New Utah Law Instructs Cops To Seize Uninsured Vehicles
“Public safety” is generally invoked to assist in civil liberties violations.
by Tech Dirt
​‘Easy money’ to worsen inequality in Europe – George Soros
Mega billionaire Soros pushes countries into crisis.
by RT

Report: Tax Evasion, Avoidance Costs United States $100 Billion A Year
‘Activity appears to have increased substantially in recent years.’


IMF: Gulf states set to swing into deficit as oil falls
“If the oil price remains low for a period of time, it does mean spending plans will need to be revisited…”
by Kambiz Foroohar

Bill Gates Pushes Cashless Society
Scheme would allow government to confiscate money at will.
by Kit Daniels
Let’s Secede from the American Monetary Union
Oppose state control over the money supply.
by Ryan McMaken

Fracking — A New Bubble for a New Year
American oil production boom inflated by Fed.
by Mark Abdelnour
American Express to cut more than 4,000 jobs over this year
Credit card company downsizes.
by Everett Rosenfeld

Report: Richest 1% to Own More Than Rest by 2016
Share of global wealth keeps increasing.
by AFP
Middle class decline looms over final years of Obama presidency
For the middle class the scars of the recession still run deep…
by Howard Schneider

There Is No Inflation (Unless You Eat Food, Use Water, Live In A House, Get Sick, Go To School, Or Do Taxes)
Your government keepers will continue to drown you in propaganda and misinformation.
by Jim Quinn
Rents rush past consumer inflation in 2014
Rent inflation reached 3.4%.
by Ruth Mantell

Bank Of America Misses Revenue By $2 Billion As Trading Revenue Collapses; Fires Thousands
Without the Fed’s visible hand manipulating markets every day, banks are a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow.
by Zero Hedge

IRS Threatens Service Cuts as First ObamaCare Tax Season Looms
Agency says it won’t be able to help most taxpayers figure out how to comply with the massive healthcare law.
by Michael Tennant
Report: RadioShack may file for bankruptcy next month
Radioshack strapped for cash.
by Brittany Levine