How Change Is Stymied by the Elite
Elite profit off the status quo.
by Paul Craig Roberts
CNN draws scathing criticism over ‘hands up’ display; ‘a parody of a news channel’
Twitter users weren’t shy about their criticism.
by Joe Saunders

US Government Officials Admit: We’ll Torture Again, Unless You Prosecute Us
Prosecute … Or They Will Do It Again.
by Washington's Blog
Untrained CIA Agents Were Just Making Up Torture Methods As They Went Along
The untrained interrogators were quite literally “left to their own devices.”
by Jenna McLaughlin

Cuba hip-hop mission 'just plain stupid'
“[R]eckless” and “stupid,” Sen. Patrick Leahy said Thursday…
by Associated Press
Google Pulls Out Of Russia
New law forces tech companies to keep all data about Russians inside the country’s borders…
by Joshua Barrie

White House budget office prepares for shutdown
White House doesn’t believe a shutdown is likely.
by Justin Sink
US tried to undermine Cuba by infiltrating its underground hip-hop scene
US contractors sought to spark a youth movement through music, but the program was ‘amateurish and profoundly unsuccessful.’
by Amar Toor

San Diego encourages rainwater harvesting with rebates
“It was a total of $500 to $600 and we got almost all of that back in rebates…”
by Fox 5 San Diego

Texas Judge Convicted of Murdering DA's Wife
Former County justice of the peace also suspected of killing two others…
by Courthouse News
Dead in New Jersey Receive Welfare Benefits
37 people who passed away still on the rolls receiving benefits…
by Warner Todd Huston

US plane in emergency Italy stop after passengers, crew taken ill
Malfunctioning ventilation system thought to be cause…
by AFP
North Korea says U.S. created the Ebola outbreak
Top Pyongyang officials believe Ebola outbreak began as a biological weapon created by the US.
by Adam Taylor

Camp Pendleton Marines To Conduct "Raids" In Downtown LA
Marines will raid buildings and shoot paintballs from modified M-15s.
California police clear 'largest US homeless camp'
Given 72-hour notice to vacate…
by BBC