “audit the Fed.”
by Jeff Cox, Katie Little
Where is the Skyscraper Curse Today?
Record number of skyscrapers being built due to artificially low interest rates by central banks.
by Mark Thornton

The Fall of Too Big To Fail
McDonald’s, Monsanto now in steep financial declines.
by Infowars.com
4 of 10 Americans are one bill from disaster
“People don’t have enough money for unplanned expenses…” says chief financial analyst.
by CBS News

Existing Home Sales Plunge (and Don't Blame The Weather)
Slowly but surely, all the lies and easy money propaganda is falling apart.
by Zero Hedge
There’s No Political Freedom Without Economic Freedom
Economic freedom is the foundation of all freedom.
by Patrick Barron

Why The "1%" Hates The Gold Standard
Between 1930 and 1970, it was only the “bottom 90%” that saw their incomes rise.
by Zero Hedge
The Obamas Valentine's Day Getaway Cost
Taxpayers spend millions on Obama holiday.
by Infowars.com

Greece Rejects Bailout Deal – Deadline To Avoid Financial Chaos In Europe Is March 1st
Europe is on the verge of a horrifying financial meltdown, and there are only a few short weeks left to avert total disaster.
by Michael Snyder
Blizzard mania costs U.S. over $1 billion
This winter’s blizzards could cost the nation $1 billion to $2 billion
by Patrick Gillespie

How Truly Free Markets Help the Poor
Governments work to crush small businesses on a daily basis.
by Ryan McMaken
Can Europe Recover From Its Easy-Money Obsession?
Not too early to ask when a system based on stable money might return.
by Brendan Brown

Bank Hackers Steal Millions via Malware
Tens of millions taken from banks worldwide.
by David E. Sanger & Nicole Perlroth
What Do Americans Think About the Pension Crisis?
Most realize the problems, but they don’t want tax increases or spending cuts to fix them.
by Scott Shackford

Obama giving immigrants 'amnesty bonuses' despite economic woes
“I think these amnesty rewards, and that’s what they are, need to be stopped.”
by Stephen Ohlemacher
AIG posted a lower fourth-quarter profit weighed down by its huge-cost debt
Global insurer reports massive decline.
by Nick Jayson