The Truth About Minimum Wages
Minimum wage has done nothing to stop poverty.
by Hal Snarr
Dollar Weakens Slightly as Greek Debt Talks Continue
Market continues to get whipsawed by Greek headlines.
by James Ramage

Shots Fired: ECB Again 'Threatens' To Collapse Greek Bank System
Will the ECB use a scorched earth approach?
by Zero Hedge
Billionaire Investor: Markets 'extremely overheated,' Especially in Junk Bonds
“I think the public is walking into a trap again as they did in 2007.”
by Fred Imbert, Reem Nasr

Bankrupt Governments and Negative Interest Rates
Gigantic, logical disconnect mixed in with economic dogma.
by Zero Hedge
The Pope Should Listen to Tom Woods
So-called progressives in the Church triumphantly proclaim that matters of economics have been definitively settled.
by Lew Rockwell

Stocks Slide As Fed Warns "Not Prepared To Wait For Market"
Fed can’t avoid all volatility.
by Zero Hedge
Peter Schiff: How To Protect Yourself When The Economic Bubble Bursts
U.S. dollar in its death throes.
by The Alex Jones Show

Wealth Must Be Created Before We Can Give It To the Poor
The impact of wealth creation and entrepreneurship is enormous.
by Steve Patterson
There’s a Pile of Gold in Manhattan. Texas Wants It Back.
“We want to show off our strength and resilience,” said lawmaker who sponsored the repatriation bill.
by Lauren Etter

Could Greece take bitcoin as its official currency?
Bit-drachma would be issued as a parallel digital currency alongside the euro.
by Michael Parsons
Ron Paul: Stock market 'day of reckoning' is near
“I am utterly amazed at how the Federal Reserve can play havoc with the market,” Paul said.
by Amanda Diaz

Is This What The New $10 Bill Will Look Like?
Did anyone think to ask Alexander Hamilton if he “identifies as a woman” or “a black woman”?
by Zero Hedge
Fed may hike just once in 2015 as Yellen strikes less certain tone
The question of how quickly the Federal Reserve should raise rates is dividing normally like-minded policymakers at the U.S. central bank, pitting those who favor two hikes this year against a growing number of those who want to stop at just one. That shift, and the very real possibility that Fed Chair Janet Yellen may […]
by Reuters

“The System is Broken”: Americans No Longer Believe In Its Institutions
It’s not difficult to see that the foundation is crumbling…
by Mac Slavo
Greeks Refuse to Pay Debt, Declare It “Illegal, Illegitimate, and Odious”
Other nations will now likely demand their debt be declared odious.
by Kurt Nimmo